Conan's New Life

Chapter 7: Conan's Issue and A Visit from Mom

Harley's House, Osaka, Japan, 0700 hours, | Mon., 09/02/2015

Conan smiles up at Rachel as he watches her prepare breakfast. Rachel smiles at the blue footed pajama clad boy.

"Good morning, Conan. Did you sleep well?"

Conan smiles as he runs up and hugs Rachel. After the embrace, he trains his eyes on her. "I slept good, Mama!"

Rachel ruffles Conan's hair. "Good to hear. You seem happy, Conan; I'm glad to see that."

Conan nods and glances to the stove. He averts his gaze back to Rachel.

"What are you cooking, Mama?"

Rachel kneels down to Conan. As she does, she thinks, "My relationship with Conan is gaining strength. He's acting like the kid he is. He's become used to calling me Mama. I know he does it in public to not arouse suspicion, but now at home? I guess he's so used to it, he doesn't care. Heck, I don't either so it doesn't matter."

Rachel is broken from her thoughts by Conan tugging on her shirt. She looks down to Conan. "Yes, Conan, what is it?"

"What's for breakfast?"

Rachel chuckles as she stirs the food. "I steamed some rice, I broiled some fish and some rolled omelets. I have cooked enough to fill both your belly and Harley's belly."

Conan's stomach rumbles and he stares at Rachel.

"When will it be ready, Mama? I'm really hungry." Conan finishes with a pout and his arms crossed. Rachel ruffles his hair and kneels down to him.

"Good things come to those who wait."

With that, Rachel lowers the heat of the omelets and begins tickling Conan. Conan begins laughing at once.

"Mama! Stop, I'm ticklish, please stop?" Conan stammers out between laughs.

Rachel stops and picks Conan up. She carries him to the living room and sets him on the couch in front of the TV.

"Wait here and watch TV with Harley while I finish cooking."

Conan looks up to her and nods. "Okay, Mama."

That said, Conan begins watching TV with Harley while Rachel resumes cooking. After an hour passes, the boys are called to the table. Harley takes the far right chair while Conan takes the middle. Rachel sits next to Conan. After a prayer of thanks to God, they begin eating. When they finish, Conan looks to Rachel.


Rachel looks over to Conan. "Yes?"

Conan hops up from his chair and runs over to Rachel. He lifts his arms to her. She stands with a smile and lifts him into her arms.

"What is it, Conan?" she asks again, kindness seasoning her voice as sugar.

Conan smiles and whispers into her ear. "Can I talk to you in private, Mama?"

Rachel nods and carries Conan to his room. Once inside, she sits down on the rocking chair with Conan in her lap. She begins to rock back and forth, slow as a snail. She looks down to Conan. "Well, what's up, Conan? What did you want to talk about?"

Conan averts his gaze from Rachel as tears begin to rain from his eyes. Rachel rubs his hair as he buries his head into her dress.

"Don't leave me."

Those three words are all Conan can utter before he begins bawling.

"Conan, what makes you think I'd leave you?"

"I dreamt it."

Rachel begins rocking back and forth and rubs Conan's hair.

"I'm NEVER going to leave you. I've told you before and I'll tell you again. I will not leave you, no matter what."

Conan looks up to Rachel as tears rain from his eyes.

"You mean it?"

Rachel nods and rises from her spot with Conan gripping her pajama top. Rachel enters her room and grabs a green threaded necklace with beads stretching down the middle like legs. Conan looks to the necklace; then Rachel.

"Mama, what's that?"

"It's an Indian dreamcatcher, Conan. This should stop your nightmares."

Conan nods as Rachel carries him back to his room. After hanging the dreamcatcher on his door she sits in the rocking chair and begins rocking again. Conan yawns and looks up to Rachel.

"I'm tired, Mama. I'm gonna nap."

"Fine by me, take a nap then."

Conan nods as he yawns again. Soon, he's asleep in Rachel's lap. She smiles at the boy and continues to rock back and forth. Some time later, Conan wakes up. He stretches out his arms and realizes he's in his bed.

"Mama, must've tucked me in."

He yawns again as Rachel walks into his room. Once he lays eyes on her, he crosses his arms and pouts.

"Where were you?"

Rachel sits on Conan's bed and pulls him into a hug. Upon releasing him, she speaks.

"I was at work. I have to work at Tokyo Children's Center from 0900 to 1700 hours on Monday through Friday. Luckily for you, as of late, when I had to work you were out playing with your friends."

Conan looks to his blue bedsheets as tears begin falling from his eyes.

"You said you wouldn't leave me."

Rachel nods. "I know, but I have to work. Anyway, you didn't even know I was gone."

"Yeah, cause I was sleep." Conan begins bawling. "I want you here with me!"

Rachel pulls Conan into her arms and begins to rock him to calm him down.

"Listen Conan, I see if they offer home bound positions when I call up there, okay."

Conan cheers up straightaway.

"Okay Mama. I love you."

"I know, Conan. I know."

With that, Rachel calls her job. Upon finding a job at double her salary, she takes the home bound option.

"Thanks, bye."

Rachel looks down to Conan. "Well, I got the job."

Conan nods. "What's the catch, Mama?"

"No catch, but that doesn't surprise me. Tokyo Children's Center is a non for profit organization that puts their employees and their families first."

Conan nods as he hugs Rachel. "I'm glad you won't leave me, Mama!"

Rachel ruffles Conan's hair and smiles at the boy. "I'm glad as well."

"Mama, let's watch a movie."

"Okay, Conan, what do you want to watch?"

"Cars 2, please?"

Rachel nods and stands with Conan in her arms. She walks into the living room to find Harley watching TV. She sits next to him with Conan in her lap. After talking to him, the three of them watch Cars 2.

Harley's House, Osaka, Japan, 0900 hours | Wed.., 09/11/2015

Conan smiles as he sits on the floor in front of the TV clad in his pajamas. He gazes to the door upon hearing a knock. He rises from his position and goes to answer the door. He is shocked at who greets him. A woman he knows quite well. Her glasses press against her face as plaster. Her hair sits still, the color of teak wood. Her silver pools glance down at Conan and she kneels to his height, her lavender dress bending in response.

"Hi Conan, is Rachel here?"

"Yes, maim. Mama, someone's here to see you!"

Eva blinks twice. "He called Rachel, Mama?"

Rachel walks into the living room to find her mother and Conan on the couch. When Conan lays eyes upon Rachel, he runs over to her and hugs her.

"Mama, guess what, your Mom's here."

Rachel nods walks back over with Conan in hand. She sits next to her mother with Conan in her lap. Eva smiles at her daughter.

"I see you finally decided to adopt Conan. I also see that you left your father."

Rachel nods. "I just couldn't stand him abusing Conan. Twice he struck him for no reason. So, we left."

Eva nods. "I see. I didn't think that man would do something like that."

"It doesn't matter now though. I'm here in Osaka with Harley, and that's where I'm going to stay."

Eva smiles at her daughter. "Where is Harley anyway?"

"He just left to the Osaka Police Department. He works as a full time officer now. While I work at home via Tokyo Children's Center. I do that so I can stay at home with Conan. He can't stand being without me. Harley took the job at the O.P.D when I told him I was working from home. He wanted extra income coming in."

Eva nods. "That's understandable. Hey, how about we watch a movie?"

"Okay Mom, like what?"

"Well, it has to be PG13 or G, Rachel. I don't want your son having nightmares."

Rachel nods. "Okay, what movie then?"

Eva glances to the DVD drawer under the table in front of them. She pulls out Monster's Inc. "How about this? It's funny, and rated G.

Rachel nods. "Cool, let's watch it."

Eva nods and places the DVD in the player. She then sits next to Rachel. When the movie ends, Conan tugs on Rachel's shirt.

"Mama, I'm hungry."

Rachel nods and turns to her mother.

"How about we go to Koyoshi Sushi?"

"Good idea, let's go."

With that, the three of them get inside Eva's Honda Civic and leave to Koyoshi Sushi. When they arrive, they are seated at once. After talking and eating their fill, Conan smiles.

"Mama, thanks for taking me out here. It was good."

Rachel smiles at Conan. "You're welcome, Conan."

Rachel turns to her mother. "Did you like it, Mom?"

Eva nods as she pays the waiter. "I loved it."

Conan nods as he yawns. Rachel stands and picks Conan up. He falls asleep straightaway. Eva chuckles as Rachel carries Conan back to the car.

"I guess he's tuckered out."

Rachel nods as she straps Conan in. She looks to her watch. It reads: 1300 hours. She turns to her mother. "Well, it is his nap time, so it makes sense. Let's get back home."

With that, Eva drives back to Harley's place. When Rachel gets out with Conan in her arms, Eva smiles.

"Well, it was a fun visit, Rachel. I'll see you later."

Rachel nods and her mother speeds off. She enter the house and goes to Conan's room. Once inside, she tucks him in and sits in rocking chair reading Aesop's Fables.