"Pop's, where the hell are we now?" Ranma Saotome asked his stupefied father as they both gazed around, shock evident on their faces.

"I…I don't know, boy." Genma Saotome admitted and pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Nothing happened.

The burly man frowned and rubbed his chin as he sat down on the rusted rooftop and considered a number of things.

They weren't in China anymore. That much was obvious.

Instead, they were in a seedy area, a city slum basically.

Only slums weren't made entirely of strange metal he'd never seen before. Nor would there be entire buildings floating in the sky, here and there, held aloft by some strange mechanism the Genma couldn't identify for the life of him.

Could it be Magic? He thought as he pondered on and on and shook his head. Can't be magic, my senses aren't coming up with anything.

Genma glanced at his son and heir, busy taking in the foreign sights with wide eyes and looked down. There he observed beings he'd never encountered before. Blue skinned women with tentacles slicked back for hair chatting with avian humanoids with metallic skin in inhuman languages. Leaning against a nearby building, typing rapidly on an orange holographic interface surrounding its arm with three fingers was a tall, thin bipedal amphibian with a pair of horns growing out of its skull.

Genma blinked as he watched a floating jellyfish glowing vibrantly as it followed a noseless, earless elephant. In the dark alleyway below them a demon-like thing was fighting with a big-headed, four-eyed being in a contest of fists and losing with a giant walking lizard emitting what sounded like a guttural laugh.

There were a few humans here and there, wearing strange full-body clothing.

It gave him a small amount of comfort. Not much, but at this point he'll take anything that'll prevent him from freaking out infront of his son.

Genma couldn't have that. The boy will never let it go.

Oh, and everyone was packing strange looking guns. But he didn't pay any great amount of to those, only if they were aimed at him or Ranma. And that wouldn't happen.

Not yet anyways.

"Pop's, I don't think we're in China anymore." Ranma muttered, frowning.

Genma nodded in agreement and rose. Despite the boy's best attempts at hiding it he could easily see the nervousness leaking into the ponytailed teen's posture. He felt the same way, but Ranma hadn't spotted it yet.


Genma breathed in and steadied his racing heart. Calm descended upon the elder Saotome and he planted his hands hard upon his son's shoulders and looked him straight in the eye. "Are you afraid? It's alright if you are, I won't blame you for it, Ranma."

Ranma blinked after a few seconds of taking in what his father just said and took a step back, slapping away the hands that held him. "W-what, the hell!? No! Nonononono, no way, Old Man, I'm not afraidof anything! And don't you say otherwise!" Ranma stomped forward as a bit of his bravado returned.

Genma snorted. "Are you sure?" He sniffed, loudly. "I saw differently, and smelt it too."

"Oh and I'm sure you're such a bundle of confidence too." Ranma sneered and crossed his arms.

"Hmm, if you're so sure, can you tell me then?" Genma asked as planted his hands on his hips and raised his chin as if he were regarding an inferior.

Ranma narrowed his eyes. "I don't have to sense it to know it."

"I'm sure you do, boy. I'm sure you do." Genma muttered as he took another glance at the alien streets below and the skyless scenery above, covered by some sort of dome. He picked up the bark of guns with his keen ears here and there and the screams and shouts that accomplice them. The place reeked of blood and filth, both old and new.

Genma spotted a few inhabitants looking at them from below, assessing them with familiar looking eyes. Despite being of completely different races, despite having never encountered them before, despite everything else, he could easily tell that they all wished harm on him and Ranma.

Scum, that's what he was dealing with. Robbers, con-artists, psychopaths, murderers, etc. the dredges of society.

The burly man shrugged.

It's their funeral.

"I think, we shouldn't have pissed off those Chinese gypsies we encountered a few nights ago." Ranma muttered angrily and kicked the rooftop, denting it slightly.

Genma snorted. "Those idiots tried to rob us! They deserved what was coming to them!"

"You burned down their camp and pillaged nearly everything of value!" The teenaged martial artist stated, gritting his teeth.

"By accident, it wasn't my fault that they can't aim for shit with their fireballs." Genma shook his head and sighed. "I just took advantage of the situation, and we needed the cash too."

A vein on Ranma's forehead throbbed. "And it got us here! Wherever here is!" He scowled at his father as his hand tightened into a fist shaking with anger.

"Boy, let's just think of this as a new experience and adapt. Strange things have always happened to us, this is just one of them. Take it as it is and try not to think too hard on it, it'll lead you nowhere." Genma advised. "We'll be back in no time and then it's off to Jusenkyo for us."

Ranma raised his fist and let it go after a long, tense second. Genma pushed up his glasses and smiled. "We'll fight later."

"And I'll give you a thrashing you deserve, and then some." Ranma promised as he walked over to the ledge, hefting his camping pack over a shoulder. He glanced at his father and motioned him to come with his head. "Let's find out where we are and get out of here."

"Where should we start then?" Genma asked as he stood to the side.

Ranma pointed in the far off distance where a large line of people were waiting to go inside what looked to be a nightclub with loud, thumping music beating in the background.

"Think they'll let us in?"

"Boy, no one can resist the Saotome charm." Genma stated as he pulled out a pair of high-class suits from the robes of his white gi and offered one to Ranma.

The raven-haired teen chuckled and pushed away the suit for him. "I don't think these… people will appreciate your fine tastes, Good Sir."

Genma tugged at suit her was wearing, having changed in a blink of an eye and shook his head. "Then we'll teach them the meaning of class. It's our duty as martial artists and as gentleman!" He shouted, pointing a finger at the air dramatically and hopped down.

Ranma rolled his eyes as Genma strode confidently towards the nightclub. Many eyes kept track of him, dangerous eyes.

The ponytailed teen groaned and hopped down.

This is won't end well.