"Ryoga, hey where are you man!" Ranma Saotome shouted as he spun around, looking every way for his eternal rival. His eyes were narrowed, shadowed by his hand as he blocked out the early morning suns glare. A constant wind beat at his face as he gazed upon the expansive city that surrounded him as he stood atop the rooftop of a four-story building. Long seconds passed as the pigtailed martial artist continue to search futilely till Ranma sighed as he shrugged his shoulders.

"I knew it, should have listened to Pork-Butt's instructions and not opened my eyes." Ranma muttered under his breath and sighed again. "…Curiosity got the better of me, but really I wanted to know how Ryoga gets lost all the time." He said with a hint of irritation. He crossed his arms, narrowing his vision again and sharpened his eye-sight as blue Ki entered in his blue eyes. They glowed faintly, leaving dim, blue trails as Ranma walked towards the roofs edge.

He slowly walked atop the rooftops edge, balancing on it with casual ease as he circled around it once. His expression slowly turned to confusion, then puzzlement as Ranma saw a large two-story tall smooth, white metal wall circle around the entire city he was in. Ranma blinked and sighed once more, palming his face as he quoted a certain lost boy.

"Where the hell am I now?"

"Huh, this city has robots." Ranma muttered as a drum-shaped robot went out of its way to avoid him. Its small tires on the bottom squeaked and a circular rotating mop similar to those on a street cleaner ate up a crumpled sandwich wrapper on the sidewalk as it passed by the raven-haired teen. "…Cleaning robots," he added, observing it with curious eyes till it turned into a nearby alleyway.

Ranma pondered on following it for a brief moment and resumed his relaxed pace as walked forward, stuffing his hands inside his pockets. If it was just a cleaning robot then it's nothing interesting. Those were common place, but the strange design threw him off.

"I mean, who makes their robots drum-shaped? Maybe it's a new model?" Ranma muttered as he voiced his thoughts. Usually the one's he'd seen were humanoid, or ball-like in shape. Drums were something new.

"And the buildings here… are they all dorms and boarding houses?" Ranma commented as his head slowly swerved side to side, again and again to see said structures as far as he could see on the ground. Of course there were other buildings, hospitals and schools of varying quality.

That's what Ranma could tell after wandering around aimlessly for an hour. With nothing to show but a few things he'd overheard from groups of chatting students as they traveled to a number of schools spread out around here.

A date and the name of the city he was in.

"June 17th 2025, in Academy City," Ranma said, frowning as he went over what cities he knew of in Japan. Ranma stopped and leaned against a wall surrounding a tall, multi-story dorm. Students passed by him, giving him one or two looks before taking off as his brow scrounged up in thought.

A cold sweat drop ran down the back of his neck and Ranma groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "I hope you didn't send me into the future, Ryoga." He muttered angrily, pushing himself off the wall. "Because all I just wanted was for you to get me lost while the heat died down in Nermia…" He bit his lip as stopped, a thick wad of tied up yen notes appeared in his hand as he flicked it. Ranma pulled out a number of bills and stuffed the rest back into Stuff-Space with another flick of the wrist.

"Thank you, Nabiki for all your cash." Ranma said with a voice oozing pure sarcasm. He snickered and stuffed the yen notes in his pockets. "Because of you, your sister wedding was ruined! It's only right that you to repay me and my family for the damages you caused to my mother's house!"

He stared at the clear blue sky, and smirked. "I know you're alright with me keeping a little extra. It was only a millionyen. You were so happy to give it away. Happy enough send all of Nermia into frenzy against me with your damned lies, slander and blackmail, you cold hearted bitch!" Ranma hissed through clenched teeth, his hands balled into tight fists.

The pigtailed boy closed his eyes, and breathed deeply through his nostrils. All emotion left him as he exhaled a frosty breath as the temperature around Ranma dropped rapidly. The air chilled as it settled down to temperatures found in freezers. Ranma opened his eyes after several seconds of breathing in and out. He regarded everything with a frigid, blank gaze and stalked off down the street with a single destination in mind.

"I'm sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service. Please hang up and try aga-"

Ranma crushed the phone he held in his hands and slammed his fist into the receiver, scattering its remains as it flew. The air boomed around his fist. Shattered glass and twisted metal flew as the phone booth as a shockwave tore it open and Ranma strode out from its remains. A heated string of creative curse words flew from his lips in a mixture of Japanese, Chinese and what English he knew.

A drum robot raced down the paved white road, screeching out an order in a high pitched mechanical voice to freeze at Ranma as he turned to meet it. He glared at the stupid toaster as it closed in, raising his right foot. Ranma pivoted and lashed out with a side kick. Metal crumpled like paper and sparks flew as his foot dug into the robot and tore it in two as it flew, crashing into a nearby tree. It toppled with a long groan as the tree trunk shattered.

Ranma stared at the sight, eyebrow twitching and sighed. He ran his hands through his hair, tasting blood as he bit his lip and spat it out. He wiped his bloodied lips with a fist as they quickly healed and shoved his hands down his pockets.

Like before, Ranma breathed in and out. All emotion left his body as it entered in the Soul of Ice and the air around him chilled once more. Ranma stared at the ground and took off at a brisk walk across the short grass.

As he heard the cries of additional robots closed in on the scene of the crime, Ranma muttered, "I need a map, and Nermia better be on it."

Tiny shreds of multi-colored paper drifted down like snow within the shadowed alleyway as Ranma stalked out and into the crowded streets. The sun slowly set behind him, the sky darkened as evening set in. Ranma gritted his teeth.

Hours spent in futility, searching for any signs of his friends and family through phonebooks, maps, and internet!

"And nothing to show for it, Nermia doesn't even exist! Or anyone else I know!" Ranma muttered darkly, pushing his way through the crowds. Those who took offense were silenced by a quick glare from the pigtailed martial artist. He walked through the streets for minutes on end, thinking long and hard and came to one definite solution.

Ranma immediately hated it with every fiber of his being and will till the day he died. But until he found a definite way home from whatever parallel dimension he was in. He was stuck here.

"Till Ryoga shows his ugly face again, and that might be months till he does." Ranma groaned, kicking the ground in frustration. "And he'll never let me live it down. Oh, the great Ranma Saotome forced to rely on his eternal rival, the Lost Boy for help…" He trailed off, mumbling an incomprehensible list of words. He took his pigtail and chewed on its end.

He spat it out and scowled. "He'll never let me live it down! And I'll be the laughing stock of Nermia for months when I get back!" Ranma walked up to a store wall and buried his head against it. "He better show his ugly face soon."

Ranma beat his head against the wall. Cracks spread and grew with every beating hit as he swore and cursed silently in-between them. Ranma pushed himself away before the wall caved in and took off, completely ignoring the crowd watching him.

Their eyes bored holes into his back. Ranma didn't feel like telling them too buzz off, no, he needed a fight. That's what, something to expel all his pent up frustrations and all the stupid shit that's flung at him day in and day out.

"And I think, I might start off with some small fry." Ranma said as he spotted up ahead a group of badly dressed thugs and gangsters surrounding and talking to a girl wearing a fine school uniform, with a light brown shirt and grey skirt. She had short, chestnut brown hair with a small, white flower hairclip. Her eyes were the same color as her hair.

Despite the evident danger she was in, the school girl took it all in with a bored expression. Her relaxed posture screamed that she could wipe the floor with these goons at a moment's notice. Said goons didn't know it, being the dumb, untrained oafs that they were as they tried to get a rise out of the girl while shoving away anyone trying to help her.

His senses picked up that she was using something other than Ki. At first Ranma thought it was magic but… it wasn't. No, it was more like it's opposite actually; he could barely see it. Only with Ki enhanced eyes did he spot it surrounding and radiating off her. It was a thin field sparky wave that constantly cackled with invisible electrical energy.

I wonder… what she can do." Ranma smiled as cracked his knuckles and neck as he approached the group of thugs.