Their first meeting is explosive. It's passionate, dangerous and violent without any physical altercation occurring. Argent confronts Isaac when he's alone, asking about the deaths that the alpha pack is causing just outside of Beacon Hills. Isaac immediately becomes defensive. "We have nothing to do with those deaths," Isaac says, voice strong despite the fear that Argent's confrontation of him has caused. "It's not our fault that there's an alpha pack running loose in Beacon Hills."

"You brought them here," Argent growls. "To me, that warrants at least some blame."

Isaac scoffs at that. "So as a werewolf, just my existence is an offense," he says. "It's so sad that you can't see what a good life this is."

"You're just a dumb kid Lahey. You'll live to regret it."

He gets up into Isaac's face and leans over him. Isaac knows that the bastard is aware of everything. He knows that Isaac's father left scars and he knows that Isaac is afraid of abusive authority. He knows that and he's using it to intimidate Isaac. Isaac does not give him the pleasure fear would bring. "At least I'm not afraid, Argent," he says.

"I'm not afraid."

"Yes you are," Isaac says, heart racing. He is afraid himself, afraid of Argent's tone and posture but he won't show it. "You're afraid that the indoctrination you've endured your whole life is wrong."

"You don't know anything about my life, kid," Argent says, scowling. He presses Isaac to the wall. Isaac flinches as the contact of their bodies makes his heart race.

"You seem to know a lot about mine," Isaac growls. "You're using my past against me right now. You're such a moral man. I just admire you so very much." He uses harsh sarcasm, trying to breathe.

Chris stills and Isaac knows that he's right. The hunter is ruthless and willing to use anything to his advantage, including Isaac's childhood pain and trauma.

"If we are on the same side," he tells Isaac, "then we have a common enemy."

"Siding with wolves," Isaac says sarcastically. "What would your family say?"

That is the end of the confrontation but it's far from their last. Chris keeps seeking out Isaac when he should be seeking Derek, because their confrontations are addicting, passionate and full of fire. Isaac doesn't understand what Argent is getting out of them, honestly, but he knows that he feels a slight thrill whenever he sees Allison's father on the streets of Beacon Hills. The man just brings out something in him.

Isaac gets to the root of Chris' anger and fear pretty fast. "I'd be afraid too if I were you," he says. "I'd be afraid to learn the truth. When you learn that our lives are actually pretty damned good, you'll have to accept that your wife didn't have to die." Isaac isn't dumb. Through talking to Scott and Derek, Isaac had figured out what happened to Victoria Argent. She'd tried to kill Scott, Derek had intervened and she had end up with a big old alpha bite to show for it. She had died because in their sick, twisted minds, being a werewolf was a fate worse than death.

That comment leads to Argent jabbing a knife against his throat. "Say one more word about her and it'll be the last you ever say," he threatens Isaac. Isaac flinches and backs as far from the blades as he can. Argent eventually puts it down.

Isaac sighs and pulls away. "I feel bad for you," he tells Argent, because he does. The man has lost his wife and likely played a part in her death. It was all because of lies that he'd been fed his entire life. "It's tragic, what happened and I feel bad for you."

Of course, this leads to Chris wondering if Isaac is right. He thinks about Victoria every single second of every single day. He knows that his father had been manipulating them both. He knows that the man had nearly destroyed the purity of Allison's soul. He played them as much as he possibly could, to strip away the moral code that kept them human as they hunted werewolves. The more he thinks about it, the more Chris sees a world where Victoria survived. She could have survived. He knows that there would have been challenges, but who would have been better equipped to handle the full moon than two people who had grown up hunting down werewolves?

He knows that the code he's been following has broken. He knows that even as he tries to get his morals back, they have been irrevocably damaged. He has killed innocents. He has taken part in the kidnapping and torture of innocent young werewolves. He has also taken part in the kidnapping and violent treatment of a teenage boy – a teenage human boy. He is not as good of a person as he once claimed to be.

He's also obsessed with Lahey. The boy has a dark past, a dark soul and yet is so extremely passionate about the good that he associates with being a werewolf. He wants to defend his pack and he wants to defend his life. He's strong, smart and matches Chris in violent wit. He's a lot like Victoria, the woman that Chris still loved with all of his heart. He's got dubious means of dealing with situations, but he deals with them well.

The passion comes to a boil at nighttime by the bleachers at Beacon Hills High. He's been investigating the animal remains that the alpha pack had left by the school for the Hale pack to find. He senses Isaac and calls him out. This leads to them sitting on the bleachers, side by side, and talking a little bit more gently than any of their other confrontations. "They want us to be afraid," Isaac says. "It's a scare tactic and it's ridiculous," he says.

"It's a territorial claim," Chris adds to the boy's assessment of the situation. "It seems like you'd be best to back down. Alpha packs are rare and they usually leave a trail of blood wherever they tread."

"You act like you care," Isaac says with a slightly playful smirk.

"I care about this town."

"So do I," Isaac says. His words lead to a long silence between the two of them. Neither of them speak, but he can hear Argent's heart beating faster. It's not out of fear though. He wants to say something and is holding back, so Isaac, who has learned a thing or two about patience in the last couple of years, smirks. He waits until Chris says it.

"Why did you let him bite you?" he asks. "Was it really that tempting to you?"