Isaac makes sure to move Chris' leg aside as the clothes start to come off. He always has had it in him to be a caretaker, but he's never had the opportunity to do so. Nobody's ever let him do so. As tough as he is, Isaac thinks that Chris needs someone to take care of him. His wife is gone and he's lost a lot of the control that makes him who he is in the past months. He kisses Chris hungrily, feeling his claws extend at the rush of arousal that makes his heart beat fast. He retracts them with a blush because the man he's with, the man who means so much to him, hates what he is.

"Don't worry about it, Isaac," Chris says in a soft voice. "It's natural."

That's a pretty big change and Isaac smiles at that as he rakes his human fingernails down Chris' bare chest. He leans over and kisses his neck, tasting the skin there. He groaned out loud at the taste. He stroked his hand down his chest and between his legs, where he pushed his underwear aside and started to stroke his cock. "Thank you for saving me," he says as he touches Chris slowly.

Isaac's eyes light up as he has an idea. "Can I ride you daddy?" he whispers, his eyes wide. He wants Chris inside of him, but he doesn't want to hurt him and wants to see things from a different perspective. He meets Chris' eyes and watches him smile and nod.

Isaac rummages for lube. He gets it and saunters back to where Chris is seated. He feels absolutely empowered in that moment. Chris may be in control in their relationship but at the same time he feels like he's found out something deep and profound that gives him control back himself.

Isaac preps himself this time, since Chris looks tired and worn. Plus, he feels confident to give a show. He feels confident for once. He spreads his legs and fingers himself. He gasps at the feeling of the initial intrusion. He sighs, content. "You look so amazing baby boy," Chris says. Chris knows how much confidence he lacks and he's trying his hardest to build him up. Isaac feels so much for him.

Isaac slips another finger inside of himself, moving them in and out slowly. He sighs contentedly. He stretches himself out, getting ready to take it. He can smell Chris' lust. The lust comes off of him in thick, palpable waves. As a werewolf he can sense not only lust but excitement and fear. Chris is afraid of what this relationship means but Isaac honestly doesn't blame him. It means so much to him too.

It takes a few moments for him to feel that he's ready for Chris' cock. When he does, he removes his fingers. He crawls back up onto Chris' lap, thanking god for a werewolf's balance. He holds himself steady and wraps his legs around Chris, scooting up and angling himself. Isaac smirks as he pushes the hunter backwards. "Thank you for saving me daddy," he says, knowing he's being a smartass but the adrenaline is getting to him and he wants to pleasure the other man.

He sinks down onto his lover's cock, biting his lip a little at the feeling. It's uncomfortable, no matter what way you paint it, but there's something satisfying about the stretch and burn. Isaac always knew he was a masochist. He takes it slow at first, just sinking, feeling the man underneath him struggle to reign in his human desires.

Isaac only realizes that he's staring when Chris smiles and says, "What is it?" He shakes himself out of his distraction and starts moving, slowly. Using a hand on Chris' chest to steady him, he moves up and down, building up a slow and steady rhythm, and throwing his head back as sweat glistened on his brow. It feels amazing having Chris under him like that.

"God," the older man gasps.

"You like?" Isaac asks with a smirk. He tries to drag out Chris' pleasure as much as he can. He runs his hands down the man's chest, feeling evidence of hard muscle. Chris is older than he is and very much human, but at the same time he is perfect. He's so fit, so perfect, so everything Isaac has ever wanted.

"God, baby, you're so pretty," Chris praises. He's babbling, stroking Isaac's cheek as a slack jawed expression crossed his face that nobody else ever got to see. Chris Argent was so strong willed and he never let his guard down, but he did for Isaac. He was Isaac's in that way. Isaac leans into the touch, never skipping a beat. He's drawing them both closer and closer to orgasm.

He feels so close and nobody's even touched him, except for the hand on his face, Chris' other hand on his hip. He's never been one to be pleased by just thoughts, but knowing how much he belongs to Chris is enough for Isaac.

Chris reaches for Isaac but Isaac simply bats him away. "Nope," he says. He rakes his nails down Chris' chest as he bounces up and down on his cock. It's an amazingly satisfying feeling. He wants to watch the hunter fall apart all because of what he is doing. "You're gonna come for me now Daddy." He lets a small smirk grace his features as he addresses Chris in the only way that he can now. Chris is and always will be his daddy.

Chris comes almost from the words alone. Isaac is sure that the way he stutters in his rhythm and slows down the drag against Chris' cock also helps. "God, baby boy," he mumbles with a desperate tone that makes Isaac grin. He's so close too and nobody's even touched him there. Chris comes as hard as he possibly can, clutching Isaac's hips and stilling him. It seems like Isaac has over worked him.

When Isaac pushes off of Chris, grunting at the loss of fullness, he can't help the smile on his face. Chris has other plans for him though as he turns him around, drawing him back against his chest. He holds onto Isaac for dear life like he's going to lose him. He sees that Isaac is still achingly hard and strokes him off, slowly. He has very hard, calloused fingers and yet they're super gentle. Isaac comes hard himself, turning so that his head is against Chris.

"Thank you for saving me…" he whispers again.

"Anything for you baby," Chris says.

They decide they're no longer on different sides. No, they're on the same side and they need each other for a number of reasons.