Author's Note: I've been toying with this idea for a while. It was supposed to be a tie in with my story 'In the Beginning' but I think for now, it's okay as a standalone, don't you think?

My first lemon.

Be gentle with me.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own shiyat. Or Teen Titans.

It's a hot spring afternoon. I let out a lazy yawn, and adjust the towel wrapped around my hips. I check my phone to make sure there weren't any missed calls while I was showering. Seeing none, I flop ungracefully onto the bed, and close my eyes. God, I'm beat.

Nobody told me how hard it was going to be juggling my life as a normal person and as a superhero. I could really use a Dummies Guide to Dual Identities right about now.

It's been a few years since I moved to San Francisco. It was inevitable. We weren't teens anymore. Which kinda defeats the name...Teen Titans. Somewhere along the way we all grew up. Got new responsibilities. Had families. Went back home. I remember the last night we spent together in the Tower. Starfire was sobbing, Cy's voice cracked several times, and both Raven and Robin were unusually quiet. We reminded each other where we were all headed.

As the heir to the Wayne Industries, Robin, or I should probably say Nightwing now, was being groomed by Batman to start taking over. So, for a while now he and Starfire, whom he finally married, started making plans about shifting back to the east coast. Apparently there was a good position for him in Bludhaven office. Somewhere he could learn the ropes and at the same time bring justice to another city that was desperately calling for a hero. They've been there for almost 3 years now. I can't help but feel a sense of pride when I read about how Nightwing and Starfire busted another criminal organization. And I couldn't be happier when Richard and Koriand'r announced the coming of a new member in their family. Turned out gel-boy and the alien princess were compatible after all.

Hats off to them.

Victor remained behind in Jump City. I'm glad I live just a few hours' drive away from him. I would have missed him the most. It's always fun to grab a slice of pizza, some beer, and spend the evening playing video games with him. He's doing some good work too. We all knew he'd never leave the Tower. It was a part of him as much as the T-car. He had given the most when we were building it, constantly upgrading the equipment, fixing the obstacle course, setting up security. And now, he would be the big brother, the protector and mentor to the new group of Teen Titans that lived in the Tower. That, and he's going to propose to Sarah next week. He showed me the ring the last time I was there. It took him nearly 2 months to get the courage to ask her, but I think it's stupid. Anyone can see she's madly in love with him as well. About damn time he popped the question.

And last but certainly not least, Raven.

Ah...the dark sorceress.

The empath.

And my personal girlfriend.

All mine.

I was afraid she'd want to break up with me. After everything we'd been through, I would have been pretty damn upset if she told me she'd head back for Azarath. I still remember as she sat down to tell me what she'd do. By then, I had been accepted into university in San Francisco and was packed to spend the summer with Steve and Rita, before the beginning of the semester. I was all ready to hear her say all the cliché statements. We wanted different things, headed in separate directions, and all that jazz.

She bit her bottom lip in that adorable fashion that made me want to kiss her senseless. Then, she quietly showed me a letter of acceptance she had gotten from the same college as me. That was when I really did kiss her senseless.

The summer before college started was hard. She couldn't come to Dayton Estate because her mother called her back to Azarath. Some dimensional political thing that Raven explained, but she still had to keep some details confidential. For 3 months we had to communicate only through letters that were sent through a dimensional transporter box. At least that's what I call it. There's an Azarathian word for it that I just can't get my tongue tied around.

God, I missed her so bad then. Pounced on her like a starving man when she came back. It made me realize how much I loved the little things about her. The way she would smile just a little, how soft her hands were, and how amazing her body felt against mine. I had missed talking to her, missed having her stroke my fur, missed hearing her witty remarks, and so much more.

My ears twitch as they pick up the jangling of keys at our apartment door.

It seemed only natural that Raven and I move in together once we settled in San Francisco. Steve wasn't too happy about the arrangement. Tried giving me the birds and bees talk. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was a few years late for that lecture. Rita gave a lovely house warming gift. A beautiful hand stitched blanket from one of their missions in South America. Raven and I spent a few winters snuggling into it whenever the temperature dropped a little too low. It even joined us at the cabin Steve has in Alaska.

Through a half open eye, I watch as Raven walks in.

'Hey babe,' I call out in greeting.

She gives me a small smile, taking a second to answer. I can see her eyes trail down my almost naked form. I resist giving her a roguish grim. 'Hi,' she replies back.

I continue watching as she slowly removes her cardigan and folds it neatly. Her chakra sparkles into view as she slips off her hologram ring. She grabs a brush and starts running it through her gorgeous purple hair.

'Whatcha been upto?' I say lifting my head up just enough so she can hear me.

'Nothing much,' she says in between her brush strokes. From the mirror, I can see her amethyst eyes flicker back to me. Hands still just for a second, before continuing their motions. 'I went to the grocery store after lectures. I saw we're out of Lucky Charms so I picked some up for you.'

I didn't even think she'd noticed. She rarely has Lucky Charms. A grin plasters itself across my face. 'Thanks Rae. You saved me a trip. Now I get to nap some more.' I close both eyes and start fake snoring really loudly.

Suddenly, a black energy encased pillow whacks me on the back of my head.

'Hey!' I cry out. 'Not nice babe.'

She pretends not to hear me and continues brushing her hair nonchalantly.

I humph and close my eyes. Bury my head into the pillow.

After a few minutes, my nose twitches. I smell my mate's scent. It's strong, which means she's probably come very close. I don't open my eyes, but can feel the mattress sag a bit as Raven sits down carefully next to me. A second later I feel her soft hands run gently across my back. My spine involuntarily curves under her palm, and I can't control the purr that escapes my throat. I crack an eye open surreptitiously as I watch her carefully.

She has a serious expression on her face, and I can see the beginning of a frown start to crease her forehead. I know why, so I don't ask.

Unlike Raven, I can't heal every injury I suffer. I know what she's really running her fingers over. I don't have to be able to look behind my back to see the scars that litter along with my entire body. Some of my wounds are old. Like when Nicholas beat me, and left me homeless on the streets, fighting for scraps. Or when I first started out as a member of the Doom Patrol and didn't get so lucky on the missions. My experiences over the years have left their mark on me. On my back, my chest, my legs. Some of them aren't too bad. Others are pretty gruesome, and had left my skin permanently damaged. The first time I was with Raven I was ashamed to expose myself. I didn't want her to be turned be disgusted by the scars that were a constant reminder of my ugly past.

But she hadn't said anything at all. She had caressed my disfigurements much like she was doing now. Had laid me on her bed, and kissed each one so seductively I had goosebumps all over. She said she loved me, and would always love me. That my scars were as much a part of me as was the Beast. Embraced me for all my flaws...for all my imperfections.

My mind is distracted from its train of thought as her hands become more adventurous. I stifle a moan as her hand slips along my ribs and dips down to the towel. I smell the change in her scent, and it's...intoxicating. She pulls at my side and I obligingly turn over. The towel around my hips has come loose and my hand moves to fix it over my manhood.

But Raven suddenly grasps my wrist. With her other hand she brushes away a wet strand of hair so I can see her properly. Without ever breaking eye contact with me, her hand starts making a slow and lazy trek down my my abs where it lingers a bit. All the time she's giving me warm kisses, and I feel the Beast rise hastily from his slumber. I gasp against her warm mouth as her hand continues its trip southward before gripping my member.

Within seconds, I feel myself twitch, rising at her delicate strokes and touch. I let out a mournful whimper as she suddenly stops her ministrations and gives my towel a sharp tug pulling it off me. I prop myself on my elbows, as I'm hit hard with the scent of her arousal. The Beast is fully awake now. I can feel it in the way he focuses completely on his mate.

Our mate.

She lifts herself off from me, and this time I do let out a moan.

'Where are you going?' I can't keep the childish whining from my voice. It's downright embarrassing.

She gives a slivery laugh that sends shivers down my spine.

'Patience Gar,' she says simply, her lips curving into a smile.

My eyes never leave her form as she slowly and luxuriously peels off each layer of clothing from her body. I feel a rush of blood to my loins as she wiggles her hips, quickly stepping out off her matching lace panties and bra. I'm proud of myself for holding back so long. She always was worth the wait.

She smiles as she joins me in bed. She pins my wrists down so I can't touch her, and rests all her weight on her knees, keeping herself only inches away from my throbbing erection. She knows physically I can easily push her off myself, but I'm a bit stereotypical. I do love it when she takes control.

She lets go of my hands, but I can still feel them bound above my head.

Sly little temptress.

She's tied my hands with her powers.

I growl at her in frustration, baring my teeth in a mock snarl. 'Let me go Raven.'

She only smirks, as her hands travel once more all over my chest. She bobs down just a little so I can just about feel the wet heat between her legs. 'Why?' she asks a tone that's husky with desire.

She bobs up and down a few more times, each instance lowering herself just a little more on top of me. Just enough to have me writhe against her in anticipation, but enough to put the Beast into a mad frenzy. I buck my hips rebelliously against her. But she thwarts my attempts, and pushes me back down with her hands, laughing.

God damn it. Why won't she mount me already?

My question is answered within moments as she suddenly drops all her weight, impaling herself onto me. Our groans of pleasure mix together. I feel her release the hold she has on my hands. They're instantly on her hips, before one moves up to stroke a breast.

I relax completely now, rocking my hips to her movement. Meeting her at her every stroke, every dip, every swell. Right now, as I look upon her glorious form from her heaving chest to warm thighs, I lose myself to her, and only her.

She splays both hands across my chest, balancing herself as she continues riding me slowly, then suddenly very fast, and then slowly again.


I rein in the Beast as much as I can. He feels the same euphoria of the sexual bond I'm sharing with my mate. Over the years, through much patience and practice, I've improved at controlling him, channelling my subconscious desires in better ways. But there's no denying that Raven is the only reason I lose control over my beastly urges. Always have. Always will.

She gasps my name and my eyes focus from her pulsating breasts to her face. She pushes back her hair. I can tell by the way I feel her inner walls contracting that she's coming close to her climax as am I.

The rocking becomes harder. Faster. She pushes down, gather my entire length into her body.

The breathing becomes harsher. The lusty moans become louder.

With a roar, I peak. My body stiffening as a pulsating muscle spasm convulses through my body. It's the most pleasurable feeling in the world. Raven rolls her hips a few more times, her strokes becoming less intense, until she too stops.

With a contented sigh, Raven dismounts me, lifting herself gently off from me. I pull her close to me, and she rests her head on my shoulder. A hand moves to lovingly stroke my sweaty chest, palming just over my madly beating heart. A shapely, warm leg drapes itself on top of mine. She smells of sex, sweat, and her lavender bodywash. I can't get enough of it.

I close my eyes and Raven's soft breathing fills my ears.

I wait until I can control my voice. I turn my head so that I can whisper in her ear, 'I love you Rae.'

She lifts her head up from my shoulder. Raven places a soft kiss on my lips. 'I love you too Gar.'

Losing control never felt so good.