Eventually the three of us caught up with Bakura who had calmed down considerably. I didn't tell him about my silent decision that thieving was an option at the very least, instead I kept my thoughts to myself and helped my companions find a shelter and thanks to size of the town we were not short of options. We found a hollowed out wall, an abandoned loft area, several storage areas and even a dune that backed up against someone else's home providing a decent amount of shelter. Eventually, after sifting through every possibility we decided on the hollowed out wall.

As I previously mentioned the town was encased in a semi circle of sand stone, the wall was about two and half metres thick and twelve feet tall. The townsfolk used it for all manner of purposes including hanging washing on, for children to play on or for storage due to the fact that at regular intervals along the wall there were arch ways that lead into small rooms. The particular spot we had decided on was not actually an official room, therefore belonged to no one which is why it was so appealing. It meant we could stay there for a while without worrying about trespassing.

The stretch of wall we had occupied was right behind a series of towering blocky buildings, behind a mound of long forgotten crates and barrels. There was a jagged gash in the wall that led into a small dry area, devoid of light but completely hidden and very practical for staying long term.

After settling in Bakura and I left the stuff with the girls and went on our daily, agonising, search for food. Upon leaving I bid the girls farewell by name and stumbled over my words when I nearly said bye to Kisara. Bakura promptly grabbed me by the collar and hoisted me out of the hole in the wall before I could make things worse.

We followed the wall for a while until we broke out into a road. The time we had chosen was not ideal for scavenging, Ra was already travelling in the far east and darkness was creeping up the horizon. But I think both Bakura and me knew we weren't really going to be scavenging tonight.

Every corner that we turned I knew Bakura's hand was itching for the blade on his thigh. The homemade dagger that was more for practical purposes than for protection never left Bakura's side. I think it made him feel safe, although he had never used it before, he would more likely use his fists if provoked into battle.

We walked past groups of men and woman alike and even past a couple of bustling taverns, their occupants spilling out onto the street.

"The night life here is like nothing I've ever seen before…" I mused as we made our way through a small crowd surrounding a hot fire. "I bet this is what Pharaoh's city is like…" Bakura merely grunted in reply, eyeing up a drunken man staggering away from the crowd and into the darkness of an alley on his own. When Bakura turned back to me we held each other's gaze for a moment before I nodded and we silently followed the man.

The man was about twice Bakura's age and was a sorry sight. It appeared that he had vacated the tavern to empty his stomach and he was now slouched against the wall with spit in his beard, eyes lolling to one side and muttering incoherently to himself.

"Pathetic." Bakura growled and knelt down besides the man, un-sheaving the dagger from his thigh. The drunken man whimpered at the sight of the blade. I nervously stepped from foot to foot looking back up the alley expecting the man's friends to come and find him.

Bakura used his dagger to cut of the cord of the man's coin purse than held the small rough bag in his hand, squeezing it tightly. He then raised the hand holding the dagger to the side of the man's face and he placed the flat on the blade on the man's cheek, holding the coin purse in front of his face. "You don't deserve this."

I felt my mouth go dry as I watched Bakura staring at the man with absolute contempt. "What are you doing?" I hissed and Bakura's white head snapped up as if he'd forgotten I was there.

Without another seconds hesitation we both exited the alley like the phantoms we were so practiced at being.

When we returned to the girls Bakura dropped the coin purse on the ground in front of Teana. Several shining coins fell out of the sackcloth bag and one or two rolled along the floor. Teana sat and watched the metal disks glint in the dim light of our shelter before she turned over and slept, without a single word.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o

The next day the four of us ventured into the market place and gorged ourselves on food. We had enough money to eat better than we had in years and also stock up enough for later on. Teana was less than happy about the situation, but didn't voice her complaints. Amunet was thrilled at the prospect of a real and decent meal and I vaguely noted she probably never remembered ever having a full meal to herself. Bakura was full of himself as he threw the money about trying new and interesting things, all the while a smug grin sat on his face. But soon the money ran out and we returned to our shelter, pleasantly full.

Teana sat herself down on the hard floor and curled in on herself, seemingly exhausted. I knew that throughout the whole day she was having a war with herself. She deemed the world around us as sinners and that all the cruel acts against us were unjustifiable because Teana had never done anything wrong. She didn't deserve to be outcasted, or looked down upon. But now she was indulging in the profits of a sin and she was obviously morally conflicted about their situation. I was about to go over and comfort her however Bakura beat me to the punch and sat down beside her, his legs crossed and eyes down cast. A little shocked I sat down where I was and Amunet crawled into my lap.

Bakura shuffled a little awkwardly and Teana was looking at him, her fine eyebrows furrowed together. "Are you ok?" she asked, at his uncharacteristic behaviour.

"Yes." He looked up and snapped at her then recoiled at the spite in his voice and huffed out a sigh and his shoulders slumped. "I got this, for you."

Bakura pulled out a long colourful scarf and pulled it through his fingers to straighten out the pattern. It was embroidered with beautiful silk thread and beads and made in the same colour of the pink that streaks the sky at sunset.

Teana's already large eyes doubled in size as she stared at the beautiful garment.

"I'm sorry about stealing." Bakura said so fast that the worlds tumbled over each other. "I'm sorry about Kisara, and not wanting a bath and always arguing with you and—" Teana threw her arms around Bakura's neck in a tight embrace but Bakura's hands stayed firmly in his lap holding the scarf and I watched the whole skeptical like a fly on the wall. I felt that I shouldn't be watching or listening on in their privet moment and a spike of jealously consumed me for a second at how close they seemed.

Eventually Teana released Bakura and took the scarf from him to study it closely she then smiled brightly and uttered a simple 'Thank you' that caused Bakura's face to break out in a mixture of embarrassment and smug pride.

I rolled my eyes and shuffled Amunet into a lying position to get her to go sleep and then led down beside her myself.

When Teana and Bakura said goodnight to me, I didn't reply and pretended I was already asleep.

I don't know why.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooo

So our thieves have started and a little bit of Bakura's dark side snuck out in this chapter, but quickly redeemed with his apology to Teana

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