Over the next few weeks the whole school finds out that badass resident HBIC Santana Lopez is gay for Brittany S. Pierce. They are in love with each other and can barely keep their hands off each other. Though it's not like that is something new.

At first some of the puck heads had made fun of them until Santana ended up sending half the team to the hospital. That and Sue said that if anyone picks on them she'd personal make their lives hell. She was the only other person aside from her parents and Brittany that knew about Santana's extra appendage.

"Would you two stop making out for two minutes." Rachel complains walking in.

"We don't need to see it every ten minutes." grumbles Finn sitting next to Artie who is also unhappy.

"Shut up, you're just jealous." Santana spits pulling away from Brittany for a second.

Brittany smiles at her giggling.

"Okay everyone we need to sell twenty thousand salt water taffy's to pay for nationals." Mr. Shue says walking in.

Brittany is about to scoot over to her seat when Santana grabs her arm to stop her.

"I love you B, but if you move I won't fuck you for a month." Santana whispers threatening.

Brittany is about to say something when she shifts a little and feels Santana's boner. Turning she smiles evilly and Santana's breath catches. Brittany starts slowly grinding on her rubbing her ass against Santana's bulge.

"Looks like someone's excited." Brittany whispers turning to face Santana.

"Um...Mr. Shue those two are making everyone uncomfortable." Kurt says raising his hand.

"Shut it Hummel it's hot." Puck says shoving him.

"Ladies, stop. Brittany you need to sit in your own seat." Mr. Shue sternly tells them.

"No," Brittany says surprising everyone.

Before Mr. Shue can say anything else Brittany covers her mouth and runs out of the room. Everyone looks questioning at Santana who shrugs. She is thankful that her boner has finally gone away.

"I'll go bring her back." Santana gets up before anyone can say anything.

She knows that Brittany has been feeling a little under the weather that last two days. Figuring that she'll head to Cheerio's looker room that's where she goes.

"Babe you in here?" Santana asks upon hearing gagging she knows she is. "Babe are you okay?" she worriedly asks.

"I don't feel good." Brittany whines coming out of the bathroom stale and falling into Santana's arms.

"Shh, it's okay. Come on I'll take you home." Santana says rubbing her back.

The drive back to Brittany's house takes four times as long. Santana has to keep stopping so Brittany can throw-up.

"I'm sorry San,"

"Don't be sweetheart it's not your fault you feel bad." Santana reassures her opening the front door.

The next three days are hell for the Latina. Brittany is too sick to go to school and Brittany's parents won't let her skip so she has to endure the torture of school.

"I don't think I've ever seen Brittany miss school for something other than skipping with Santana." Mike comments during glee rehearsal the fourth day Brittany is out.

"Maybe, but she needs to come back Santana has been a terror the last few days." Tina shutters remembering the two facial slushies she received yesterday.

"I know she slushied me, threw me in the dumpster and kneed me in the crotch when I asked her what was wrong." Puck says as everyone stares at him wide eyed.

"Someone has to talk to her." Rachel says looking around for someone to volunteer.

"Um...how 'bout Quinn." Finn offers.

"How about no. I'm not putting my girlfriend in danger." Sam states unable to believe they would put his girl in danger.

"She's the only one that can." agrees Kurt walking in.

"No-" Sam starts.

"I'll do it only cause I want to know how Britt's doing." Quinn says then turns to Sam. "Don't worry honey, she won't hurt me cause it would upset Brittany." she reassures him.

At that moment Santana flings the door open and storms up to her seat. Quinn motions for everyone to leave. She walks slowly up to Santana sitting next to her. They sit in silence for several moments, Quinn knowing Santana has a hard time functioning without Brittany especially if something's wrong with Brittany.

"Her parents won't let you skip will they." Quinn says knowing full well Brittany's parents are more like Santana's than her own sometimes.

"Yeah, she's been throwing up; not sleeping well and just feels like crap overall." Santana starts crying. "I don't know how to make her feel better."

"You know it almost sounds like she's pregnant." Quinn laughs completely missing the shocked look and then terror on Santana's face.

"Well I think I'm going to skip the rest of the day." Santana says getting up and leaving.

Quinn stares at her for a second. Brittany couldn't be pregnant could she, shaking her head, Quinn goes to find the rest of the club and her boyfriend.


"Britt baby where are you? I have something I need you to do?" Santana shouts slamming the front door.

She runs up to Brittany's room only to find her curled up on the bed crying.

"Awe, baby." Santana sits next to her and she climbs into Santana's lap, crying, gripping tightly around Santana's waist.

Santana rubs circles on Brittany's back. They sit like that for an hour Santana totally forgetting the possible pregnancy thing. She is more worried about making Brittany feel better. It isn't until she looks over at the night stand that she notices the pregnancy test on it.

"Britt...are you...um...pregnant?" Santana stammers losing all color as Brittany hung her head.

Brittany is terrified of what Santana will do. They had only just started dating and now she is pregnant. She is scared of what will happen now. She can't lose the love of her life, but knowing Santana she knows that she's so close to running out the door. If it comes to having to pick between the baby and Santana she knows she'll have to pick Santana. Just when she's about to say they don't have to keep the baby, Santana cups her face and kisses her hard.

"I don't have to keep the baby." Brittany cries.

"No, baby this is our child." Santana says putting her hands on Brittany's stomach leaning down to kiss her still flat belly.

"You want to keep the baby." Brittany hesitantly asks. "And still be with me?"

"Honey of course I do why would I want anything else. I love you and if you're going to have our baby then I love you even more." Santana says kissing her stomach again and then kissing her.

"Good cause I don't know what I would have done without you." Brittany says pulling Santana down with her.

"But you're sure that your pregnant cause if you are we have to tell our parents." Santana is dreading this, she had just told her parents she was gay now she'll have to tell them she'd gotten her girlfriend pregnant and then there are Britt's parents. She is even more scared of letting them down.

"Of course I am silly I've taken nine pregnancy tests and I'm a week late." Brittany says kissing her.

"Um Britt I don't think this is a good idea." Santana moans as Brittany pulls her Cheerio skirt down cupping Santana's already perturbing bulge.

"Well it's not like I'm not already knocked up." Brittany smirks pulling down the special spanks and Santana's cock sprang free.

Santana shrugs Brittany does have point. It's not like she can get double pregnant.

"I don't want to hurt the baby." Santana says hovering over Brittany.

"You won't," Brittany pulls Santana down on top of her.

Two hours later they are cuddled up against each other Santana's hand on her stomach.

"I love you and you." Santana says to Brittany and their baby.

"I love you too," Brittany turns and kisses her girlfriend.

"We need to figure out how where going to tell our parents and what to do about the kids at school." Santana seriously says it has been on her mind for a while.

"Tomorrow honey, I tired." Brittany yawns snuggling closer into Santana putting her head on the Latina's chest.

"Tomorrow," Santana whispers Brittany already asleep.