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Fullmetal was going to kill him. There was no way the kid wouldn't find out. At first, Roy thought this was all a practical joke. You know, who believes in Magic anyways? Certainly not him. Then again, Fullmetal was just a kid so maybe he did believe in Fullmetal was definitely going to smash his face in for this one. There were owls EVERYWHERE and it didn't look good when the Fuhrer walked in, seeing all this. He wanted them GONE. Roy sighed and picked up the phone. He dialed the Rockbells' number.

"Rockbell Automail, how can we help you today?"

"Ah, Ms. Rockbell. Nice to see you're doing well. If you wouldn't mind, can you get Edward on the phone?" Roy remembered once he called Edward, Fullmetal on the phone...lets just say it didn't end well.

"What do you want with him?" Roy could hear the agitation in her voice.

"He's been getting letters...I'm pretty sure he'd want to see them."

"Can't you just send them here-"

"THEY WONT GO AWAY!" Roy complained like a baby, shocking Pinako.

"Are you okay sir?" Pinako asked, cautiously.

"THEY WONT STOP COMING!" he practically sobbed.

"Um...okay, I'll send him over."

"Thank you so much Pinako, I do apologize."

"...okay..." She hung up on him. Roy smirked.

"That was easier than I thought." He heard Riza sigh on the other side of his door.

"Sir, would you please not lie to her."

"BUT I'M NOT LYING LOOK! COME IN SERIOUSLY!" She walked in and dropped all her papers in shock. There were owls...everywhere. There were some on the couch, the table, the windowsill, the desk, and other buildings.

"Oh my..."

"This is what I'm talking about!"

"Did the Fuhrer see them." Roy nodded sadly. She sighed, picking up her papers. "You should've shown him these before he left."

"They appeared all on his birthday...something about Magic and School and whatnot." She gave him an odd look.

"You didn't open them did you?"

"No, but they're kinda stalkerish...look at it."

Mr. Edward Elric

Guest Room of Rockbell Automail

2 Light Lane

Risembool, Amestris

"That is...odd." Riza blinked. They knew what room he slept in...that is pretty stalkerish. "But how do you know it deals with Magic and School?" Roy turned the envelope over. There was a small insignia and above it said 'Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry'. "You can't be serious." Roy nodded.

"Apparently so..."

"Good luck explaining it to him." She slammed the papers on Roy's owl-covered desk. They didn't even flinch. Roy slammed his head on the table and groaned.

"How in the hell does the stack keep growing?!" Riza gave him an amused look. She walked out the door. Roy picked up his pen and filled out the never-ending paperwork, getting nowhere.

A few hours later, the door slammed open. Roy prepared for a bunch of screaming his way about how Fullmetal had vacation, but nothing came. He looked up from his paperwork to see Edward gawking at him.


"Where the hell did you get all these owls?!"

"These owls were the ones delivering letters to you."

"But...why owls?"

"Personally, Fullmetal, I have no clue." Roy smirked at his inner scene bubble about how mad Edward would get when he saw the letters. Roy picked up the first one he ever got and examined it thoroughly. "Now, Fullmetal, I want you to take this seriously. I must admit, at first I thought this was all a joke, so I didn't call you. But as you can see," he gestured to the owls around him. "This is pretty serious." Edward walked up to Roy's desk and snatched the letter from his hands. One look at it and Edward's eyes bulged.


"I would like to know the same question...another thing I'd like to know is why they sent it to me." Roy said in agitation. "Maybe it's because I'm recorded as your guardian...whatever it is I'm ordering you to attend to-" Roy was caught off by the door literally coming off its hinges. Ed turned around and they both gawked. The guy was as large as Armstrong!

"Hmm, sorry about that." The big gruff giant picked the doors up and placed them beside the doorway. "Handle was getting to meh, lost my temper..." The man was huge. He had black scruffy hair with a scraggly beard and beady black eyes. He was wide as the doorway itself. Past him, Roy's subordinates were also gawking. "I knew yeh were gettin my letters." Roy closed his mouth.

"Yes, I was...but why'd you have to send so many?"

"Well yeh weren't replyin'."

"I...didn't know your have your own school?" The man chuckled.

"Of course not, silly. It's Professor Dumbledore who owns the school." Ed had to hold in his laughter. What kind of name was Dumbledore anyways?

"Is this a joke?" The scraggly man shook his head.

"This is entirely serious sir. Although if ya don't mind meh asking. Why are yeh Edward's guardian? You look nothin alike and as far as I know, yer not his father." Ed was still gawking. He shook his head from shock.

" say...Magic ain't real." The large man seemed to be taken aback.

"Well, of course it is, boy."

"Prove it." Ed said smugly. The large man took his pink umbrella and pointed it at Roy's pen. The pen jumped out of Roy's hand and flew into the man's. Ed blinked. ""

"Magic." Ed knew this guy had to be joking...then again, maybe there was some catch and he could trick this man into creating a Philosopher's Stone or find someway to retrieve Alphonse's body.

"Hmm." Roy saw Ed's smirk.

"Well Fullmetal, this 'Magic', as this man-"

"Hagrid's, my name."

"Hagrid." Hagrid nodded.

"Why don't you take Edward here to this school." Hagrid shook his head.

"Can't. We have to retrieve his things first." Hagrid looked to Edward.

"Your father...he was a wizard, wasn't he?"

"Uh...I don't know."

"What was his name?" Ed gave him a scowl.

"Van Hohenheim." Hagrid's eyes practically came out of his skull.

"You're Hohenheim's son? Well Merlin's beard, I'd be darned." Ed rose an eyebrow.

"He was an old friend of Dumbledore's...never mind. We should go. Ah, yes, as I recall...Professor Dumbledore said something about Alchemy or something like that. He said you can't use it." Ed frowned.

"Damn." Ed muttered. "Alright, whatever, sure." Ed paused. "Where are we going anyways?"

"United Kingdom." Ed's jaw dropped.

"That far?! It's going to take days!"

"Nah we'll travel by floo powder."

"Um...okay...Oh, hey Mustang?"

"Yes, Fullmetal?"

"One, give me that letter." Roy tossed the letter to him. "Two, make up some random story for Alphonse will ya?"

"Will do, Fullmetal." Hagrid briefly wondered why Roy Mustang called Edward, Fullmetal. Dumbledore didn't tell Hagrid anything about this mysterious country so Hagrid figured it shouldn't really matter. Edward quickly opened his letter. Hagrid was about to tell him they needed as much time as they could get so Edward should read it later, but once he saw how fast Ed's eyes were going, he thought not.

"Hmm. Seems fair enough." He had to have certain supplies and he had to read the 1st year books too. He took out the second year list and read aloud. "The Standard Book of Spells Grade 2 by Miranda Goshawk, Break with a Banshee by Gilderoy Lockhart, Gadding with Ghouls by Gilderoy Lockhart, Holidays with Hags by Gilderoy Lockhart, 43 Travels with Trolls by Gilderoy Lockhart, Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart, Wanderings with Werewolves by Gilderoy Lockhart, Year with the Yeti by Gilderoy Lockhart...what the hell is up with this Lockhart guy?

"He's pretty famous in the wizarding world." Hagrid commented.

"If you say so..."

"Yeh read pretty fast fer a 12 year old." Ed shrugged. Hagrid turned to Roy. "Do you have a fire place?" Roy nodded and led them both down to the lab, he was getting aggravated by all the weird looks he was getting. He went to the large one that was used for making weapons so that Hagrid could fit. Hagrid pulled out a small pouch. "Hold out your hand." Ed did as he was told. Hagrid put some powder in his hands. Then he dumped the rest in his.

"What the...?"

"Now follow all of my instructions carefully." Roy watched in amusement. Hagrid threw the powder in the fire, and sure enough, the flames turned green. "Tuck in yer elbows, keep yer eyes shut, don't fidget, and don't panic. Just make sure yeh say it clearly and aloud. Like this." Hagrid stepped in the fire. Ed's eyes widened, how was he not catching on fire? "DIAGON ALLEY!" Hagrid boomed and he vanished. Ed stared in amazement.

"Don't get stuck up a chimney, Fullmetal." Roy smirked. Ed scowled at him. He threw the powder in the fire and cautiously walked in. "Diagon Alley!" Ed shouted, making Roy close his ears. He immediately started spinning. He closed his eyes tight, afraid that soot would go in his eyes. He stopped and fell out onto someone.

"Ugh, holy..." Ed held his head dizzily. He blinked, coming face to face with a red-headed and freckled boy. "Gah!" Ed backed up into someone else. He looked up and saw Hagrid.

"Who's this, Hagrid?"

"He's new." Ed blinked. He stood up straight and brushed himself off. He noticed that Hagrid was looking a little blue.

"Sorry Ron, gotta get his stuff. See yeh at Hogwarts." Ron nodded. Ed walked away and followed Hagrid. "First we need to go to careful not to get the Goblins angry...they're pretty vicious." Goblins? Seriously? These people are so stereotypical. They walked into a large building. Ed's jaw dropped. These people weren't kidding when they said it was ran by Goblins. Ed was actually pretty glad that they were shorter than him.

" wise..." Hagrid walked up to the front desk, not hearing Edward talking.

"Need to go to Hohenheim's vault." The Goblin seemed a bit taken aback. He looked down at the short blond. He looked at a file. He pulled out a picture of Ed. He confirmed it and called over a Goblin.

"Hohenheim." the Goblin took the picture and the pair followed it. Edward was a little curious of the picture but just ignored it. They walked onto an elevator thing and it zoomed off. Ed jolted out of his spot and held tight onto the rail, creating a small dent. Must be pretty strong metal. After a half hour they finally made it to a vault. There was a small slit and the Goblin put the picture in it. The vault opened up to vast amounts of Gold. Barely any silver and copper were seen. Ed's jaw dropped. Hagrid was just surprised.

"Damn..." Ed muttered under his breath. He could already tell that it wasn't regular money. Hagrid handed him a sack. Edward filled it up, he didn't know how much he would need so he took some silver and copper just in case. "So Hagrid." Hagrid looked down, much to Ed's annoyance.

"What is it?"

"How do I use this money? Like what are the qualifications to it?" Hagrid was surprised at the question. He didn't think the kid would be able to think about that, only how much he had.

"Alright...the gold ones are called Galleons, they're the most. The silver ones are called Sickles and the copper ones are called Knuts. The currency is that there are 17 Sickles in a Galleon, and 29 Knuts in a Sickle, meaning there are 493 Knuts to a Galleon...think you can remember that?" Ed nodded absentmindedly. They went back on the elevator, much to Hagrid's dismay. "Hate those things." Hagrid looked like he was going to puke.

"Are you okay?" Ed had to ask. Hagrid shook his head. "If ya want, I'll shop on my own. I'm pretty sure I can figure out which is which."

"You sure? Dumbledore would have my head if he found out I lost ya..." Ed nodded.

"I'm pretty sure I'd be able to spot you." Hagrid agreed and went to wherever he needed to rest. Edward looked around in the store windows. He saw robes and decided to go get his fitted. He was a little depressed that they had to measure him, but it had to be done. He walked up to the door and walked in. The bell rang and a woman came up to him.

"Hello Mr..."

"Edward Elric." Edward said, glancing around the shop.

"Mr. Edward Elric. Okay lets get you measured. She dragged him to a back shop. Ed saw a scowling platinum haired boy.

"Sorry Mr. Malfoy, I had a customer." She called over to another witch to measure 'Malfoy.' The woman started measuring Edward, who refused to take off his shirt or pants. Malfoy glanced curiously at Edward.

"Who're you?" The kid said, smugly.

"Edward Elric..."

"Elric? Never heard of it..."

"It's my mother's last name."

"Your parents aren't married?" Ed frowned.

"My mom died." he saw the witch glance sadly at him.

"Okay...what's your dad's name?"

"My father," Malfoy heard the disgust in the boy's voice and smirked, he might like this kid already. "His name was Van Hohenheim." Malfoy blinked and the witch stabbed Ed with a needle, out of surprise.


"Ah, sorry." She began working again.

"You're joking." Ed scowled at him.

"Fine, don't believe me, I don't give a rat's ass-" He got a glare from the witch. Ed rolled his eyes. "I don't give a crap if you don't believe me. Never liked him anyways..." Malfoy looked at Edward. He certainly looked like Hohenheim...not many people have golden eyes and hair. Rare combination.

"Malfoy." Malfoy held his hand out. "Draco Malfoy." Ed shook his hand, even though he hated this kid's attitude. Ed collected his robes and walked out, without another word to Malfoy. He visited other weird stores. He walked into another random one and was nearly bowled over by an old man.

"Sorry..." Ed muttered.

"Are you here for a wand?" Ed nodded. The man directed him to the back. "First year?"

"Second...I just haven't been contacted about Hogwarts yet..."

"Okay, so do you have any experience with magic."

"Well I saw it performed and I've traveled by Floo but other than that, no."

"Alright...what hand do you write with?"

"Left-" A box was shoved into his hands.

"Just flick it." Ed did so...nothing happened.

"Uh..." another box was shoved into his hands. Again, nothing happened. Ed began to doubt whether Magic was real. After lots and lots of wands later Ollivander, as Ed found out his name along the way, handed him one. He flicked it lazily and a spark came out and caused lots of boxes to fly towards them.

"Interesting...not quite though..." Ollivander came back with another box, though it was pretty dusty. "Made with Yew and Holly bark...Thestral hair, 9 inches."

"Uh...okay?" Ed took it and flicked it gingerly. The whole store lit up in gold colors. Edward felt whole with himself when he held it. "I don't get it...why is this one so special?" Ollivander shrugged. Another kid came in. Ollivander put Ed's wand in his box and shooed him out as Ed paid him. Edward dragged his trunk around. "Almost forgot to get me some books." Ed's eyes lit up in wonder. He loved books. He walked in and was immediately shoved aside by a familiar platinum haired blonde. Except the platinum hair belonged to a different Malfoy.

"Who're you?" The man asked in disgust.

"Father! That's the son of Van Hohenheim!" The man blinked.

"Really? That's interesting...lets go Malfoy." The man glanced suspiciously at Edward before walking off.

"Jeez, what was that all about?..." Edward stood up and was trampled over by a blond haired, blue eyed ma.

"Awe, sorry young wizard, I was getting ready to give out autographs...wait! Would you like to be first in line?!"

"Uh...who are you?" The man gasped.

"Oh, you must be muggle-born, yes...that would explain it. I'm Gilderoy Lockhart, I wrote the Lockhart collection.

"Oh...not really, I haven't even read them yet, sorry..."

"That's no fact, since you're the first person here, you can have them for free." Ed blinked.


"Yes!" The man dragged Ed by the hand to a desk. He had three stacks of books. They all had his smiling face on it. Lockhart kinda reminded Ed of Hughes, with all the pictures. The shocking fact was that they were moving. "Here you go, and they're all signed by me!"

"Thanks..." Lockhart Shook his hand.

"You're very welcome. Now hurry and leave before the crowd of people see the poster." Lockhart shooed him away. Ed loaded the books in his trunk. Then he went looking for first year books. As he went behind a bookshelf many bustling was heard. He came out from behind the bookcase and saw a whole crowd of people. Ed's jaw dropped.

"Damn, he must be pretty famous." He heard a girl squeal. He looked around the corner and saw a bushy-haired girl talking excitingly. Ed sweat-dropped. He heard them coming near him. He looked around the basic books for first years but couldn't seem to find what he was looking for.

"Hey, would you like some help?" He recognized the girl's voice as the one who squealed. He turned around sheepishly.

"Uh, yeah..."

"Are you a first year?" Ed opened his eyes, earning a gasp from her.

"Uh, no. I just wasn't at Hogwarts last year. I'm second year."

"Me too..." the girl started staring intently in his eyes. "Do you wear contacts?"

"" Ed was a little creeped out by the girl's staring.

"Hermoine, where did you-oh hey it's you." Ron walked around the corner. Ed looked at him. Ron sent a curious glance to Hermoine.

"Ron look at his eyes! They're golden!"

"Um...your point? So he's got weird eyes, so what?" Ed frowned at the insult.

"They're not weird! They're amazing!"

"Um...can you point out the books for me please."

"Oh" Hermoine grabbed a pile of books and gave them to Ed. Edward smiled at her.

"Thanks." She blushed and he walked out. "Hmm. I'm pretty sure they said I could-oh's Hagrid." Ed started waving his arm at the oversized giant.

"HAGRID! OVER HERE!" Hagrid looked around and spotted him. He came bustling over through the crowd, clumsily. Ed laughed at him as he knocked over a frail woman, who started hitting him with her purse. He approached Edward.

"Got everything?"

"Everything but an animal."

"Great lets go get you..."

"An owl..."

"Alright...this way." They soon came upon an Emporium full of owls. Ed was walking around looking at one when he came across an owl that was white and had bright blue eyes. Scenes flashed in his mind of Nina being transformed into the chimera with her dog. Her blood splattered across a wall. "Hey Edward..." Ed looked up at Hagrid.


"Are yeh okay?" Edward's expression returned to normal once he realized that he had a depressed look on his face.

"Uh...yeah I'm fine."

"Yeh want that one?" Ed nodded. Edward paid for a black cage and the owl and they left. "What yeh gonna name her?"


"That's a nice name." Ed nodded. Hagrid shoved a ticket in his face. "Here's the ticket for the Hogwarts Express."


Edward wondered about what he would learn at this new school called Hogwarts. He looked at the first year books in his arms. Hagrid got him a one night room at some Leaky Cauldron place and he set his stuff down. He let Nina out of her cage and she flew around the room. Edward smiled at her. He opened one of the first year books he bought and immediately started reading. No matter what, he had to get Alphonse's body back, no matter the cost.

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