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"The Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore has filled me in about how students are being attacked by something and it has something to do with the Chamber of Secrets. I understand that you originally came to the castle to investigate, but this has taken a turn for the worst and if you happen to solve these crimes, he may be more than willing to help you and your brother with your stay at Hogwarts, as well as letting you roam about for doing your missions. We need to solve this case quickly, do you understand?" Edward nodded.

"That would be easier for us, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, which is why I need some information on the case. Dumbledore wouldn't tell me anything but for the fact that it's opening once again."

"I don't know much about it either...but I have a feeling those three have something they're hiding...it could help if I kept my eye on them for awhile...I'll report straight to you if I find anything, okay?" Roy nodded.

"Please come straight to me and no one else. Don't tell anyone of your findings, it could always be a student here at Hogwarts behind the scenes."

"Got it." Edward waved and started to walk out the door when he was stopped by Hughes.

"You know what this means, right Edward?" Hughes had never really shown his serious side around the boys, so it surprised them to a great extent that his face hinted no sign of playfulness. Edward had to remind himself that Hughes was an officer in the Ishbalen war, of course there would be some type of seriousness in the playful adult...though it never seemed like it. Then again, who was Edward to talk about not being serious about work? He was never serious when it came to his mission...well he wouldn't say never...


"You cannot trust anyone completely until we find out who the culprit is, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Hold on a minute, what's Hughes doing here anyways?! I thought it would only be you and the Lieutenant?!" Roy sighed.

"This is a serious matter, Fullmetal. Something happened back at Amestris yesterday so Hawkeye had to return quickly. Hughes is a part of investigations so it only seemed smart to keep him here and help investigate. Fullmetal, you need to be on your guard and I'm serious about not trusting anyone."

"I know! Jeez, you don't have to tell me fifty times." Edward grumbled and shouldered past Hughes, not bothering to question about what happened back in Amestris that Hawkeye had to return for as well. It didn't seem like an important topic...at the time...

"Roy-boy, do you think he might actually know something about the Chamber of Secrets?" Mustang sighed.

"We can only find that out if we watch his movements. Keep an eye on him, Hughes, but make sure he doesn't see you."

"Will do!" Hughes gave him a lazy wave and was just about to step out the door...



"Please, be careful." Hughes rolled his eyes.

"You don't need to worry about me, Colonel, I can take care of myself."

Once Edward returned to the Gryffindor common room, he was confronted by Alphonse. Edward was wondering why Alphonse didn't come with him to see the Colonel. He said he had something to check up on...but what could he possibly need to check up on? It's not like he ever failed to complete any of his homework or anything like that. Edward made sure that Alphonse did his homework. I wonder what he's up to?

"Brother! There you are! I need to talk to you about something..."

"Okay, but first, why didn't you come with me with the Colonel? You know I don't like that guy. Then again...he was completely serious during the briefing and he didn't crack a single short joke...hm..."

"That's part of what I need to talk to you about."

"Uhuh? What is it, then?" Alphonse looked around to see if any students were in the room...quite a few were.

"We should go somewhere private to talk about this." Edward spotted gray paper in Alphonse's hand.

"What's that?"

"I'll show you in a minute, follow me."

"Okay?" Edward followed Alphonse up to their room and they both sat on Edward's bed.

"I asked Dumbledore if I could have Nina get us the newspaper of Amestris they give out on the weekends and-"

"Eh? You read newspapers, Al? What the heck-"

"Brother! Don't distract me!"

"Oh right, sorry...you were saying?"

"Right, anyways, the first time I came to Hogwarts, I had the feeling that we were being watched by someone-"

"The first time you came to Hogwarts, you were in a suit of armor. How were you-"

"Ed, please let me finish."

"Fine, fine." Edward waved at him.

"So, I had a bad feeling that something was going on around here. Then I also heard about the Chamber of Secrets. But anyways, you know how before I got my body back, when we went to Liore and saw that woman?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

"I think she might have been a Homunculus!"

"What?! Are you crazy, Al? Homunculi aren't real! They're just-"

"Human Transmutations."


"Every Human Transmutation that was ever performed, has resulted in a Homunculus."

"How do you even-"

"While you were here investigating or whatever you want to call it, I ran into someone by the name of Marco. He's a scientist from back in the Ishbalen war. It was a long time before he could actually trust me and tell me about Homunculi. He also told me that Philosopher Stones are created out of human lives, which was why it was so hard for us to find it! Back to my point though, I learned that the Homunculi were after us. They wanted us to create a Philosopher's Stone for them since we can't perform Alchemy."

"Holy cow, Al. Just what have you been doing while I was gone?!"

"Long story. Anyways, I actually met one of these so called Homunculi. He had the Ouroboros tattoo on his thigh. So, I was beginning to think that they might have come to Hogwarts. Do you think that the Homunculi could be the ones who opened the Chamber of Secrets?"

"Al, I don't think that's possible. This monster, or whatever it is, freezes it's victims...it's got to be some mythical creature. Plus, Homunculi cannot be the heirs of Slytherin since they're not even human to begin with...they're artificial humans. Are you going to tell me about that newspaper now?" Edward's curiosity was beginning to get to him. He was also a bit upset that Alphonse didn't tell him of his findings sooner. He hoped that the Sorcerer's Stone wasn't made of the same ingredients as the Philosopher's Stone. Then he'd be confused...why would Dumbledore sacrifice lives like that and who would he even use?

"Oh yeah! Look." Alphonse showed him the front cover that read: Murderer in Central! Edward gasped. "Here, it says that there's a serial killer going around killing state alchemists. It says that he can explode them from the inside out. After so many of his victims though, there was a different victim that seemed to be cut up. They framed it on the serial killer, but I don't think that's it. If it was, then the person would be exploded from the inside out, right? So that means that there are two murderers. But why would the military not say anything about it? I'm sure that they should have been able to figure out that it was done by a different person..."

"You sure have gotten smarter since the last time I saw you. But, you're right...do you think the military is covering it up?"

"Maybe, but why would they want to cover it up?"


The only way that's possible is that there's someone whose infiltrated the higher ups and spread faults accusations...which means sicne they're really high up, they know about me being here...and if that's the case...could someone have infiltrated Hogwarts as well? The Colonel is here on orders from the higher ups, isn't he? I know he would never really betray our country though...so maybe they're tracking our movements through his movements. But who could this person be? Why would someone want to come after us? The only people I could think of would be what Alphonse said before, a Homunculus...it couldn't be that a Homunculus has infiltrated the military, could it?! That definitely wouldn't be good...but if not the Homunculi...

Then who?

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