A/N: Potter Twins…number 5 finally up! Dear Skinner, it seems like just yesterday I started writing this series, coming up with Hannah's character and getting characters from my friends. And, just because I finished the first four books, here's are ten fun facts about Hannah during her character development:

She was originally supposed to be blonde (I thought that black hair would make her look more distinguishable as a Potter, so blonde was scraped)

She was supposed to be in Gryffindor! (I thought I'd do a Romeo and Juliet thing with Draco and Hannah, but later thought I'd be more controversial for the Potter family if Hannah was in Slytherin)

She originally wasn't supposed to be Harry's twin! She was supposed to be born a year younger. (I got annoyed screwing plot lines up, so that's why I changed it to twins)

Ivy, Sheila and Ramona…weren't supposed to exist! Hannah's best friends were going to be Parvati and Padma Patil, Hermione and Ginny (I met my friends who were in separate houses before I wrote the second chapter of the first book, so I gave them characters.)

Scar…was supposed to be in Ravenclaw! (That one was a blunder of my own. I put her in Slytherin by mistake…but I guess it worked.)

Scar's last name…Zimmerman, is after Deadmau5 (the girl Scar's dedicated to is obsessed with Deadmau5)

The Golden Quartet…was a coincidence! (My three other friends were in separate houses than me, so we made it that Hannah's friends were in separate houses to contradict the Slytherin/rest of Hogwarts rivalry)

Hannah's only dorm mates were originally Pansy Parkinson and Rose Yaxley (I thought the dorm needed more personality, so I added Lexi, Amelia and Monique.)

Hannah was originally going to have two Patronuses! A fawn (which is her real one.) and a snake (for obvious house pride reasons)

And finally…Hannah's birthday…was going to be on Valentine's Day in pre writing. (Remember, Harry and Hannah were just brother and sister at this point, not twins)

So there you go. Ten things you never knew about Hannah Potter. So now, without further ado, here's Chapter 1 of The Potter Twins and the Order of the Phoenix!

Chapter 1

Dudley Gets Demented

The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close, and the inhabitants of Privet Drive, driven by the hosepipe ban keeping them from washing their normally shiny cars and watering normally Slytherin green lawns, went inside with the windows wide open, hoping to get an inexistent breeze.

In fact, the only two people that weren't inside were lying under a flowerbed outside number 4.

There was a boy and a girl. The boy was thin, gangly, with a pinched look of someone who grew a lot over a short period of time, with round glasses and a thin scar on his forehead shaped like a bolt of lightning. His jeans were torn and baggy and his t-shirt was faded and wrinkled. His hair was sticking up at all angles like a lunatic.

Then there was the other one…the other one was a girl, the same age as the boy, with long black hair tied up in a messy ponytail. Her jeans were closer to fitting her than the boy's were, and her t-shirt was brighter and a dark green.

The girl had metallic blue eyes which were currently hidden behind large sunglasses, and over her t-shirt neckline, was a thin scar just like the boy's shaped like a bolt of lightning on her neck.

In between the scar and the t-shirt, there was a silver necklace resting there, a heart shape with a gold lightning bolt in the center. A snake coiled around the loop.

On a petite wrist, there was a thin silver chain resting on the ground. The only thing on it was a heart shaped locket with the initials "DM+HP" engraved in a heart.

That was me, lying there with my brother, Harry. I'm Hannah. Hannah Potter. Harry's twin sister and Slytherin fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

And this time, I can add something new to that title. Girlfriend to Draco Lucius Malfoy. Where d'you think I got the necklace and bracelet from?

Harry and I were lying in the shade of our Aunt Petunia's hydrangea bush, listening to the news inside the house.

Harry and me couldn't listen to the news inside the house, because every time we tried, Uncle Vernon would shoo me out and Harry would just give up because he couldn't hear the news with Vernon and Petunia asking him questions and gritting their teeth at him.

So this whole "Lying in the dirt outside an open window" initiative was born. So Harry and I were going to lie on the ground every night and listen to the news in peace.

I heard the music to signal the start of the news and heard the newscaster talk about Spanish baggage handlers on strike.

"Give them a lifelong siesta, I would." Vernon said menacingly.

I groaned quietly and sat up. If there was anything on mysterious killings or destruction, it would have been said first.

"Nothing tonight." I said gloomily to Harry "I'm going to go hang out on Wisteria Walk." Harry nodded "Yes, yes. Now shh! I'm still listening to the news!"

I rolled my eyes and snuck out of the flowerbed so I wouldn't be seen by anyone.

Pulling my hair down, I started off towards the old play park, where I knew no doubt my cousin Dudley and his gang would have been.

Dudley seemed to have fooled Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia by saying he was going out for tea at one of his friends' houses.

But really, he was smoking, throwing stones at cars and children, and beating children up until all hours when he came home…and nothing happened!

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia believed that whenever Dudley came home was the perfect time to be home, and after that it was much too late. Believe me, Harry and I came in two minutes after Dudley, and Vernon grabbed me around the throat and threatened to skin me alive if I ever came home after Dudley again.

I walked down my shortcut to the play park, which was an alleyway between two stores and I saw them.

It was my cousin Dudley, or as Uncle Vernon would say Mr. Junior Heavyweight Interschool Boxing Champion of the Southeast and his gang of goons, Malcolm Abernathy, Piers Polkiess and Gordon Beuller.

I rolled my eyes and started living up to my Muggle reputation from primary school. I was the girl that ran like hell and hoped no one noticed me.

"Hey, Big D!" Malcolm shouted "Isn't that your cousin?"

I froze and swore under my breath, starting to walk.

"Yep. That's my idiot cousin Hannah." Dudley snapped. "OI! Potter!"

I turned around and glared at him coldly. "What d'you want?" I demanded.

"Get your ass over here." Dudley ordered, beckoning to him and his idiot delinquent gang.

I rolled my eyes and obeyed "For the record, Dudley, I'd appreciate being asked nicely for once in my life." I said, leaning against the alley wall "What do you want?"

Gordon looked me up and down "This is that Potter girl?" he asked Dudley, jerking a thumb to me.

"I have a name, you prat!" I snapped angrily.

Piers looked down at me shocked "She can't be your cousin, Dudley, she was so small last time we've seen her!"

Dudley nodded "Yep. That's my cousin. Hate to say it, but she is."

I stuck my tongue out at him "Oh, like I enjoy living with you!" I snapped.

Malcolm smirked "She's so bloody hot!" he said.

I glared at him. "Hi? I'm a human being, not a piece of meat!" I snapped offended.

Dudley and his gang exchanged smirked "Tonight you're our piece of meat." Malcolm said, turning to Gordon and Piers. "Get her."

I gave a squeak and started running, hearing Dudley's gang (minus Dudley) swear as I spun around and broke for it.

"Bloody well forgot she was a track star in primary school!" Gordon swore.

I laughed. I knew I still had the skill to outrun Dudley's gang.

But did I hope I had the adrenaline to handle three on one combat?

I had to…seeing as Malcolm had grabbed my wrist and hurled me to the ground.

"Get…off…ME!" I finished with a scream, punching Malcolm hard in the face and breaking his nose.

"URGH!" Malcolm shouted, forcing himself off me. "The bitch broke my nose!"

I smirked "That's what you get, you prat!" I shouted, standing up, only to be tackled by Piers Polkiess.

Piers wasn't as easy to fight as Malcolm. He managed to land a few good blows to my stomach and a blow or two to the face when I finally managed to catch my breath from the first punch to the stomach and pushed him off, giving him a swift kick to the face.

But Piers came back swinging, pulling me into a half nelson and punching me in the stomach.

Big mistake.

I used my free hand to grab Piers' hair and yanked it hard. And when he dropped me to grip my wrist to pry my fingers from my hair (Thank you, snog sessions with Draco for giving me practice with hair gripping.) I punched him harder in the face, knocking him down.

Then it was just me and Gordon…and I knew for a fact that Gordon could fight. Trust me, he was the boy that beat me up most in elementary school.

But this time around, I was ready for him. I could fight like he could.

But, before either of us could land a blow on each other, Dudley stepped in front of us.

"Stop, Gordon." Dudley said. "Get up, Piers, Malcolm. We gotta start heading home."

Malcolm groaned and started up, Piers following him.

"Can't believe you're defending her." Piers snapped at Dudley "You feeling ok, Big D?"

"I'm fine!" Dudley snapped, glaring at me. "I just don't want her boyfriend on my ass for beating her up."

Dudley grabbed my arm and him and his gang dragged me off to the play park.

When we got there, I saw that Harry was sitting on a swing that wasn't broken, Dudley let go and gave me a look that said "Go to your idiot brother."

I didn't even need to nod, I sprinted over to the swing set and took the unbroken swing next to Harry.

"Hey, bro." I said quietly, trying to cover my face (Piers had done some serious damage to it. I'm just glad I didn't have any dental problems probably just a broken nose.)

"Hey, Han-Oh my god, what happened to your face!?" Harry asked, taking my chin in his hand.

"Got in a fight. Dudley's gang…" I said simply, blanching at the prospect of what would've awaited me if I just kept my mouth shut.

"Defending yourself?" Harry asked nervously as Dudley and his gang said loud and boisterous goodbyes.

I nodded "They tried to gang up on me…Piers, Malcolm and Gordon." I said. "They called me their piece of meat."

Harry nodded and groaned "If Sirius knew what you've gotten yourself into."

I paled further. Sirius Black, Harry's and my godfather, kept sending us letters by owl telling us to keep our noses clean and to stay out of trouble. "You'd think he'd understand if I told him I was being attacked and was defending myself?" I asked nervously.

Harry shrugged "I'm not the one that reads minds." he pointed out "That's you."

Dudley and his gang parted, and Harry and I stood up.

"Hey, Big D!" I shouted.

Dudley turned to face me and his face fell "Oh, what do you want, Potter?"

I smirked "How long have you been 'Big D'?

"Shut it." Dudley said bitterly.

Harry smirked "Does your gang know of the names your mum calls you? Like 'Ickle Diddykins'?"

"Shut your face."

I mirrored Harry's smirk "You don't tell Aunt Petunia to shut her face. What about 'Popkin'? Do they boys know about that nickname?"

"Or 'Dinky Diddydums'?" Harry and I said together.

"SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU!" Dudley shouted, glaring at me "You'd best be kind to me, Potterella, I saved you from being beaten to death by Gordon, he's been wanting to do you in since you went to that…that school!"

I faked shaking "Oh, I'm so scared of Gordon. My boyfriend's going to come and kill you for letting your gang beat me up."

"Can it, Potter."

I beamed and started skipping off "Draco's gonna kill Dudley, Draco's gonna kill Dudley!" I said in a singsong voice.

"CAN IT!" Dudley shouted, barging up behind me and belting me one in the stomach, Harry following him.

Harry, Dudley and I seemed to be walking home from Wisteria Walk for fifteen minutes when I finally got bored.

All I wanted to do was go back to my room and see if Draco had sent me an owl today (like he promised on the platform he'd do every day.) when the air got colder.

I turned to Harry "W-What was that?" I asked, shaking "Why's it so cold all of a sudden?" Harry shrugged, then tensed. "Han, run!" he shouted "Run back to Privet Drive and don't stop till you get there!"

I paled "What's wrong, Harry?" I asked, terrified.

Harry didn't need to tell me. I saw them.

Two Dementors…the guards of Azkaban Wizard's Prison were advancing on us.

I screamed and felt the world grow colder and the colour drained from my face.

Then the world went black.

When I came to, someone was pulling me to my feet, Dudley half passed out, being carried by Harry.

I groaned "What happened?"

"You and your brother and cousin got attacked by two Dementors." a very familiar voice said.

I turned around and gasped. It was Mrs Figg. Our batty old cat neighbour, who I had a fondness for. She was the only one in the neighbourhood that treated me well.

I realized that we were on Privet Drive, getting closer to number four with every step.

I managed to stand up on my own and smiled at Mrs Figg. "Thanks, Mrs Figg." I said before creasing my eyebrows together "How'd she-?" I asked.

"She's a Squib. She was told by Dumbledore to look out for us." Harry said quickly, Mrs Figg nodding in response.

"OH!" I said, throwing my head back "That explains so much!"

Mrs Figg was a Squib. A Squib is sort of the opposite of a Muggleborn. It's someone from a wizarding family doesn't have a drop of magical blood in their veins (so pretty much Muggles.).

That explained why Mrs Figg was so nice to me. She knew what I was all those years ago.

Mrs Figg turned to Harry and I "I must be off. When you get in the house, no matter what you do, do not leave." she said before trudging off with her bag of cat food.

Harry and I turned to each other and walked into the house.