A/N: So I've already written one Jinx an Raven fic, a short and sweet little love at first sight deal, but this will be a much deeper, longer, and hopefully better story. This first chapter is mainly exposition, things start to heat up in the next chapter, which is well along so you won't have to long to wait for that.

Oh and I kind of fiddle with some events, the Brotherhood of evil stuff, I don't really know enough about that part of the show to write confidently, and as far as the HIVE in this story they didn't dissolve after Brother blood just another new manager.

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Chapter 1: Ravenings and Jinxes

Raven had been feeling strange lately. Two years ago she had defeated her father overcoming her own prophecy, afterward she found she could express more emotion then she had been previously, but something was happening now, her emotions were acting strange. Not outside of her meditation obviously, her emotions we're still separated from her in Nevermore, it was there that they were acting strange.

Displaying facets of another emotion, wearing the wrong color cloak, simply doing things out of character. She had been talking to Joy about something when she displayed something that Knowledge would say, Joy was not an emotion that ever acted with the wise practicality of Knowledge. She had gone up to courage thinking it was knowledge because she had been in yellow. When she asked them about their strange behavior, they gave non-committal answers, though she knew they couldn't lie to her, so they must really not know.

That had her worried, something was happening to her emotions and no one knew what. Although it hadn't really affected her yet, she was still in control of her powers, and if anything her emotions had been less volatile. It was easier for the emotions to manifest themselves, small shows of emotion she hadn't previously been known for, and was harder for them to reach their boiling point where they began to affect her control, although Beast Boy was trying his hardest.

She talked to Cyborg about it she trusted him with such things, and he had been to Nevermore. Unfortunately he was unable to help her determine why it was happening, he had told her to at least consider the fact it might not be a terrible thing. She was… considering it. As much as she hated it, she would just have to wait and see what happened.

Although these changes weighed on her mind she was currently more concerned about whether or not her friends were waiting in the common room ready to pounce on her because it was her birthday. They had not last year, which she had appreciated, but she didn't trust Beast Boy to hold out for two years straight. Sighing she decided she would just have to face it, getting out of bed to take a shower and then get dressed. A long sleeve dark blue shirt that had an attached hood, and a pair of loose black cargo pants held up by her gold and red jeweled belt. This had become her usual attire, foregoing the old costume for more practical and less attention grabbing clothing.

Walking down the hall towards the common room she could feel the presence of her teammates. She was usually the second one up, the fact all of her teammates were there before her did nothing for her hopes of a quiet morning, even if she did sleep in a little bit. However when she walked into the common room her friends were all in their usual places, Robin was leaning on the counter with the news and a cup of coffee, Star was next to him eating something… green, Cyborg and Beast Boy were on the couch playing a videogame.

Beast Boy looked back over the couch and blew once on a party horn. "Happy B-day Rae."

She walked over to the kitchen. "Thanks Gar."

She went about readying herself a cup of tea.

"We know you don't want us celebrating this for you, but we still got gifts." Robin says looking up from his paper, with Star practically bouncing with excitement.

"Ok, I'll open-"

"I will go and fetch the presents!" Star squealed zipping past and out of the common room.

By the time she returned her tea was ready and she was sitting at the counter quietly conversing with Robin. Starfire put the presents down on the counter and beckoned Beast Boy and Cyborg over. Starfire eagerly held one box out for her to take.

"I assume this is your gift then?" The dark titan asked one eyebrow raised.

"Yes, open it." The Tameranian replied eagerly.

She did, inside the small box was an assortment of rare herbal teas. She pulled a few of them out and took a deep breath. The calm scents of various herbs filling her lungs.

"Thanks Star, these are great."

"I am glad to have finally succeeded in finding a gift to your liking friend Raven!" The ecstatic alien literally did a back flip in the air.

After she put the teas to the side Robin slid a card down the counter to her, opening it she found a sizeable gift card to her favorite bookstore.

"Thanks Robin." He just nodded in reply taking a sip of his coffee.

Beast Boy handed her his present next. She moved her head to the side as she opened it so the spring packed streamers flew past her.

"Well I had to try." The green titan mumbled.

"You'll be cleaning those up." Robin said over his mug.

Underneath the streamers was an envelope with money in it, when she looked up to him with a questioning look.

"What? I know you'll appreciate that more than anything I would have gotten you."


Cyborgs gift was last, inside the small box was a keychain with a pair of blue and black keys on it.

"The rest of your present is in the garage." The robotic titan replied to her confusion.


"Hey, I wanted to it was fun."

"… Thanks." She replied with one of her rare smiles.

He just nodded in return.

"Well I was going to go to the bookstore today…" Raven tested carefully in case they had made other plans.

"Dinner is at seven." Was Robins reply.

She put away her presents and was about to summon her soul self to teleport out of the tower before deciding to see what Cyborg had made for her. So she teleported to the garage instead, walking around the T-car to where the teams other vehicles were stored she found it.

A sleek black and dark blue motorcycle. A helmet rested on the seat with a note and a pair of fingerless gloves.

'Blue button is boost, careful this baby can fly.' –Cy

She smiled, donning the helmet and gloves, she started the cycle up.

The past year and something were not good on Jinx, not only kicked out of the Hive but actively chased by them, the worst was that her own team had gone against her. Mammoth and Gizzmo were her brothers, her family, and they just turned on her like that. Jinx was a thief, not a murderer, she thought they would understand that. They didn't.

So she ran away, from everything at first, but she eventually returned to Jump, even if it was just the outskirts. Living in small apartments sustaining herself with petty thievery, a few picked pockets, a few stealthy night robberies. Never taking more than she needed, and never from someone who needed it more than she did. It was hard, especially at first, she had wanted to go back to the big robberies, and the rush that came with them, but the Hive were after her, the authorities would be after her again, and she didn't think she could deal with a big robbery. That kind of thing destroyed a business, ruined someone's life, she didn't want that, couldn't be ignorant of it any more.

She had thought about getting a real job, something she could use to sustain herself without thievery, but she knew she couldn't. Meta humans aren't exactly rare but easy to track and hard to hide. Any attempt to get a legitimate job would lead to a laundry list of her criminal activities. She couldn't hide her skin color, or even her hair she had tried to dye it, but something in her meta human genes made the hair indifferent to all attempts to change its color. She could disguise herself well enough to avoid detection in everyday circumstances, a hoody, and long pants were her usual choice. But staying in one place to long became dangerous, people started to notice things, you can't live in an apartment and not know some things about your neighbor.

It was usually the hair, while the skin could be written of easier, you don't just have pink hair. She had considered cutting it off, a buzzed girl was still more common than pink, but she couldn't that was her trademark. While she couldn't bring herself to buzz it she did shorten it, usually wearing it in a single short braid down the back of her neck with a few bangs remaining at the edges of her face.

So she had to move, every few months changing location. Over the course of her movements she had a few times where she thought she could really stay and start something new, but then the Hive would show up, once she had come back to them waiting outside her apartment, had to sneak off and leave everything. Another time they left a bomb, something had kept her late and it went off when she was a block away. That had really shaken her, Gizzmo was always their explosives expert, she couldn't help but feel he had made the bomb, maybe even set it. Now a year and a half later she was moving again.

The frequent movement had caused her to have lived in almost every suburb around Jump, she was now faced with a choice: Leave Jump city behind and go elsewhere, or move into the city proper.

She slowly walked down the street towards the apartment complex where she would be staying. Walking down the path by Jumps sea side she took a deep breath and slowly let it out, it was good to be home. Out across the water was a small island with a large building, Titans Tower. She had been inside it once, when her, Mammoth, and Giz had taken it in the Titans early days. How long had it been since then? Many years. She couldn't say exactly, the tower was somewhat a comfort, sure it symbolized the hero's that would lock her up in an instant, but it was also an undeniable symbol of Jump city, a comforting reminder of home.

Unbeknownst to her an off duty officer caught a sight, long enough and clear enough to warrant a call.

Raven hadn't thought riding would be this relaxing, as well as exciting. Moving through Jump's busy streets to the lone roads by the coast, cranking the speed up brought on an adrenaline rush, she had even pushed the blue button, Cy wasn't kidding this thing could fly. But now it was later on in the evening, the sun was beginning to set and she was cruising lazily along the deserted roads.

She had stopped on a bluff to watch the sun set, seven O' clock was calling but she had a little while longer. That was when her T-comm went off.


"I won't be late don't worry."

"What? Oh! No that's not why I called, an officer thinks he's spotted Jinx in the city."

"Really? She's been gone for a while now." Thoughts of the pink haired sorceress drifted through her mind.

"Yeah, that's why I wanted you to check it out on your way back."

"Sure, where did he see her?"

"5th street down by the bay five minutes ago."

"On it"

Jumping back on her bike she took off towards Jump city's seaside. A short while later she was slowly cruising down 5th street on the bay looking for pink hair. She found it, a chance breeze caught a hood and pink hair spilled out for a few seconds before the owner quickly pulled the hood back up.

A breeze coming off the bay caught her hood and whipped it off her head for a second before she grabbed it and pulled it back on. She let out a sigh before walking down the steps onto the beach. Plopping down her duffle and backpack in the sand, she stood to watch the sun set over the bay.

The sound of crunching sand brought her attention around, a lone figure in a blue hooded shirt and black pants wearing a motorcycle helmet.

"Uh… hello?" Jinx asked, the beach was totally deserted at this time and the fact this person had walked up to within ten feet of her was a little bit strange.

"What are you doing here?" The figure asked.

That voice sounded familiar, but it was muffled by the helmet, that belt looks vaguely familiar as well…

"…Who… who are you?"

She took off her helmet letting purple hair free to sway in the breeze.

"Raven…" Shit, this was it, all her running and here she was off to jail.

Could nothing go right for her? Was her luck that bad? As soon as she was behind bars, Hive would know, and then she would be dead, but there was no running, maybe from one of the other Titans, but not Raven. You couldn't escape Raven, not without help, and no one had helped her in over a year.

"I… I" Her knees buckled, falling to the ground on all fours. "Damnit…"

She could feel the dread, the total and utter despair rolling off the woman in sheets. What had happened to her? This was not the Jinx Raven remembered.


"Go on take me to jail, I'm sick of all this bullshit anyway." She sounded tired, defeated, and with the voice of someone who had just been condemned to die.

"What? What happened to you?" Raven knelt down next to the thief.

"What's it matter? Come on stop screwin' around… just get it over with, you win, I en't fightin' you." She replied still looking away.

Jinx was a criminal because she found it fun, Raven remembered that about her clearly. They had often been against each other during Jinx's time at the Hive academy, robbing banks, shops, whatever. Raven remembered the mischievous twinkle that was ever present in her cat like eyes, the easy confidence, the witty banter. Jinx was the only one who ever engaged her in a battle of wits during combat. But this woman was nothing like that, something was wrong here.

"Well come on just-" looking up she didn't see the Titans blue boots as she had expected, in their place was a note.

'I'll be watching'

Is this some kind of joke? … No Raven doesn't joke, at least not like that.

She sat there utterly confused, before picking up her things and continuing the walk to her apartment. Walking through the door and locking it behind her, she threw her stuff on the bed and immediately got in the shower. As steam filled the small bathroom she stepped into the warm water, savoring the rejuvenating effect of it.

So what the hell was that all about? I'll be watching? For what? Its not like they don't already have enough evidence to throw me in the lock up for a long time. Why did she let me go?

She let out a long sigh. Well I'm not in jail now, I can't imagine it will remain that way now that the Titans know I'm here, maybe I should move again, head to some other city, should have gone far away from here right in the beginning… I tried that though didn't I? ran away to another city, but felt out of place.

Of course you did you're out of place everywhere.

Then where the fuck am I supposed to go?

Raven arrived back at the tower just after seven. Appearing in the common room after stowing her bike. She pulled Robin over to the side, as the rest of the Titans were preparing for dinner.

"Was it her?" The titan leader asked.

"Yeah… she was different though, something happened to her."

"What do you mean, do you think she's dangerous?"

"No, I approached her, as soon as she recognized me she just fell apart."

"Fell apart?"

"She surrendered, no fight, nothing." She looked straight at Robin. "Robin, I could feel just despair, dread, pouring off of her, she spoke like someone who was condemned."

"That isn't right." Robin looked thoughtful. "What did you tell her?"

"That I'd be watching."

He nods. "Alright, that's all we'll do for now. Come on dinner is ready."

Of course Cy made a cake. They didn't decorate it or anything, it was just cake, supposedly for no reason. It was so obvious it was comical, it was good though. After dinner she wanted to talk to Cyborg, walking up to the cybernetic Titan while he was doing dishes.

"Cy, do you have a minute?"

"Hmmm? Sure what's on your mind Rae?"

"Did you know Jinx is back in Jump?" Raven asked leaning on the opposite counter.

"Yeah, Robin said you went to check it out, Why?"

"Something happened to her, when I found her she gave up, no fight, no sarcastic banter, nothing. You know that's not like her."

"Definitely, but what do you need me for?"

"Think you could hack into the Hive database and find out what happened?"

"Yeah, might take me a little while, but if you don't mind me asking why are you so interested?"

"I… I don't really know, just feels like I should." The dark titan replied quietly.

The big titan turned and shrugged. "Well you're the empath here, I'll trust your gut feeling."

"Thanks Cy."

"No problem Rae Rae."

With that Raven returned to her room, and Cyborg to his computer for a little snooping.

That night found Raven on the rooftop staring out over the bay remembering. Sitting on the tower's edge she let out a deep sigh.

Why do I wish to know what has happened to Jinx?

Remembering fights they've had, Raven was always paired against Jinx. The two magic users would always cancel each other out, and it would come down to fistfight, of course that always came along with the verbal battle between them. Jinx's very observant wit against Raven's calm intelligence, the physical aspect usually tipped in Raven's favor, while grace was a very part of Jinx her acrobatics gave her the edge in agility, but Raven had one of the best teachers in hand-to-hand. They were very evenly matched it was usually Jinx's ADD that allowed Raven to triumph, She had actually won a fight because Jinx was distracted by a coin she saw during a back spring.

I enjoyed our fights, they were never dull, but I should get to bed.

The next morning Raven was sitting drinking one of the teas Starfire had given her, a smooth aromatic blend. Robin was looking through a file of some sort drinking a coffee.

"You know I've been looking into Jinx." Robin spoke up.

She just looked at him nodding to go on.

"There haven't been any confirmed sightings of her anywhere in the past year and a half or so."

"She's been laying low then." Raven stated.

"Yes, but why? She isn't hiding from us, the Hive are still active criminals, so why isn't she with them?"

"I think I can shed some light on that one." Cyborg said walking into the common room holding a file folder.