The First Marvel

Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes and all related characters belong to Marvel Comics. Captain Marvel/Shazam and all related characters belong to DC Comics

It was a sunny afternoon in Fawcett City, Michigan as a young boy, looking roughly to be 12 years of age, walked through the streets. He wore a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers, though these seemed to be rather old and dirty. He walked up the stoop of an old building, entering through the grime covered door, and into the dirty hallway which had trash on the floor, peeling wallpaper, and some form of mold growing in one corner of the wall. He sighed as he walked up the stairs and unlocked a door that lead to a room that just had a radio and a mattress.

The boy's name was Billy Batson. Why did he live in a building that by all rights should be condemned? It's because he was an orphan. He ran away from the orphanage long ago to try and his sister. They had been separated long ago, so he had made it his life's mission to find her. His search so far had not been successful, though he hadn't given up hope. He turned on his radio and began to tune in a radio station. However he soon found a news report.

"Things are getting worse in New York as Iron Man, Thor, as The Wasp, and what appears to be some kind of Giant Man are engaging the super-villain that has identified himself as Graviton! Graviton has just pinned the heroes down, it looks like this could be it! Wait what is that? THE HULK IS HERE! THE HULK HAS ARRIVED AND APPEARS TO BE ON THE SIDE OF THE HEROES!"

Billy sat on his bed, clutching the radio tightly as he listened to the report.

"The fight has now moved from the city to a shipping yard! Oh no, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Giant Man and The Hulk are down! Graviton is now levitating large amounts of debris around himself..." Billy then shut the radio off and stood up from his bed. He took a deep breath and then shouted,

"SHAZAM!" And with a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning stood transformed. No longer was he a boy, but a man. He looked to be in his late 20's or early 30's, and wore a bright red costume with golden sash around his waste, gold bracers on his arms, and bore a yellow lightning bolt insignia on the chest. He also wore a white-collared cape trimmed with gold trim that was asymmetrically thrown over his left shoulder and held around his neck by a gold cord, and had boots with a golden finish to them. Suddenly he flew out the window of his bare room and headed with great speed toward New York.


Graviton was slowly crushing the heroes with his gravitational powers, though The Hulk had other plans as he slowly forced himself up. The jade giant's anger fueled his strength as he slowly crawled his way towards the villain. Graviton was shocked at how the green skinned monster was fighting back the level of weight his was pouring on and stopped the whirlwind of debris he had created and hurled it toward the beast. The Hulk simply swatted most of the objects away, but was soon buried under the junk. Graviton smirked, but soon heard the sound of thunder. He looked behind him just in time to see a streak of red punch him, sending him flying off into the harbor. The Hulk smashed his way out of the wreckage, only to see Graviton was no longer there. Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, and Giant Man slowly got up and looked around.

"Okay, what happened?" Wasp asked, clearly confused.

"I think I can answer that." A friendly voice said from above. The heroes looked up to see a man in a bright red and gold costume with a white cape floating over them. The man floated down, a good natured smile on his face.

"And you are?" Iron Man asked, having never seen the caped man before.

"People in Fawcett City call me Captain Marvel." The brightly clad man said, just as Graviton got back up.

"Well Captain, I hope thou art ready for a battle for our foe is not defeated yet!" Thor said as he swung his hammer and flew off toward the villain. Hulk leaped after him as well, followed by Iron Man who began firing repulsor blasts. While Graviton was distracted, Captain Marvel flew underneath him in a blur and yelled,

"SHAZAM!" Causing a bolt of lightning to come down on top of the villain, knocking him down. The Captain then punched him back up, just in time for Thor to strike him with his hammer, followed by The Hulk tackling him to the ground and pounding him. Gravition blasted Hulk off himself, but was soon stung by the many ants that were now crawling all over him. Wasp then flew in and zapped him in the eyes. Dazed, Graviton didn't even notice the massive blast from Iron Man's Arc Reactor heading toward him. He was blasted backwards, where Captain Marvel flew toward him and delivered a powerful punch.

Graviton slowly got up, ready to even the score, but didn't notice the massive storm clouds in the sky. Suddenly he heard the cry of

"FOR MIDGARD!" As Thor sent forth a massive blast of lightning that made a gigantic crater, striking Graviton in the process.

Graviton laid charred and singed in the middle of the crater. He looked up to see the heroes that had defeated him standing above him.

"Mister, you picked the wrong day to become a supervillain." Captain Marvel said as he crossed his arms.

"You had the power to do anything, but you used it to put innocent lives at risk." Giant-Man, also known as Ant-Man AKA Dr. Hank Pym said as he shrunk down to normal size.

"And that's just sad." Wasp said as she zapped the charred villain, knocking him out.

"COME! Let us celebrate!" Thor said as he pulled the collective heroes into a forced group hug. Suddenly they were surrounded by SHIELD agents.

"FREEZE! Step away from The Hulk! He's a wanted fugitive from The Cube!" An agent said as he aimed a bazooka at the jade giant. Iron Man and Captain Marvel then stepped in front Hulk.

"You want Hulk you gotta go through me!" The Man of Iron said as he stared down the the agents.

"He just helped us beat that gravity guy. He's a hero in my book." The Captain said as he patted Hulk on the back, causing the green Goliath to give him an odd look.

"Stand down, we've got bigger problems that The Hulk right now. Like 74 supervillains loose all across the country, probably even the world right now." Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD said as he walked up. He immediately offered the collective heroes a chance to join SHIELD, but that offer was quickly rejected. Iron Man then made a suggestion.

"Each one of us can take down a villain or two by ourselves, but not all of them. Together we have a chance, but not as SHIELD agents. As a team on our own we can avenge the wrongs done by all these villains." Wasp smiled as she then said,

"We can be Avengers!" Hulk nodded and said,

"Good name." Captain Marvel laughed and said,

"Oh this is too cool! I'm on a superhero team! We're like the Justice League!" This caused everyone to raise an eyebrow at him.

"The what?" Wasp asked, to which the Captain replied,

"What? You guys don't read comics?"

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