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Chapter 17: waking up

No one's pov.

Nazo went to the edge of the valley and charged again this time making it to the palace.

Every one saw him and attacked but his soldiers shot some type of toxin to make them pass out for a couple of minutes.

He tied them all up and locked them in the palace's dungeon.

After that he walked through the student barracks and saw one door open and looked inside.

Joe was inside with isha who was checking his heart beat to see if it changed.

Nazo walked in isha ignored him and he looked at the unconscious panther was breathing irregular he was breathing very fast.

Isha went to grab something from her bag and nazo walked next to him and touched his forehead and changed his memory so he would work for nazo.

Isha walked back over and had what looked like medicine and gave it to him.

Nazo left and went to the dungeon and let rose go and she left and went to the forest she thought of a way to save her friends.

Nazo went back to the room were joe was but he grabbed a bow and quiver filled with arrows.

My pov.

I opened my eyes but my head hurt when I tried to get up and my back was in a lot of pain.

I saw nazo looking at me "what do you need nazo" I said.

"I need you to go in the forest and kill a white tiger for me" he said.

"fine" I said.

I got up and grabbed the quiver and arrows and grabbed a dagger as well.

I walked out of the palace and walked down the thousand steps and headed for the forest.

When I got to the forest I climbed a tree and jumped from tree to tree.

I found the tiger walking in the forest and I pulled an arrow out of the quiver and it was short it had had a metal tip it also had blue and black feathers on the back.

I put it against the string and pulled back on the string and took a deep breath and released the arrow it hit the ground and missed her but she saw me.

I pulled out the dagger and jumped off the tree and stared at her with anger.

She came at me put I stuck the dagger at her throat.

"joe put the dagger away it's me rose" she told me.

"I don't care who you are your coming back with me to nazo dead or alive I don't care which" I said.

She tackled me and pinned me to the ground.

"nazo did something to your memory and I am going to fix it" she said.

"I don't really have time to deal with losers like you" I said.

She punched me in the face and I blacked out.

I woke up about five minutes later and saw rose thinking and I was tied up.

"uh rose can you untie me now" I said.

She walked over and said "do you know nazo came back and Is keeping everyone in the dungeon."

"what nazo came back and why am I here last I remember I blacked out in the palace" I said.

She nodded and untied me and I got up.

"let's go kick his butt" I said.

She nodded and we ran back to the palace which was thick with guards.

I pulled out more arrows and put some toxin used by nazo and knocked out his guards.

Rose saw an opening and ran for the palace entrance and I grabbed my last arrow.

I walked in and saw nazo holding rose by her throat.

"you work for me remember" he said.

I pulled out my last arrow and pulled back on the string and shot it at nazo's arm.

He held his arm in pain the passed out rose fell to the ground.

I helped her up and I raced to the dungeon and she tied up nazo.

I unlocked everyone and I got tackled by the two fuzz balls like always.

Silver and blaze laughed chris helped me up.

We walked back to the hall of heroes where I saw nazo complaining.

I punched him in the face so he would stop talking.

Me and chris took him to chor gom and I made sure he was locked up.

Then me and chris walked back to the palace and I continued to be a announce to him.

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