Summery: Bella is the total package: brains, style, money, looks and popularity. She's also the Forks high's Bad Girl/Player, that swings both ways. What happens when the Cullen's move in to tow and Alice is absorbed by her mystery that is Bella Swan. And will she figure out her secrets?

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I awoke to an annoying beeping noise that could only be classified as my fucking alarm clock. I start fumbling with my hands against the night stand only to hit something sharp. "Mother fucker." I growl and take the blanket off my eyes. I look at the night stand to see thumb tacks all around the alarm, who the fuck?... oh, right. My idea.

I sigh and sit up on the bed running a hand through my hair, I chuckle when I see the thumb tacks, Jake had given me the idea while we were both stoned as shit and me being the crazy bitch I am, did it. I laugh to my self as I get off the bed and silence the damn clock.

I look in the mirror and smirk, I'm only in my underwear. And shit, I look hot. My soft tanned skin giving me just a bit of a glow, my long brown hair and my deep brown chocolate eyes. I grin as I poke my abdomen, fit as a fiddle. I sigh and chuckle as I remember my toddler years when I couldn't even walk over a flat surface.

How lucky I am that I grew out of it and my hand eye coordination also is better. I walk over to the bathroom and turn on the shower and brush my teeth while the water has a chance to get warm. I peel of my underwear and bra and step in to the steaming shower my muscles relaxing so sweetly.

I take a medium long shower and when I step out I walk back to my room. After I get dressed in black Jeans, a black wife beater and a button up long-sleeved purple plaid shirt –left open- I grab my awesome motorcycle boots and slip them on. I look at the mirror and sigh while I contemplate what to do with my hair.

After a minute I sigh and decide to go with the usual, just woke up out of bed curly hair with hair gel and hair spray. After I was done I go to the dresser and put on some eyeliner, lip gloss and grabbed my black sunglasses off and walked down stairs.

And yes I know its stupid to have sunglasses in the sunless town of Forks but I like them, they keep my eyes hidden and I know it was the only thing that showed emotion. I also liked that they gave me the sense of mystery and danger. But in simpler term's –the one I gave my… acquaintance's- is that they made me feel cool.

I walk down the stairs and frown a bit to my self, "I should have moved out…" I mumble as I feel the loneliness creep in. I grab a bowl of cereal and sit down at the table mulling over my thoughts, I'm Isabella Marie Swan. I prefer Bella, my mom died when I was 10 in a car jacking gone wrong and my father died last year of cancer. I'm seventeen years old but I am so close to my birthday I sweet talked and bribed my way out of a foster home. I get a monthly visitor to check on my 'state of mind' but seeing as I support my self they don't really bother me.

My mother and father apparently were from money, old money. My great, great-grandfather or some shit like that had invented some weird beer that was a huge hit in Europe. I had people who handled the beer industry, my trusty friend and supposed guardian Jason Jenks. So I had a massive income and don't have to deal with all the shit of that business. And so I had more cash then I needed, a big house, a great car and lived by my self.

Practically any teens dream, only that sometimes when I allow to think to myself… I miss my parents.

I shake my head out of my thoughts and grimace when my cereal is all mushy, I dispose of the soggy cereal, clean my bowl and grab my key's from the counter. I walk back to my room to grab my cell phone, cigarettes, lighter, and walk back down to grab my backpack from the living room and walk out of the house.

I walk over to the garage and open it with the button and grin when I see my babies, a black Mercedes McLaren Roadster and my black with red detail 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa. They were the most ostentatious cars in town and I loved them. My motorcycle wasn't for everyone, only for people who knew what they were doing, like me. The horse power this baby had, was something to be bargained with.

But, even though I loved my bike, my Mercedes was the car I mostly drove. I only used the bike on sunny day's or on cloudy but dry days. Unless I would travel out-of-town for one of my dates, then I would switch it up ever once in a while.

I chuckle to my self and get in my Mercedes. I rev the engine and pull out quickly, I didn't bother looking around seeing as I lived on the outskirts of the town. I clicked the button that would close my garage and checked my clock. 7:34am. I still had forty-two minutes until school started, I take the phone from my pocket and dial-up Jake.

"Hello?" he asks. I grin "Jake, you dressed fag?" I ask smiling leaning back in the car. I hear him growl "I'm not the gay one." He says chuckling. I smirk "So does that mean you're not dressed?" I ask in a low voice, I can't keep the smirk from my face. "I'm dressed, perv." He says.

I pout "Aw, you ruin my fun. So anyway, I'm giving you a ride to school." I say to him. Not giving him the option to say no. He chuckles "Sure thing, Bells." He says. I grin "Awesome, I'm on my way now." I say and hang up. I lower my dark sunglasses, turn the stereo full blast, lower the roof and speed away.

I drum my fingers along the steering wheel as I bob my head to the music. I stop at the red light and hear giggling. I look to the side to see Jessica and Lauren in the car next to me. I smile and lift my glasses up, I wink at Jessica and she giggles "Hey, Jessica." I say seductively. She was a good lay, but she was too clingy. I remember the excruciating puppy dog-ness from her. But still, there was only so many people I can fuck with in Forks.

"Hey, Bella." She says and gives me a soft wave. I'm about to speak but the light turns green, I turn to Jessica give her a wink lower my sun glasses and speed off. I grin, all the way to La Push and stop in front of Jacob's house. Jacob walked quickly over to me and I waved at Billy as he walked out of the house and to his car.

Charlie had helped Billy get a hip replacement that he had needed. Billy was in a wheel chair but now, after making a full recovery was walking again and looked like the happiest man alive. Jacob raises an eyebrow when he sees me. "You look hot." He says. I nod in thank you and after he gets in I turn and drive back to town.

I lower the volume to allow conversation "So, what's up?" He asks. I grin, "Jessica still wants me." I say and I hear his chuckle. "Why am I not surprised?" He asks. I laugh. "I'm not sure, why is that?" I ask him. He shrugs "You're a player and you go both ways. Its impossible not to want you." He says smiling at me.

I shrug "I need to keep my grounds open, can't get bored now can we?" I retort. He shrugs and I laugh at his hypocrisy. "Jake, you're as much as a player then I am. Stop moping and feel happy, this douche bag town won't know any better. All the girls are mostly bi curious and all the guys love a lesbian." I say. He sighs "That solves your problem, not mine." He says.

I slow the car down and lift my sunglasses to look at him. "Your kidding right? We both know you enjoy to console whatever girl I dump. And for the one's that don't like me, which is about… half of them, you have probably banged a good percentage." I say to him as I pull in to the school. I look at the clock and see that its 8:02am.

I grin and park in my space. Jake and I step out of the car and I hit the button for the cover to slip over it. I lean on my car and look at Jake. "We both know, that the problem isn't what we play with. It's what we will end up with." Jake says. I smile softly at him. "Jake, you'll find someone, trust me. Maybe not in this stupid little town but out there, you will find someone." I say.

He nods and flashes me a grin and I can see his eyes that he is back. I laugh. "That's my boy." I say and we walk to the school. Jake and I separate ways and I get to class on time for a change. I can see Mr. Nash is surprised to see me enter early to class by the way he stops and inspects me.

I ignore him and walk to the seat on the side of the class occupied by Jessica Stanley. I sit next to her desk and lean over to her "Hello, Jess." I say sweetly. "Bella." She says in a strange voice, its supposed to sound seductive. I grin at her fail, "I was wondering, how you have been? You haven't called me back in so long…" I trail off giving her a soft look.

Her cheeks redden a bit and her eyes glaze over and I try to swallow my laughter. She's so fucking easy it's not even fun, she flips her hair over her shoulder "I've been busy." She says looking at me from under her lashes. I frown a fake frown but she will believe it, my eyes smolder a bit and by the way her breathing hitches for a moment I know she will fall, if only for a one night stand.

I raise an eyebrow and lean in so close my lips almost brush her ear "We both know that your never busy enough for me Jess…" I say the 's' slowly and she shudders. Her eyes meet mine and she's looking at me in the signature 'I want you' face. I grin and get up from my chair and walk to the back of the class where my real seat is.

The bell rings and my phone buzzes in my pocket. I grin and grab it and flip it to read the message. It's from Jessica, 'Want 2 cum over 2night?' she texts. I grin at her 'cum' association. 'I don't know Jess… what if your busy?' I challenge and send to her. Her reply is almost instant. 'I have nothing to do other than, lick ur pussy clean.' She txt and I thank God my sunglasses are on because my eyes shot up.

Jess has a dirty little mouth on her. I chuckle and send her a txt back, 'Sounds good, I'll be over late. Or eventually' I send and she doesn't reply. She knows not to smother me to much. I pretend to pay attention in class just drawing on the corner of the paper. I had studied all this material in Phoenix, in my advance classes while I was in middle school. This school had nothing to offer me that I did not already know, resulting in my perfect GPA and my constant skipping.

I stop when I enter my fourth hour Spanish class. Sitting next to my seat in the back is a girl, she's has short spiky pitch black hair. That's as much as I can tell from over here, I walk over to my chair and her head snaps up. I freeze for a moment, she's beautiful, breath-taking even. Her pale skin, hazel eyes and pitch black spiky hair fits perfectly attune.

I sit down next to my chair and give a soft smile, who is she? Were did she come from? Is she new in town? I hadn't heard anything about a new family coming into town… interesting. I flash her a grin "Hello, my name is Bella. Can I ask yours?" I say politely. That's something guys lacked of knowledge, girls react well to politeness not indifference.

Her eyes stay on mine but for a moment they travel up and down my body and I can't suppress the smirk. What!? I am a very attractive woman, It's not my fault. I lift my sunglasses to my hair and lift an eyebrow. She shakes her head and blushes "A- Alice." She squeaks. I chuckle softly at her shyness and look back at the teacher for a moment nodding.

"Alice…hmm, I like it." I say and turn to pay attention to the class. I already knew Spanish so I didn't really care what the teacher was saying. But mostly I couldn't help but pay attention to the girl next to me. Alice, she kept fidgeting and chasing glances at me whenever she though I was not paying attention.

I sighed in boredom after the teacher had stopped talking. I turn back to the girl and saw that she is now lost in a drawing, I see that it's a dress and it's beautiful. Hm… she wants to be a designer? "I'm sorry if I'm intruding or over stepping my grounds but that is amazing." I say to her. She stops when she hears my voice and her head snaps to me and she flashes me a smile.

Im momentarily dazed but snap out of it to her words "Thank you, and no. You are not intruding or over stepping your grounds." She says to me. I nod thoughtfully and I let my eyes scan over this beautiful girl. Pail skin, hazel eyes, full perfect lips, small breasts, amazing smile, slim figure and… she's short. My eyes shine with amusement while I wonder how short she really is.

"So I don't think I caught your last name, Alice?" I ask. She nods for a moment and turns to me "Cullen." She says. I nod, "Alice Cullen… fitting. So, people all day might have asked you this but, what brings you to the most boring town in the world?" I ask with a smile. She answers normally. Then again, not everyone had a bad reason to move to this town.

I shake my head from my thoughts and look at her again, shit I missed what she had said. "I'm sorry can you repeat that? I got lost in thought for a moment." I say politely. She grins "I said that, 'I moved here because my father, Dr. Cullen got a job offer at the hospital here and my mother wanted to live in a small town." She says. I nod, perfectly good reasons.

I check my watch and see that the bell is about to ring, I slide my shades back on and hold my notebook and pen with one hand. "Well, it was nice to meet you Alice Cullen. Hope you have a nice stay in Forks." I say and stand just as the bell rings. I walk out swiftly to the hallway and walk to my locker. I open it quickly and switch notebooks, I am about to close the door when I'm slammed in to it.

I don't know how but something managed to slam me in to the locker face first and I hit my forehead to it. I groan, "Mother fucker." I say as I turn to look at the person who slammed me against the locker. A huge beast of a boy is standing behind me with a shocked expression, "What. The. Fuck." I say to him. He try's to offer me a grin but I'm unfazed "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." He says.

I look him up and down, never seen him in my life. I'm still fuming but don't feel like getting detention today, besides the guy is huge almost 6'5 feet. "You new here?" I ask more for the people around us then for his help. He nods but stays quiet, I sigh "Name, lover boy." I say. "Oh, um, Emmett Cullen." He says. I stiff a nod. "Lucky your new, do that again and you will be fucked." I mumble to him as I grab my notebook from the floor along with my pen and walk to the edge of circle of people.

"MOVE." I say to them and they quickly space out giving me a pathway. I walk swiftly down the hall and in to Calc. 2 while, Martin my math teacher has already started. He stops the class when I enter. "Late again Miss Swan." He states. I shrug "Got pushed head first against a locker, you tell me if your up for math after that." I say grinning and sitting down in the back.

People in the classroom start to whisper and ignore his lecture and I just lean there listening to him. I write a few of the things down and do them while I hear students whispers. 'Who would push Bella into a locker?' 'Do they have a death wish?' 'My hero.' 'Can't say I don't feel bad.' 'Hope she's ok.' 'Did the girl get beat up like that Martha girl last year?'

I sigh and lean back in my chair tired of the whispers. People hearing my sigh turn for a moment before I slide the shades over my eyes and ignore them. My teachers, have no problem with me wearing sunglasses as long as I keep my grade's on A which is easy. Class finally lets out and I walk back to my locker to see Jake leaning next to it.

He walks over to me when he sees me "You ok? I heard some dick pushed you and you hit your face against a locker." He says checking my neck from side to side. I wave him off chuckling. "It's going to take a lot more than that to knock me out, hun." I say as I dump my notebook and walk with him to the lunch room.

I stop at the door and look around until I see our table… and it's not empty. Well that's nothing new I have a lot of friends. I mean that its extremely full even on a normal day I go to the line and grab a bottle of water and a cookie and wait for Jake to finish his buffet. I walk over to the table and smile when my seat is empty, I don't care enough to see who is at the table but once I sit down I hear Jessica's voice.

"Hey, babe. You Cumming over tonight?" She asks placing a hand on my arm and sliding it down. I grin to myself and shrug. "Not sure, depends on a few things." I say to her. I hear the table snicker softly but fall quiet. "What would that be?" she asks 'seductively'. I grin again at her fail, I lick my lips to mess with her and lean forward until my face is an inch apart from hers. "If I'm horny and what you plan to do to me?" I ask seductively.

I lift my sunglasses up and give her a small smirk. She grins and leans in to my ear to whisper her plans for tonight, I grin, frown and smirk. Thankfully she can't see my lips but the table is chuckling softly to themselves. I smirk at Jake and he just rolls his eyes. I pull away from Jessica's rambling about liking and place a finger over her lips.

"Honey, save some breath for tonight. Your going to need it." I say and turn back to open my water bottle. I hear her 'hmm' and she stands and walks away. Once she's out of ear shot I mumble "Fuck, I'm not that desperate for a lay. Shes not even that good." I say to the table who laughs a bit.

Just then I look to the end and see lover boy. I grin when I see him staring at his tray. "Hey, Lover boy." I say to him. He looks up and stares at me confused. "Your talking to me?" he asks. I roll my eyes and nod. "Yes, I was just going to say that… I'm just messing with you. I don't give a shit if you pushed me against the locker." I say taking a swig of water.

He flashes me a dimple grin but the blond next to him gasps. "You pushed her against a locker?" she asks. I grin, and look her up and down quickly from under my shades. She's hot… but to… difficult for me (difficult being, I don't want to be around her 24/7 giving her my attention.). Emmett's eyes go wide and he looks from the girl to me.

He doesn't even have a chance to defend himself when she hits him on the back of the head. "Idiot." She sighs to him. I laugh and so do the table at the exchange. "So, lover boy. How are you liking your first day?" I ask. He nods. "Its been awesome so far." He says. I nod and swallow the bite of cookie I was eating.

"So, how many siblings to you have besides…" I trail off and look at the blond. I lift my shades and leave them on my hair and look at her. "I'm sorry, beautiful. I didn't catch your name, would you mind telling me it?" I ask softly from under my lashes. She grins "Rosalie." She says and her tone is freaking bad ass. It throws power and I like it. I grin at her, I like her. Not as potential lay but as a friend.

"Ok, so lover boy and Rosalie. How many siblings do you guys have? I think I ran into… the short one." I say and Emmett booms out a laugh. "That's Alice." He says. I nod. "Right she told me. I just forgot, so is it only you three?" I asks.

He shakes his head. "You haven't met Edward and this is Jasper. Eddie's around here somewhere." He mumbles. I nod at Jasper, he's ripped but not as Emmett, he has honey color hair and blue eyes like Rosalie. I smile at him. "Nice to meet you, Jasper." I say sweetly, he grins. I look back to Jake who glares I shrug. "Oh, come one Jake. Allow me at least some fun." I say. He smiles and shakes his head. "Forgive, Bella. She's a bit of a hearth throb in our small town." He says to the new kids.

I laugh "Honey, I'm nothing if not the heart-throb. I mean your hot but… your no me." I say grinning at him. He rolls his eyes and I hear the table laugh. I wink at him and take a long drink of water. "So, not that I'm trying to be offensive in any way. But how are you at my table?" I ask the three new kids.

Emmett grins. "I beat your friend over here at basketball." He says clapping Mike's shoulder. I grin. "Good for you, show that little dipshit who's boss." I say grinning. Mike stares at me and I wink, he grins. Yes, he's another one of my lays. I get bored! And sex is fun as hell.

"Hey, you like this little dipshit." He says. I laugh. "You do know you just admitted to being a dipshit, but don't worry. I'll keep you around if you don't smell." I grin. He sighs and I chuckle. The first 30 minutes of lunch are spent like this. After a while I start to crave a smoke, I look at my watch I still have twenty minutes left. I stand up. "I'm going out for a smoke break, don't do anything fun while I'm gone." I say and walk to the back doors to the outside benches.

I stop when I see, Alice. She's sitting alone and huddled close together like she's cold or something. I frown and walk over to her, I'm momentarily shocked as to why I care but shake it of and make my presence known. "Um.. Alice?" I ask softly as to not scare her.

She sniffles "Go away." She says softly. I frown "I can't, what's wrong?" I ask. What happened to her? She was all smiles an hour ago.

She sniffles a little and I take out a napkin from my back pocket and hand it to her. She wipes her nose and chances a glance at me. "Thank you." she says softly. I shrug and sit down on the seat across from her "Not a big deal, now. Can you tell me what has you down? You were all smiles when I saw you this morning." I say softly.

"Its nothing, it's just the change from place…. I miss all my friends." She says softly. I nod. "I know how that feels." I say softy. She turns to face me "You do?" she asks. I nod and bite my lip for a moment. "Yeah… I moved here a year ago from Phoenix. So I get that you miss your friends… it gets easier after a while." I say softly, trying to console the girl. Damn, I still don't know how short she is, I'm dying to find out but it will have to wait.

Alice nods but a tear spills from her eyes. I tentatively cup her cheek to wipe a tear away, not liking to see her like this. I frown a bit, why do I care? I never care… shit, I'm going soft. But… her skin is so soft and warm. I rub away another tear as it spills before I realize what I'm doing. Damn, with a soft sigh I drop my hand. "I… I'm sorry." I say and look to the woods. "It's fine. No harm done, thank you though." She says. I look at her and frown. "For what?" I ask. She offers me a smile. "For being here, comforting me… its not common for a person to do that to a common stranger." She says.

I shrug and start to feel a little edgy I take my pack out and look at her. "Do you mind?" I ask. She shakes her head and I light one quickly, I hold in the smoke for a moment before blowing it out. "Um, can I have one?" She asks. I stare back at her and see that she's serious. I raise an eyebrow. "You smoke?" I ask with a smile. She rolls her eyes. "If I didn't, would I ask for one?" She asks. I nod and shrug and push the box to her along with the lighter.

She lights up quickly and pushes it back to me. We smoke in silence but, after a while I get curious. I want to know what had upset her but at the same time I was mystified about why I cared… I clear my though after an exhale "So, are you going to tell me what really caused the change in demeanor?" I ask. She takes an inhale slowly and shit, it's hot.

The way her thin yet perfect lips trap the cigarette and the way she inhales with a slight moan or hum, then she slowly exhales threw her lips her eyes still closed. Shit, now I'm horny. Fuck, where's Jessica when you need her?

I exhale shakily and avert my eyes to the woods scanning for anything that will hold my interest. She speaks softly, frightened almost. "I'm just not used to being bullied, it's not a big deal." She says. My head snaps up to hers, who the fuck is bullying her? "Who… who's bullying you?" I ask. She looks at me in the eyes, I had taken off my sunglasses throughout our smoke break.

"It's not a big deal." She says. I sigh. "Who is bullying you?" I ask. "Just some blond girls. I don't know their names." She says. I growl to myself. "Tanya, Irina and a red-head?" I ask. She nods slowly. "Victoria." I mutter. "Don't worry, they won't bother you anymore." I say and stand. Her eyes go wide "W-what? No, don't. You will just make it worse." She says. I grin and slide my shades back down, "Trust me, no one will mess with you. Not when I'm around." I say. I check my watch. "I have to go, just… find me if they bother you." I say and walk away from the table once I have everything.

I walk to my next class Biology and smile a bit when I see Jessica sitting in the front seat "Jessica… how about I go over to your house tonight say around… ten? I'll drive around?" I ask smiling. Jessica smiles a grin "Whatever you want." She purrs. I nod and smile at Mr. Banner.

I walk to my table and stop, there's a dude sitting in front of my table. He is thin, slightly build but lanky. Crazy bronze hair, pale skin and piercing green eyes. This must be the other new kid. The last of the Cullen's I had yet to meet. I walk to my table and sit down next to the window, my usual seat. I see that he turns a bit and I flash him a smile. "Hey, your new right?" I ask although I know the answer.

He nods. "Yes." He says. I nod and offer him another smile "Um, my name is Bella. Your… Edward right?" I ask. He nods once thoughtfully, I smile. "I met your siblings at lunch… I'm afraid I didn't catch you." I say. He shrugs. "I'm a bit of a loner." He says with a grin. I laugh softly. "It's healthy sometimes." I say with another shrug.

He nods and just then Mr. Banner starts the class. He turns forward and I start to pay attention to his boring lecture when there's a soft knock on the door. And Mr. Banner walks over to the door and opens it. "Oh, and who are you?" he asks softly. "Um, A-Alice Cullen. I…I got lost." She says softly. Mr. Banner smiles. "Not to worry, come in. Take a seat next to Bella. Bella… behave." He says eyeing me.

I laugh along with the whole classroom "Oh, Mr. B you hurt me. When do I ever not behave well?" I ask him. He smiles "Every day of the week." He says and I gasp out a laugh, "One time! One time did I not behave well in this class and in my defense it was Jessica's fault. She kissed me!" I say pointing at her.

Mr. Banner laughs, being the cool teacher he is. "Your right, Stanley." He says looking at her. Jessica looks at him sheepishly "Stay away from Bella… especially on movie days." He says. I bark out a laugh and Jessica gaps the whole classroom is full of laughter and Alice is frozen next to him. I wink at Jessica and motion for Alice to move to our table.

She walks by quickly and sits next to me I wink at her and mouth "Joking." Before I put an arm around her "Am I allowed to be next to her on Movie days?" I ask with a grin.

Mr. Banner smiles at me and roles his eyes "Yes, Bella. As long as you behave." He says and I nod, pout and let my arm off of Alice. "I make no promises." I say to him and flash him a grin. He rolls his eyes and continues to talk about… molecular structure. Boring.

I shift in my stool and start to take notes but not really caring about it. I look over and see that Alice is staring intently at the class. I rip a piece of my paper and scribble on it and pass it to her.

'Hey, you ok?' I write. She grabs it only after I place it in front of her pen. She reads it quickly and scribbles back at me.

'Yeah, sorry for the freak out. Must seem like a freak to you.' She wrote. I smile slightly and shake my head before writing back.

'Not at all, sorry if I freaked you out about the movie day thing. I promise to be on my best behavior… not that it helps that much.' I write with a grin and pass it to her.

I hear her soft giggle 'Wouldn't that upset Jessica?' she asks. I frown 'Why would it upset Jessica?' I write back. 'Oh… um, I thought you two were a couple.' She writes and when I read it, I erupt in laughter. I try to silence it but Mr. Banner noticed and is walking over. I try to slide the note under my notebook but he grabs it.

"Miss Swan seeing as you find it so funny. Why don't you read this in front of the class so we can all laugh?" He asks. I chuckle. "You sure?" I ask. He nods and I walk and grab the paper from his hands and walk over to his desk and sit on the edge.

"I write to Alice, 'Hey, you ok?' She writes, 'yeah, that was funny.' I lie smoothly to cover her small break down. I wrote 'Oh, so I didn't freak you out with the whole movie day thing? I promise to be on my best behavior… not that it helps that much.' She writes back 'Wouldn't that upset Jessica?' I laughed, 'Why would it upset Jessica?' I send it to her and she writes back 'Oh, um. I thought you two were a couple.' And that's pretty much it." I say with a shrug.

Mr. Banner looks confused "Then what on heaven caused you to laugh?" he asks. I grin. "Doesn't it seem ridiculous that I would date Jessica? I mean, honey. Your awesome in bed but… you're not exactly relationship type." I say looking at her. She gasps and stands smacks me and walks out of the class room. I grin cupping my cheek. "Does that mean I won't come over tonight?" I call out for her still with a grin.

Mr. Banner sighs and I look at him "Mr. B. You just caused me a night alone, where's the fun in that?" I ask. He sighs "Bella, detention." He sighs. I frown. "Really? you cause me to lose a lay and I get detention?" I ask a bit mad yet not able to keep the grin of my face. "Enough, Isabella." He says. I glare at him. "I don't care who you are. Do. Not. Call. Me. Isabella." I growl out.

He raises an eyebrow and I'm glaring at him. "Your father would be disappointed." He mutters and I snap. "Then good fucking thing he is six feet under isn't it?" I growl. Before I know it Mike is behind me and grabbing me along the waist. "You don't know a thing about my father! Don't you dare say if he would or would not be disappointed." I growl out at Mr. Banner.

I see in his eyes that he regrets mentioning it. He knows how touchy the subject of my father is and he also knows how strongly I react to it. I shake off Mike "Let the fuck go of me, fag." I say struggling until he lets me go. I walk over to my desk were Alice is sitting alone looking scared. I grab my bag. "I'm sorry." Alice says. I smile slightly at her. "Not your fault." I say and walk over to Banner's desk and grab the pink slip he is holding.

I stop at the door and look at him "You don't know anything." I say lowly to him and walk out to the principles office. The rest of the evening is spent in detention and in there they give me a week full of in school suspension. In other words I would spend the whole week from 8 to 3 in the basement were detention is at. Doing any school work that is needed to be given.

Peachy, fucking, perfect.

A/N: So? What you guys think? Did you like it, hate it? I kind of like this story, I had been thinking about writing a Bella/Alice story for a while and while listening to t.A.T.u awesome band! (there not really gay but there cover made them act gay) and I got inspired.

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