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I waited until I was sure my whole house was asleep. Until I was one hundred percent sure that my family was not going to wake up and then I sneaked out. I'm currently walking up Bella's driveway. I just want to talk to her, sure she may just ignore me but it is killing us. It's killing me.

I stop once I reach the clearing where her house is built and look at the huge house. Its pitch black. Maybe she's asleep? I walk up to her porch and press the doorbell. I wait… nothing. I press it again and again and again knowing that if I annoy her a lot she will come down just to tell me to stop.

When she doesn't come down, I worry. I bite my lip and look around. "Shit." I murmur and then I remember I still have the key. I unlock the door and turn on the lights. The foyer looks intact. A part of me is yelling at me not to walk anymore and to turn on my heels before I'm caught like some creepy stalker.

That's not the case; it's just that… knowing Bella's… habits, I worry. I walk to the living room and flick the lights on and gasp. Beer bottles. They are everywhere. Not only beer bottles but vodka bottles as well. There are a few broken bottles at the base of the wall under the fireplace.

I walk slowly around the tattered living room to walk to the fireplace. The picture of her and her dad is at the base of the fireplace, the glass cracked. "What the hell?" I ask quietly to myself as I crouch down to grab it. I stand straight the picture still in my hands as I take a few steps to the coffee table and I see a lot of cigarettes in the ash tray.

I also see a half smoked blunt next to it. I sigh and go to put the photo down when a peace of the broken glass slashes my finger. "Fuck." I growl lowly as I put pressure on it. I walk to the kitchen and quickly grab paper towels and put pressure on it. The paper starts to get red and I walk to the sink and roll my eyes. Of course more beer bottles. And shot glasses.

I open the tap and rinse my cut finger on the stream. Shit, it's a long cut that goes along not only one but three fingers. Starting at my pointing finger at the tip, to the middle of... let's call it flip off finger for lac of the adequate word, to the base of my ring finger. "Damn, all the rotten luck." I mutter at the sting on my finger.

I look around for a hand towel and fist my hand against it and sigh as I look around the kitchen. I walk to the fridge and grimace in horror at what I find. Beer, beer, beer, beer, peanuts, beer, beer, beer, grapes, strawberries and beer. What is wrong with this girl? There is NO food in this fridge.

I shut the door and walk out of the kitchen and walk up to the second floor and check all the rooms, even the study. And I gasped when I saw the mess in there. Books scattered on the floor, the chair laying on its side on the floor, papers scattered all around the room and even the safe was open.

Was Bella robbed? I walk in and walk to the door at the corner of the study and open the door to the bedroom there and it's intact. Nothing moved. The sheets don't look slept in and the air in the room is thick with dust. The air is stale, and you can tell no one sleeps in this room.

I close the door behind me and dash up to the third floor and opening Bella's room to find the bed empty. I frown. It's 2:30 A.M where the hell can she be? I squeeze the hand towel a bit more and walk around the disaster of Bella's room.

Clothes scattered all around, the sheets of the bed pushed to the floor. It looks horrible. It's so weird; Bella is really a neat freak. So to see her house in this state… it's scary. I take my phone out of my pocket and decide to give Bella a call. Just in case. It rings twice

"Hello?" Bella's groggy voice comes on from the other line. "Bella, it's me Alice." I say and I hear a shuffle on the other side and a door close. "Um, Al. Its two A.M, what's wrong?" she asks. I stop for a second. "Bella, where are you?" I ask.

"Some ratty hotel in Seattle, why what's wrong? Are you ok?" she asks. It still surprises me how Bella can be pissed at me one second and cool with me the next. "Um, yeah. I just came over to your house to talk to you normally and apologize but you didn't answer the door." I say not telling her that I was crazy enough to enter her house.

"Oh, um… apology accepted. I… I just needed some space from that stupid town." She sighs. I sit at the edge of her bed. "Bells?" I ask quietly. "What?" she asks. "Do you still love me?" I ask my voice showing how fragile I feel. There is a huge sigh on the other line. "Why do you want to know?" she asks.

"I need to know I'm not competing with anyone for you." I say and I hear a soft laugh. "There is no competition, beautiful. I still love you." She ways, her voice going to soft velvet. Warm and lovable. "Why do you keep fighting this Bella, you're not saving me from anything. You're not changing anything about how I feel." I say.

Silence on the other end of the phone. "Alice, I'm not worth the effort." She says. I smile to myself a bit more. "You're worth the effort because I am completely and irrevocably in love with you. And you can push me away all you want but nothing, nothing you do will push me away Bella. I'm a big girl and I know what I want. And that is you." I say my voice filled with some strength and incredible passion.

"Alice… I don't want you to turn into me. I don't want you to lose your family because of me. You will hate me if that happens… and I can't bear the thought of you hating me." Bella says and I groan.

"Remember that one time, when we ditched school and went to La Push?" I ask. "Yeah." She says. "Remember what we talked about. That if you wanted something, anything, then you needed to sacrifice for it. And I finally understand what you mean by that." I say.

"My house means nothing to me without you. My family, what they did to us. Now that is unforgivable. I don't think I will ever be able to call my house home again. Because you are my home, Bella. Home is supposed to make you feel safe and loved and warm. That's you, not them." I say.

I hear Bella sigh. "Where are you right now?" she asks. I look around her room. "Sitting on your porch." I lie. She chuckles "Liar, are you inside my house?" she asks. I shrug. "Maybe." I murmur and I hear her soft laugh, it's still not the normal laugh I am so used to.

It's the cold, slight bitter laugh that fearfully I have come to know, yet not love. "Look, go back to your house and sleep. I will be back in town in a few days, hopefully more relaxed and we can talk. Ok, now go home Al. I'll see you soon." Bella says and after I say bye she hangs up.

A few days. So, I did what she told me. I went home and went to sleep. The next few days I played it normal, summer vacation was right on the boarder we were just waiting for our final's test scores. One more week of school if we were lucky.

I was going to die laughing when Em and Rose had to explain to more than half of the senior class that they were in the sophomore class with me, Jazz and Ed. They only took senior courses to finish up earlier but they will still be in our school next year only they take less classes. Let's just say a lot of hearts where broken by Rose that day.

A few days later I woke up and went over to Bella's house and cleaned it, I told my family that I had gone out with Jessica to Port Angeles when really I was at Bell's house. Yet, I only tidied up the study. I didn't dare to dispatch anything from there.

After I was sure I had cleaned her house perfectly I walked back to see my family sitting in the living room waiting for me. "Alice, where have you been?" Mom asks. I take off my jacket and hang it. "I was out with Jessica." I lie smoothly; it had become incredibly easy to lie to my family now. It was almost as easy as breathing. "Really? So how come I saw Jessica at the coffee shop with Mike?" Rose asks.

I smirk. "There are more than one Jessica at school, Rose. I never said it was Stanley." I say giving her a superior grin. "Really? So what did you buy? I don't see any bags." she asks. I laugh and lean against the door frame and wag my eyebrows. "I never said I was going to Port Angeles to shop, Rosie." I say and just to fuck with her I lick my lips.

Rose stare is blank and Emmett booms out a laugh. "Alice you Dog!" he jokes and I shrug. "Bella isn't the only one that can have fun now is she?" I ask and after waiting a few seconds I stretch and yawn. "Well, I need a shower." I say and after giving Emmett and my shocked family a wink I walk up the stairs. My grin stays in place, shit it's fun messing with people no wonder it's Bella's pastime. I think to myself as I lock my room's door and enter my bathroom.

I let the warm water wash threw me and relax me. I pour soap into my loofa and start to scrub at my skin as I let my eyes close as I duck my head under the warm stream of water. If Bella was here...

I shudder a bit and it can't be the cold, the water is steaming. I let go of the loofa and let my hand rub along my skin. Let's just say… it was a really good shower. A really, really good shower. I get out and dress in short shorts and one of Bella's button-up shirts she had left. After I finish getting dressed I grab my iPod from the desk and put my headphones on.

A few days turned into one week without word of Bella. I tried calling but she had let her phone die. I checked the Seattle papers to see if there were word of an accident but there was no word of Bella.

Bpov four days earlier

"You have the right to remain silent, everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be assigned to you. Do you understand your rights as they have been dictated to you?" the cop asks as they pin me against their car.

"I know the Miranda Rights." I mutter and the cop opens the door and shoves me in the police cruiser. "I still don't get why your arresting me! I was just walking back to my hotel!" I growl at the cop. "You are being a public nuisance." He says and I roll my eyes and huff as I slouch against seats.

Of all the damn times to be arrested, I had to be arrested in fucking Seattle by a newbie cop. "How long have you been on the force, officer?" I ask rather lowly. "Four months." He states and pulls on to the streets. "How many arrests?" I ask. "This would be my sixth one." He says with an impish grin.

I chuckle. "Hey, is the Sheriff still Siena?" I ask smiling. "Why, yes. You know the sheriff?" he asks. I shrug. "I knew her." I mumble as I close my eyes and let my mind shut down, no need to focus on anything the man says.


I'm awoken with a huge bang and I jump up from the hard as floor cot and look to the door to see the sheriff leaning against the door. "Bell, what the hell are you doing here?" she says although her voice, is full of exasperation. Like she's tired of asking that same question to me over and over.

I put a small grin on my face as I look at her. "Well, Sheriff. Apparently I was being a public nuisance." I say and she rolls her eyes and walk over to me and sits next to my cot. "You were as high as a kite, almost dancing in the middle of the street." She says taking off her cap.

I lean against the wall and sigh. "Kill me for trying to be happy." I mumble and Sheriff huffs. "Bella, it's stupid that you still think drugs are the answer for all your sadness." She snaps at me. I frown. "Hey, if I'm not mistaken you were one of the people that taught me to handle my shit my own way. Drugs are my way." I growl.

She laughs. "Your such a petulant child." She says shaking her head. I glare at her. "I am not a child." I growl out. She tilts her head to me, her eyes flashing with some kind of passion and rage. "Then stop acting like one and face the world as it is, Bella. Act like an adult and you will be treated as so. Act like a child and I will treat you like a child." She says and I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes.

"Why do you bother? You've been on my case even before my dad died." I sigh. I hear her soft chuckle. "Sorry but I made a promise to your father to keep you safe, and I plan on keeping that promise. That is what life is about. You make a promise, you keep it. Your word is all that has worth in this world Bella, it's time you learn a bit of that." She says and stands slipping on her cap in a smooth movement.

She walks over to the door. "Oh, and I spoke to Jenks. And he agrees with me that you should stay here a few days and get your act together. He also promised that no legal action will transpire against me, so, as far as the outside world is concerned, Bella disappeared for a few days." She says and closes the metal door just as I launch forward and slam against the cold metal.

"Are you crazy!? You can keep me here without a cause!" I growl at her and she smirks. "Well, I can charge you with possession of cocaine and weed if that is what you want." She says and I glare at her. "I thought so, get comfortable inmate, you're staying here until your mood gets a lot better." She says and with that she turns on her hells and walks out.

I growl and lean my head against the railing. "Siena you are one crazy bitch." I mutter as I walk back to my cot and lay down. How long are they going to hold me here? Last time she did this she held me for around three weeks. Hope this time I can get out with a minimum of bullshit.

Spov (Sheriff Siena)

I sigh and shake my head, a half-frown half-wry smile on my face as I exit the holding area. That girl… It's time that she learned. I get that she's had to face some tough shit in her life but it's time that she grew up and learned to take it without turning to drugs to solve her every problem.

I meant what I said. I promised Charlie that I would take care of the kid and that was what I planned on doing, no matter how much she hated it. Because if she kept going like this, it was going to kill her.

I looked up when I heard a voice call my name. It was the officer that arrested Bella. I adopt a more stern expression but can't quite hide my small smirk. "Officer Williams," I nod at him and he grins.

"So, are we going to be charging the girl with anything?" he asks excitedly and I frown at him. Rookies. Always so damn excited about every small arrest.

"No," I say, giving him a stern look when he starts to open her mouth. I continue. "We're going to hold her here until I think that she's ready to live," I say firmly and he nods, a flicker of excitement in his eyes. I walk past him, heading towards my office.

I chuckle quietly to myself. "You better be ready, kid. 'Cause you're in for a rude awakening," I say, shaking my head. Still, I know that it's probably not gonna do any good in the long run. She's gonna do what she's gonna do, but I'm still gonna hold her until she gets a little attitude adjustment. "Time to face the real world, girl," I mutter, entering my office and shutting the door behind me.


I had taken to going to Bella's house every night to see if I could find her and in one of my boring days I had started toying around with my training motor bike. Bella would kill me if she found out but hey, technically it was mine and I was bored.

I remember Bella had taught me a few things and for the stuff I didn't know, I used Google and YouTube. I could take turns at a very low speed, drive straight without crashing and most importantly I had only needed stitches once.

Emmett somehow found out what I was doing and one day when I'm getting on my training bike Emmett walks out of the trees and stops me. I had to beg him for a bit until he agreed on teaching me some things.

Two weeks and no word of Bella. I didn't know what to do, I tried to find out if Bella was in a hospital or what not but it's like she just vanished. No sign of her anywhere. I had even called Jenks to ask him and he said he hadn't heard of her in a month but that it was a pretty normal thing for her to just vanish from time to time. So after him telling me not to worry, I tried to relax.

Until a Friday night where there is a party at Taylor's house. A cook out and of course it brings along alcohol which is the main reason anyone goes. Of course with Forks' wonderful weather –sarcasm noted- it was moved inside. Right when I walk in I let my eyes scan the room.

In the corner, leaning against the wall with a beer in her hand is Bella. She has her damn sunglasses on and her hair is cut is still short, if not a bit less even and shorter. Her skin looks pale, the smooth tan she normally has gone from it. I look at her carefully to see that she looks malnourished. Skinnier then I remember.

I walk over and grab two beers on my way and walk over to her. "You're alive?" I ask. Bella looks up at me lazily and a small smile plays on her lips. "So it seems." She says and I hand her a beer. She finishes the one she has and leans against the wall lazily and coughs. "You sick?" I ask.

She chuckles. "Nah, I'm good." She says and runs a hand threw her head "What brings you over here? I thought after two weeks of not talking to me you would want to kill me." she says and I shrug. "I want to, but the relief that you are ok and not dead in a ditch somewhere is incredible." I say and her face softens. "I'm sorry I worried you, it was a situation that was out of my control." She says with a small grin.

I raise an eyebrow. "You are such an enigma." I sigh and Bella laughs softly but it turns it to a fit of coughs. "You're sick." I state and she shakes her head and I roll my eyes and place a hand on her forehead, I gasp. "Bella, your burning up." I state and she moves her hand to circle against my wrist and pulls it down. "Since when do you need to check my temperature to know I'm hot?" she teases and I punch her arm softly. "Shut up." I mumble and Bella leans her head back on the wall.

"Bella, you're sick. Come on, let's get some fresh air." I say and after a minute Bella walks with me to the front porch. She sits down on a porch swing and I sit next to her as she leans her head back. I slip her glasses off and frown at the dark circles I see under her eyes.

"You look tired." I whisper to her as I hesitantly let my thumb run across the dark circles. Bella leans her head in my hand. "Mm, so warm." She mumbles and I smile a bit and lean over to her and snuggle against her. My head in her neck and I feel her arm snake around my waist pulling me tighter against her.

"I don't think I can keep this up." She mumbles, her voice frail. Weaker than I ever think I have heard Bella's voice. Weaker than the day she told me she loved me and that she was scared of doing so. Weaker than the day she told me Connor raped her. "Keep what up, Bella?" I ask just as softly.

"I can't keep trying to push you away. You're everything for me and it kills me to try. But I want you to be happy." She says and I feel like I could cry. "This is the happiest I have been in weeks Bells." I say and I feel her hug me closer. "Don't hate me." she whispers and I feel her head tilt as if to kiss me.

Then she freezes and quickly pushes me off of her and she jumps over to the border of the porch and pukes her guts out. I hold back my small grimace and walk over to her and pat her back and hold her hair back with one hand. "Shh, let it out. Let it out." I mumble and I hear her puke again and cough.

"Fuck." I hear her groan and I just rub her back slowly. "Shh." I coo. "Relax, come on. Let's get you some water and then I'm taking you home." I say and she slumps back in to me and we walk to the bathroom. She rinses her mouth with water and mouth wash and after damping her face with water she looks up at me and gives me a small smile. "Rain check?" she asks and I laugh and hug her.

"Sure thing, Bells. Sure thing." I mumble and kiss her cheek. "Now, let's get you home and get some rest." I say and after I speak to Emmett I grab the keys from Bella's pocket and drive in her Mercedes back to her house.

I breathe a sigh of relief once Bella is snug in her bed with a bucket next to it. I lay down on the couch at the foot of her bed, and for the first time in around a month I feel like I can breathe.

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