A/N: Hey guys, hopefully this chapter will be long and funny. Just Alice and Bella enjoying their time re-connecting. Hopefully... shout out to the best beta ever A Thousand Undiscovered Stars. ^_-




A few days have passed without word of the clinic. I was starting to get worried but then again, I'm sure Tina, Katelyn and Wanda (the three girls I slept with out of routine) were clean. But, then again you can never be too sure and if it comes back fucked, let's just say. I am expecting the worst.

I wake up to Alice's soft mumbles; I rub my face a few times before snuggling back to Alice's back. I start placing open mouth kisses on her neck and shoulder trying to wake her up. I hear her deep inhale and I know she's awake.

"Morning." I mumble placing quick kisses on her neck until I reach her lips and kiss her softly. I feel her try to pull away but I role my eyes and keep her close to me and pull away slowly but still hug her "Morning." Alice says and I smile softly at her. She leans forward and we kiss slowly, our lips moving in perfect sync.

Slowly I feel Alice's hand wrap around my waist pulling me to her and I wrap my arm around her neck pulling her close to me. Our lips slowly start to move faster, the tempo of the dance going up in speed. Our breathing starts to increase as the hunger for each other starts to unravel.

I feel Alice's hand that is at my hip start to move under my shirt and a wave of arousal washes over me. I sigh in to the kiss and Alice moans softly, the sound sending electric sparks threw my lips and threw out my whole body.

I move so that Alice can straddle my waist but she doesn't budge. Our kiss continues and Alice starts to lay on her back, wait… she wants me to straddle her lap? Fine by me. I shift so that I'm straddling her lap and I tangle a hand in her hair as I pull her to me. My abdomen clenches when I feel Alice's nails scratch against my skin, slightly painful but so good.

I moan softly in to the kiss, shifting so that I can lean over her small body. My body practically covers Alice's small frame but that just means she's is practically touching every part of me. I can't help the small groan when I feel Alice's hips push against mine in a way that is just so good it's mouthwatering.

I break the kiss for some air and kiss her neck as I feel her chest rise and fall with her quick puffs of air, "Alice, what are you doing?" I ask as I kiss the skin of her neck. She pulls my head up and re connects our lips the pace of her lips going faster and faster and her fingers trail over my breast before she.

I blink twice and let out a gasp of air, did she, did she just push me off her. I shake my head and look to the side of the bed where Alice is standing up and… you're kidding. She is only in one of my shirts; how the hell did I not notice that? My breathing is labored and my head is swimming. "Alice, come on. You can't keep doing this to me." I say in outrage.

Alice leans her head to one side curious "Can't keep doing what to you? All I've done is kiss you silly." Alice says as she walks over to my dresser and grabs a come there and brushes her hair a bit. Her shirt ridding up so I can see her red panties. My mouth waters at the sight of her, "You- you… you can't keep getting me horny then just pull away!" I say shaking my head.

Alice raises an eyebrow and cocks her hip to the side in a way that looks to sexy for the current conversation. "I'm sorry I'm making you horny without ever trying Bella. I'll try to control my sexiness." She says rolling her eyes and drops the brush "Woops." She mumbles and bends over to grab it, flashing me a perfect view of her perfect but. Her red panties and white skin teasing me.

My body shifts automatically, I have to restrain myself from launching forward to her. But, she straightens up and my view is gone. She turns and I see that she places a hand on her hip and my eyes snap back up to her face where there is a smirk. "Don't even start with me." I say pointing at her and get off the bed and walk over to the bathroom where I quickly brush my teeth. Just as I'm finishing up Alice walks around me, brushing up against me "accidentally" to get her toothbrush.

I spit and rinse my mouth before walking back to the bedroom and running a brush threw my wild hair. I sigh; I need to keep away from that girl if I care about my sanity. I am to fucking horny; I mean really even for me its ridicules. I feel like a thirteen year old boy who just discovered porn. Or my friend Kat and that… that's saying something.

Hmmm, maybe I'm just acting like the 18year old girl I am, who has a supper sexy girlfriend who won't sleep with her but will tease the hell out of her. It's at a draw, my brain not wanting to cooperate after I said supper sexy girlfriend. I take of my baggy shirt and decide that I'm not the only person who can get riled up right? I walk to the bathroom shirtless and take off my pants and turn on the shower.

I take of my panties and smirk a bit to myself when I see Alice staring intently at me threw the mirror. I step in the shower acting all ignorant and get under the warm water letting it wash over my skin. I quickly grab the soap and turn around to look at Alice as I start lathering up, "So, Alice. What do you want to do today?" I ask innocently. Her eyes travel over my wet, soapy body before she opens and closes her mouth a few times before speaking.

"Um, I was thinking we… we could just, um h-hAng around the house." She says her voice getting a bit high when she says 'hang' I nod twice and duck back under the water and 'drop' the soap, "Shit." I mumble and bend over to grab the soap and I straighten and look over my shoulder to see Alice's breathing get deeper.

I wash off the soap and lather up again and sigh "Alice, baby can you do me a small favor. I can't reach my back, do you mind?" I ask turning around and hiding my wicked grin from her. Two can play this game Alice, and you should know better than to play with the girl who invented it.

I hear her clear her through "Sure." She says and she walks over and grabs the soap from my hands. I let my shoulders relax and I feel her soft hands start to massage at the skin of my back, one hand rubbing my shoulder blade while the other fallows the line of my spine. I suppress a shudder and let Alice 'wash' my back and I almost moan when she lets her nails drag across my skin. Why am I so turn on by this girl's simple touch?

When I think I'm about to combust, my plan backfiring a bit I pull away and turn to look in her dazed eyes and smile as I grab the soap from her hands "Thank you." I say and lean forward and touch my lips to hers quickly my wet hair dripping against her cheek and nose. I wink at her before turning my back to her and rinsing off before grabbing shampoo but I hear Alice speak.

"Can I do that? I love playing with your hair." She states and I smile and nod, "How can I say no to such a pretty girl." I say and I watch in silence as Alice quickly strips the shirt and panties off before jumping in the shower with me.

I hold back my small whimper as I let my eyes scan over Alice's delectable skin. She doesn't really expect me to not touch her while she's naked and now whet because she jumped in under the shower head. I watch as the crystal clear droplets run over her skin and I can't help myself, I lean forward and claim her lips.

"Thank God." I hear Alice mumble against my lips and I smirk a bit as I pin her against the cold tile feeling her flinch slightly before relaxing back in to it. I attack her lips and the kiss is frantic. I pull her naked body against mine; our skin brushing against each other's sending an electric current all threw my body.

I pull her even closer to me moaning in to her lips as I let my hand trail over her slick skin. Alice suddenly shakes her head breaking the kiss and burying her head in my neck "I can't… I'm sorry Bell, but I can't. Not yet." She says and I try to hold back a small whimper but sigh and pull her in to a hug.

"It's ok, I understand. You want to wait until I get those test results and for other reasons you don't feel like sharing just jet. It's ok, I'm still here and if it makes you feel any better." I say and pull away from her so that she can look at my eyes and I cup her face in my hands "I will never make the stupid mistake again. I will never be as stupid and ignorant as to leave you ever again. It's a promise, but I know talk is cheap. So, I will show you, I'm here to stay." I say with a small grin as I bring her lips to mine.

This kiss is less wild, more about emotion more like this morning when I woke her up and I slowly feel myself cool down and relax, I pull away with a small smile "Do you still want to wash my hair or was that just a way to get in my shower." I say. She chuckles and bites her lip "A bit of both." She admits and I kiss her nose and shifts so that I am sitting on the bathtub my back to her front.

I hear her move to sit behind me and I feel the cold liquid on my head and Alice's soft nimble fingers massage my scalp. I try to fight the shivers that run threw my back but to no avail and I hear Alice's soft giggle. "I forgot how much you like it when I scratch the back of your head." She comments easily.

I grin a bit as I let my eyes close and relax as I let her wash my short hair. "Remember that time we went to the mall and you went to get a haircut and you could barely stand the woman washing and cutting your hair because she kept scratching the back of your neck?" she asks laughing softly.

I join her laugh "yeah, it's not my fault! I just get excited when they do that." Is ay and Alice giggles and her hand slow down "Remember how you attacked me in the mall bathroom afterward?" she asks and I feel my abdomen clench a bit and the way her hands in my hair start to slow down then move gently at the base of my head making goose bumps break threw my skin.

I clear my though "Yeah." I say my voice low. "I think that was one of the craziest places we ever had sex at." She states. I chuckle a thick sounding laugh "Remember the time you seduced me in gym class?" I ask and I hear Alice laugh softly. "If I remember correctly you were all too willing." She says and she tilts my head back so that I can rinse my hair without getting soap in my eyes.

The movement itself making me rest my back against Alice's front as my head tilts back over her shoulder and Alice places a soft kiss at my through before running her hands threw my hair rinsing out the shampoo.

As soon as it's rinsed Alice puts conditioner and we resume our conversation. "If I remember correctly you were the one that made us wait until after everyone left, even coach had left and then we had sex in the showers." I say. Alice's hands still "remember the time you snuck in to my house while I was in the shower and you just slipped in with me. Then you hid under the bed until my mom left my room?" she asks laughing.

I laugh softly "Oh, and then I hid in the closet when Rose came in to talk with you about how great Emmett is in bed." I say and Alice shudders "Ew, don't remind me." she states and I laugh. I sigh and we rinse my hair and then we switch, Alice leaning back in to me while I was her hair.

She shudders when I start to wash her hair, scratching the top of her neck and I grin. "You are such a tease Alice." I state as I wash her hair calmly. "Like you're not? You totally just took a shower to seduce me." she states. I shrug "Yeah, but you should expect that from me. I don't expect to get riled up so easily by you." I say and I move so that my lips are behind her ear. "It's not my fault you make me want you so much." I say against the back of her ear making her shudder.

I lean back so that the water can rinse the suds from Alice's hair and the soap falls over her body giving me an idea. After I condition her hair I grab the soap "Lets clean you up a bit." I state and lather my hands and start to run my hands over her body. Running through every curve and crevice.

After I rinse her off I get out of the tub and rub the towel around my body and hair. "Bella… what's wrong?" Alice asks. I stop as I hear the water cut off. I take a deep breath "N-" I cut myself off. I can't keep hiding my emotions.

"Do… do you still love me?" I ask not turning around to face her. I can't face her at the moment, I can't. My body won't move. "Bella… turn around." She says. I stay still, me wanting to move but my body not wanting to comply. I hear a soft sigh before I hear footsteps hit against the tile floor of the bathroom before Alice is standing in front of me.

"Why did you ask me that?" she asks her eyes burning in to mine. "Because I wanted to know the answer." I state my eyes looking over her shoulder not being able to stay locked in her eyes. "Yes, I still love you… I just need a bit of time to trust you again." she says and I don't look in her eyes as I nod and walk around her to the bedroom.

I run a hand threw my hair as I search the closet and get a shirt and underwear and pants. I sigh and comb my hair with a half-assed effort and wait till Alice is done before we walk together in loud silence to the living room.

"Go pick a movie, I'll be right back, I just want a cig." I say and Alice smiles at me and I ruffle her damp hair. "I'm not mad that you don't trust me, short stuff. Hell, I don't even trust me most of the time." I state. Alice laughs softly and after making sure I'm A-OK she goes to the living room and I role my eyes.

"Since when do I give a fuck if my house smells like cigarettes?" I ask walking back in to the living room. Alice glares "No, no, no. I cleaned this room and maid it smell like a house, not a bar. Smoke outside." She says pointing to the door. I look at her "Are you serious?" I ask my face blank.

She nods and I grab the cigs and walk to the door "Incredible, even in my own house I'm not allowed to smoke." I state as I close the door behind me. I light up quickly taking a deep drag and almost moaning with the incredible feeling. The cold air whips around me, making my wet hair feel like ice. I take another deep drag and the warm/cold contrast makes me give out a little moan of its self.

I lean against the railing and just try to focus on smoking my cig and soon enough it starts to rain and I'm entranced by the dance the rain makes as it falls. Shifting with the wind and the dull grey sky looking darker than it should, making it looks like dusk when in reality it around ten in the morning. As soon as the cig is done I flick the useless filter in to the rain and walk back to the house and smile when I hear Alice's soft humming.

I walk to the living room and see Alice scanning threw the movie selections a few movies already in her hands, I can hear the distinct sound of popcorn in the microwave and the fire is crackling in the fireplace. I can't imagine a better sight; I don't want to disturb it just jet so I walk over to the office real quick to check my emails.

I have one from the clinic, thank freaking God I am clean. Healthy as a horse. There are a few facts about safe sex but the only person I am interested in sleeping with is downstairs probably wondering where I am. I read over the email once more before shutting down the pc and walking back down.

I sit on the couch with a small grin on my face, now… to work on that trust thing… I know I fucked up her trust in me. I promised so much and yet I left her when things got hard. Siena drilled my ass on that a few times to make it stick to my head well enough. My word is all I got and right now, my word is in the shitter.

Alice walks in with a huge bowl of popcorn, two beers and a small smile on her lips when she seems me sitting there. "Someone looks happy." She says. I chuckle "I can blame it on the nicotine high but I think it has more to do with the beautiful woman that just walked in the room." I say and Alice smile grows a bit.

"Is it bad that every time you sweet talk me like that I can't seem to think of anything other than how perfect your voice is?" she asks suddenly as she sits down next to me. I chuckle and put an arm around her and pull her to me "So... you think my voice is perfect, beautiful?" I ask at her ear as I start to place kisses along her neck.

"Bella…. Didn't… fuck, didn't I just tell you… I need some time." She says her breathing growing heavy and shallow. She doesn't pull away from me, "You want me to show you I'm sticking around right? Alice, how many times do I have to say this to you?" I ask before I pull away from her neck and get on both my knees on the floor in the total epitome of vulnerability.

"Everything I have done, since the day I met you those seven months ago, with three weeks, four days, seven hours and several minutes and second is for you. I have been in love with you since the second I laid eyes on you. The second I walked in to that Spanish class and saw that new girl sitting next to me, you had me." I say my eyes showing nothing but truth and love to her.

"You had me wrapped around your finger the moment you smiled at me and I thought my heart stopped. Even before my mind knew it my body knew I was yours. The way this electric… this electric shook crosses threw us every time we touch. I haven't cared about anyone since my dad. The pack were the closest thing I had and even that I kept at arm's length but you… you got under my wire so easy." I say kneeling on one knee.

"You, without even trying knocked down every wall I took years to build around me. Ii was so detached from emotions when I met you that I actually was scared to think that I felt something to you and I fought it so hard. But then… I gave up. I though, if she thinks I'm what she wants I will try and be it. You made me a better person and I know I hurt you that day when I threw it all down the shitter." I say and stand up and sit on the couch next to her.

"I know I hurt you and I hurt myself that day, but I did it because in some fucked up way, I thought your dad was right and I wasn't good enough for you. That all I was going to do was corrupt you and break you. I didn't want you to break, my angel. I didn't want to hurt you, but I also felt scared." I admit.

"I was scared that… I would somehow be the Veronica in our relationship that… I left without even fighting as hard as I should have. Then I had the nerve to blame you, trying to make you hate me. That… un emotional act coming back up to try and push you out. It was stupid and useless because all I could think of was you. I spend most every night in a fall trying not to cry my eyes out." I say giving her a weak attempt of a smile.

"So, please. Give me one more chance Alice. It's your choice. It's always been your choice. I will go along with, if you think we should wait a freaking year, even if it kills me and I have to spend more than a thousand dollars on fucking vibrators I will do it for you Alice. Just please tell me there is some hope in making you trust me again." I say as I lean forward pushing Alice gently so that she is lying down on the couch wile I hover over her.

"You will never be Veronica." Alice says and I clench my eyes shut and duck my head so that it's resting on her shoulder. I feel Alice's firm hand come up to hold my face tightly and make me look up, the anger in her movements being showed by her roughness with me. "Don't you dare ever compare yourself with that horrid bitch, do you hear me?" Alice all but growls at me.

I feel the air whoosh out of me, I open my mouth but I feel Alice's grip on my face tighten so that it's actually uncomfortable and hurts. The anger in her eyes showing with such a passion I think I am actually getting burned with those hazel eyes.

"My father is an idiot and a prick along with every single member of my family. And if I have to give them up for you, I will do that. It's my choice to do so." She says and I nod stiffly. "Next, don't you dare take all of the blame because you are just making me feel sick with it. I hate that you beat yourself up so much for things. It's not what I wanted. Ok? Next you think you can just give me a speech with your charming voice and burning eyes and I will just sleep with you?" she almost yells at me.

I flinch "I… It wasn't exactly my plan. But I was kinda hoping-" I'm cut off by the ground hitting my back and the air leaving my lungs as Alice walks over me and out of the living room. "Fuck, Alice!" I yell as I scramble up and catch her as she goes up the stairs and pull her to me.

"Would you stop with all this calm hostility! If you're mad at me just yell! Scream at me break shit I don't care just stop being so…. Gahhh!" I growl at her as I let her go and she pushes me away from her. She walks down the steps and to the kitchen. I fallow after her "Why do you want me to yell! What good is yelling at you?" she yells at me.

I grin "You get some steam out and for fucks sake you may even relax a bit!" I yell back though trying to not show my amusement at her. She glares at me and grabs a cup and smashes it on the floor a foot away from me. "That what you want? Me to break shit?" she yells. I shrug, knowing it will piss her off.

A plate is launched at where I was standing and I jump out of the way and walk over to her and smash a plate against the floor a few feet away from where we are standing. "I can smash shit to Alice!" I yell at her, shit this is so funny. I wish I could laugh.

She seems to see that because she pushes me away from her again and I walk back up to her and grab both her fisted hands "What? You want to hit me? just hit me, don't hold back. It's not like you can do much damage Mary Alice." I coo in a condescending voice that will make her hit me.

And I'm right as soon as I let her hands go a slap to my face is the first thing I get. I let my head angled down, my eyes shut as the stinging in my cheek actually gets me mad but I won't really get mad at her. I lift my head to fake glare at her from under some slashes of hair on my face and she brings her hand back and I grab it midair and pit it to her side.

"What are you going to do now?" I taunt and I feel her other hand connect with the side of my head fisting in my hair and I feel her tug at my hair. FUCK! That actually hurts! Shit, I need to think shit threw more. Think before you act, Bell. I shake Alice gently and pry her hand out of my hair just as she loosens her other hand and hits me on the shoulder.

"How could you just sleep with those girls afterward! Did you fuck a girl the same night we broke up!?" she asks and I feel myself freeze. Alice pulls away from me and pushes me away before marching a few steps away from me, away from the glass. "You did, didn't you. Who was it? Tanya? Heidi? Irina?... who the hell was it!" she yells.

I take a deep breath and lick my lip before looking at her "It was Tina." I say and a plate smashes at my feet, I don't flinch. "How…. Bella how can you be sweet some times and in others be such a bitch!" Alice yells.

I feel like I was slapped. "I… I'm the bitch?" I ask with humor. "yes, you are a bitch some times." Alice says her voice a bit normal. I chuckle and it starts to grow. The chuckles forming to laughs before I am almost falling on the floor laughing. I feel tears in my eyes and my side's hurt I'm laughing so hard.

"Tha… that's the best… you could come up… up with Al… al…. Alice?" I ask in-between laughter. I hear Alice's soft tinkling laugh start to form before she is laughing just as hard. We fall to the ground laughing and slowly I crawl over to her and push her slightly "I can't believe you called me a bitch," I state as my laughter dies and I take deep breaths of air.

"neither can I." she says. After a moment of silence I stand and give a hand to Alice and lift her up and lift her up to my arms and carry her bridal style to the living room and place her on the couch and slip off my shoes.

"What movie did you pick?" I ask. She sits down next to me and I wrap an arm around her and we both lay down before Alice presses play and a movie starts. "Romeo and Juliet." She says. I smile a bit "So, you want to see me drool over Leonardo DiCaprio?" I ask teasing.

She elbows me softly "No, it just seemed to be the only one that popped out." She states. I shrug and throw the quilt over us and I place a hand on Alice's abdomen. "This ok?" I ask pulling her to me a bit. She nods "yeah, it's perfect." she states. I hmm in agreement before the movie starts.

The movie in its self I know my heart so I had fun whispering the lines of Romeo in Alice's ear as she got engrossed to the movie. My voice being a bit raspy and low coming to my advantage. Soon enough some of my favorite parts started and I quieted down and got lost in the movie, yet I still whispered Romeo's lines even in my trance.

When the credits started rolling my eyes had closed long ago, I was right on the verge of sleep… or was I asleep? Hmm, I felt to calm and relaxed to be awake. I had to be dreaming, nothing could bring this amount of peace. My hand had at some point flipped under Alice's shirt and I was tracing the patch of skin under her bellybutton and above her pants with my thumb. I think that's when I feel asleep.

Me being so warm I couldn't find a most perfect place, was I even in Forks?. Alice's breathing is shallow and I feel the odd rising and falling of her chest. Is she asleep in this dream too? "Fuck, Bella, what are you doing to me?" Alice ask in a breathless whisper. I think she is talking to herself. This is a dream, it feels like a dream.

I hear her soft moan from the back of her through but my brain is still too mushed to function. What I am doing to her? I'm asleep! I feel her hips shift a bit and Alice's deep breath. "Fuck." She whispers quietly. When she moves her hips my hand drags a bit across her lower abdomen and ahhhh… that's what's wrong?

What? She's turned on by this? Hmmm, I like this dream. I snuggle her closer to me and mumble a few things that I have no idea the meaning of and I hear Alice's soft grunt when I push her but against my crotch. I lower my hand down to her crotch and cup her threw her sweat pants.

Yup, it's a dream. Alice, hates sweat pants. I pull her to me and start to rock our hips at a kinda lame slow rhythm a low moan escaping my lips. "Bella?" Alice asks breathless as I start to rub her over her pants. Shit, this dream is so good. How can I not act?

"Yo-mfleeg, amazing." I try to say you feel amazing. Does my brain not work in this dream? I don't care, I just want to feel her. I want her, even if this dream is all I can have. "You've got…. To be kidding me… your trying to… sleep fuck me?" Alice asks in between soft pants.

I shift so that my leg is over her hip and kinda pull her under me and snuggle my head in her neck. "GodIlobyou" I mumble sleepily as I slide my hand around her form. This dream is slow and painful. Its kinda pissing me off but teasing me all at the same time. "Bella… fuck, Bella wake up." Alice says. I snuggle my head deeper in the dream.

I feel so at peace and calm, this has to be a dream. I haven't felt like this in so long, my life is hectic and crazy. This is calm, peaceful… I feel my leg cramp. Fuck, I let go of Alice and open my eyes and then it hits me.

It wasn't a dream. I actually touched Alice half a sleep… how stupid can I actually be to think that I was asleep? Shit, I scratch my head and look at Alice to see her looking up at me confused. I take a deep breath "Alice, I am so sorry." I say and try to move off her but my leg is a sleep and its kinda painful. Like a thousand little needles poking at my leg.

"Ah." I grumble as I leave my leg still and try not to move. "What's wrong?" Alice asks. "Um, my leg feel asleep…. Its kinda what made me realize I wasn't dreaming." I mumble feeling a blush creep up my cheeks. I duck my head to look at my leg, I am such a dork.

I feel Alice's soft small hand lift my head up and I stare at her, "I want you." Alice says softly cupping my cheek and moving my lips to hers. I kiss her tentatively but when I feel her hand cup my breast I shake my head "No, you don't. You just told me that you needed time." I say. Alice snuggles in to my neck and kisses it with open mouth kisses until she reaches my ear and she bites the earlobe.

"I miss you, I need you Bella. I've craved your body for too long, trust me that this is what I want." She says. I swallow thickly, "Are you sure?" I ask once more, weaker than the first time I asked her. I can't fight this, she needs to tell me right now that she doesn't want me or I will snap and take her.

/if you don't like sex scenes jump to the next safe mark. /

"Make love to me Bella." Alice says in a low voice that's sends a shiver through my hold body. I connect our lips with a want bigger than anything I have ever felt. Wilder then the want I showed her the first time we made love. This feeling of want so big I'm sure she could feel the untamed monster scratching behind my skin.

I grab her hips and straddle one thy as I pin her to the couch kissing her with everything I have. All my emotion let lose. My hands go under her shirt and paw at her skin while hers knot in my hair and on my back, scratching at my shirt. I pull her so close to me that my thigh drags across her crotch.

Alice moans in to the kiss and I bite at her lip, I break the kiss to throw her shirt of her and take off my own at the same time. We both aren't wearing bra's, nice. I let my eyes stare down at her body. I saw her this morning but still, her body is so beautiful its stunning. "You are the most beautiful woman on this earth." I say letting my eyes look at her eyes that shine with a hunger and lust.

I place a hand at her neck and trail it down her body, then I fallow the curve of her breast to her flat stomach as I let my eyes watch her skin. "Your more beautiful than me Bella." She states. I give her an eye role as I watch her ribs go up and down with each deep breath before I lean forward and connect our lips once more.

"Sure, Alice. Scars are so pretty." I mumble as I re connect our lips, me leaning over her body, our breasts brushing across each other's and pressing together so perfectly it just makes me wetter then I already was. I wrap and arm around her waist pulling her up against me so we are pressed perfectly together.

"Beautiful, so torturing beautiful." I say against her lips before moving down her neck placing down open mouth kisses to each part of skin I can get my mouth on. I reach the valley of her breasts in no time and quickly I take one peak in my mouth and let it harden in my mouth before nibbling at it and sucking. I hear Alice's moan and her body arch to me as I suck at her perfect breast, all the while palming the other.

I switch when I think it's an adequate time, not wanting to hurt her as I start the same process with her other breast. Kissing it, licking it, blowing on it, nibbling at it and sucking it. Alice's moans leading me on while I do so.

I break apart from her breasts to continue down her stomach, her soft skin to tempting its driving me crazy. I nibble, suck and lick at her skin as her hand knots in my hair and her hips thrust against my bare chest remind me of where she wants me. "What do you want, Alice?" a tease as my hand runs across the hem of her pants.

"Bella, I though.. we were past all this teasing." She groans. I smile against her skin "Oh, but I have to make up for a week of your teasing Alice. I want you to want me to so much it hurts in such a good burn." I purr as I start to pull down at her pants slowly. Her black lacy underwear coming to view.

"Where you expecting me to see these?" I ask as I bite at her lacy panties and tug at them but don't take them off. "Ahhh, no." Alice moans as her thigh's part giving me perfect access to her. I tug the pants off of her body and start to kiss and rub my way up her thighs.

I place a kiss at the top of her mound, were her clit should be before leaning up and biting at the edge of her panties. Alice lifts her hips up to help me and I gently pull them down with my mouth making sure to release a breath of hot air across her wet center, the smell of her arousal mouthwatering to me.

I pull it fully away from her and place a hand on each knee and pull her knees apart to see at her perfect center. I feel my abdomen clench just at the sight of her. I take a deep breath to try and clear my head as I look up to Alice. Her hair looks wild at the crown of her head and her eyes are lazy but intense starting at me as her mouth is slightly open as her chest rises and falls with each breath.

I lick my lips and Alice reaches forward and pushes me back and straddles my lap, She connects our lips in a wild dance "God, I want you." Alice groans against my lips as her hips thrust against my own making my abdomen clench on its own free will. "I want every part of you." I say breathless in to the kiss as I feel both her hands cup my breasts roughly and I moan in to her mouth.

Alice pushes me roughly back on the couch and pins me there as her hands massage my breast in such an appetizing way. I arch my back to Alice and she breaks the kiss to take my breast in her mouth. God, fucking foreplay is good but shit, I just want her. "Don't tease me." I groan and I feel her bite down on my breast making my head snap back as I moan escapes me. "Fuck… oh, fuck." I moan and gasp out.

"God, you are such a masochist." Alice says against my breast as she switches. "Shut up." I gasp as she starts to suck on my other breast. Fuck, this can't feel so good. It should be illegal. I don't think it helps that I have been so fucking horny that I could have dry humped a lamppost in a skirt.

"Nah, I like hearing you moan too much to shut up." Alice says against my breasts before biting down again. I feel my hips move on their own accord looking for friction. I feel Alice's hand go to my waist "eager?" she asks pinning my hips to the couch. "Horny." I state as I reach down and slide my pants down. I feel Alice's hands push mine away and I lay back down on the couch as she slide's my pants down then with her mouth like I did she pulls my panties down driving me right on the border of wanting to combust.

I pull her body flush against mine and nip at her ear "As much as I love foreplay, if I don't feel your body on mine I don't think I will be able to function." I say as I slide my hand down Alice's body and cup her mound. Alice moans softly as I run a finger threw her slick slit.

God, she is so wet its painful for me. I kiss my way down to Alice's neck "You feel so good, baby." Say before I tease at her entrance, only entering the tip of my finger. "Fuck, Bella." She says and I slide the finger knuckle deep and kiss Alice under the ear. I retract the finger and shift so that Alice is lying on the couch and I insert two fingers in to her. I feel Alice's walls clench around my fingers.

I moan softly "God, Alice." I breath as I start to move my hand rocking both our body's to the rhythm I set. My body pushing my hand at a fine rate. Alice's moans bounce off the walls and the fire burning and the dark room just set the mood so perfectly its cliché.

"God, I missed you….. oh fuck Bella…. I missed you." Alice breathes in between loud moans. I swallow as I start placing kisses up her neck "God, I missed you Alice. I missed your body." I say as my pace starts to quicken. I can be gentle and loving later, right now I just want to fuck her. I want to feel her body. I want to hear her yell my name.

My pace quickens and my lips play with her breast while I still rock our body's to this wild pace. I hold back a grunt as I can't get enough air in my lungs, I break away to breathe just to have my lips captured my Alice. Funny part is she's moaning so much she can't kiss me back.

I grin against her lips as I place my thumb on her clit and start to rub in circles. My body rocks Alice's small form but I feel the shudders run threw her body. Is she close or having an epileptic attack? Hmmm… "Say my name." I whisper against her ear as I push against Alice and I feel her groan as she arches against my body. "Bella." She breaths.

"Louder, baby. Say my name." I purr as I play with her clit and just as she's about to she spasms and clenches around me. I grin against her neck as she takes a breath "Be-Be-Bellaaaaaaa" she moan/yells as she comes. My fingers getting coated with her slick cum. Her body shakes and spasms and her eyes clench shut as it rocks her body. I don't stop my movements as her body shakes but I don't want to stop.

I keep gong and when I hear Alice's soft moan I know it's working. I kiss and lick my way from her breast to her neck and I feel Alice sigh a moan "Bella, what are you doing?" she asks a bit breathless. I duck my head to her shoulder "Making you feel good." I say and those are the last words we speak until her body rocks with her second orgasm.

~~~~~~Safe to read mark~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I collapse to the side my own body yearning for touch, burning with it as I lay there exhausted next to Alice. I don't expect her to return the favor, she wants time from me. From my bullshit so that she can think about trusting me. I know she said she wanted to give it back but, I doubt it.

I slide my way out of the couch and walk over to the fireplace and sigh as I think about what to do and trying to keep my mind off my little problem. I hear Alice move on the couch "Bella, what are you doing?" she asks. I lift my head "Hmm?" I ask turning around to look at her.

"What are you doing, come back over here." She says with a smile. I study her for a second and in her eyes, I see a flash of determination and fear. I grin at her as I walk over, I lean over to kiss her, but making sure my body doesn't touch hers. I shouldn't do this, I cheated my way in to her pants. I grab my shirt and sweat pants from the floor while I kiss her, this is going to be a douche bag move. I know it is.

I break the kiss and stand and walk away from Alice. "Bella? Where are you going?" she asks. I stop and sigh "I'm going to take a cold shower." I say with humor as I walk up the steps and I hear Alice curse and a bang from downstairs as I dash up to my room. What is wrong with me? she wanted me! she wanted to give me pleasure and I… "Fuck!" I growl out as I throw the shirt and sweat pants against the wall.

I knot a hand in my hair in anger. Is it her or is it me, that's scared?... this is stupid. I turn to walk out of the room when I see Alice leaning against it, only a shirt over her and her head is leaning on the door as she stares at me. "What is going on with you?" she asks her eyes soft, a slow ember burning in them.

I open my mouth but not words come out as I know a hand in my hair and tug "I don't know." I state my voice sounding desperate. "I want you but, when I know that you have some doubt about us, about me. I…I can't make myself go for it. You! you are driving me insane!" I start out talking and end up yelling the end and turning my back on her. I run a hand threw my hair before turning back to look at her "You with your… big eyes and adorable nose and spiky hair and pixie like ugh! You're driving me insane!" I yell again as I sit down on the bed, my back to her and lean my elbows on my knees and rest my head in my hands.

"Bella, am I really the problem here or is it you. I trust you, I told you so and I told you that because I feel it. I think your more afraid of yourself and how you will react then for me being afraid." She states sitting next to me on the bed.

"It's not that I'm afraid… the only thing I fear is losing you, I told you this already. But, you're here. I can see you, feel you, I can feel that you're not leaving me so I don't get how its me." I state and lay down on the bed, my hands covering my head in exasperation.

"Maybe you're afraid I'll leave you, seeing as you left me first." She states placing a hand on my stomach. I feel her draw patterns on it and I take my hand off my face and look at her "Will you leave me?" I ask. Alice bites her lip and looks out the window over my bed before looking back at me. "It's never been an option for me, to tell you the truth. The only reason I even considered trying was just to spite my family with venom words and actions. At night I would more or less crumble in to nothing Bella, you weren't the only one that was hurt when we broke up." She states.

I sigh "I know that, I know I hurt you and maybe that's why I'm so scared. I'm terrified of breaking anymore promises to you." I say to her. Alice smiles down at me and rubs her hand up and down my stomach re awakening a wanting nagging feeling. "The only promise you're breaking is the one where we are equals in this relationship." She says.

I lift myself on my elbows and raise an eyebrow "We are equals." I say. She smirks down at me "Then why are you the only one that does the fucking." She states and I feel my abdomen clench. I grin a bit "Think you can fuck me?" I ask my arousal coming back. Alice grins and leans forward to capture my lips in an intense kiss "All you have to do is sit back and relax, I'll make you moan my name in no time." She says and I shudder as she straddles me and I feel her bare mound rub against my own and I moan softly.

Another sex scene

Alice leans over me and I lean forward to kiss her but she pushes my back and shakes her head as she grinds on me "I'm controlling this one." She says and I smirk and role us over so that I'm hovering over her "Sure you are." I say condescendingly and I feel Alice push me off of her and she straddles my lap pinning my arms over my head roughly as she grinds on me.

I arch my back and she chuckles "You're so responsive." She states. I look in her eyes "I'm forever horny." I joke and I feel Alice cup my core but instead she just grazes it and takes off her shirt.

She pins my arms again and leans forward kissing me before holding my arms up "Don't move them." She warns. I role my eyes and leave them as Alice starts to kiss her way down my body focusing on my breast for a few minutes before trailing down my body until I hear her breath fan across my slick center.

"I missed your smell, I wonder if you still taste as good." She says and I'm about to answer when she licks and my voice is lost in a moan. Alice licks me over and over again until I am panting. I feel her slide two fingers in to me and she starts to rock us to her rhythm.

She bites at my lip when we kiss and I knot a hand in her hair as I move my hips to meet her thrusts before Alice slides off me and I am left wanting more of her. I'm about to start convincing and begging her to come back when I see her grab the strap on from my night stand and strap it on her before grabbing the sensible lube and lathering it up.

She walks back over to me and in two swift movements she is laying in the bed with me. She kisses my lips, her pants and sweat covered forehead grinning at me. I party my thighs for her and she slides easily before she enters me. She starts thrusting in to me over and over again in this sick quick rhythm I love until I feel myself close.

She won't push me over the edge. "A-Alice, please. Right there…. Fuck, yes…. Ugh, right there…. Damn, I'm so close…." I gasp out as Alice thrust against my G-spot. She trails a hand down and start to rub my clit but it won't push me over, I don't know what is wrong but it's not doing its effect.

"I love you." Alice states and I feel my heart stutter and clench. My body freeze and spasm and just like that my orgasm rocks threw my body like a damn bursting. "Alice!" I yell as I cum. My body spasms, shakes and quakes in an orgasm so intense I black out for a minute. Once it's over I feel Alice pull out of me and a minute later I feel her snuggle in to me -dildo free.

Safe to read again!

I try to get my breathing under control as I feel the afterglow start to hum threw me. I lean over to the nightstand and grab my cigs and lighter and light up. I relax back on the bed taking a long drag as my mind still swims with my orgasm. It had been so long, I forgot it could feel this good. Could you really blame me for loving sex so much? I mean really? sex is the fucking greatest thing ever.

Correction, sex with Alice is the best thing ever. Ha! Your all fucked. Wait… who am I talking to?... I'm losing it. I take another drag and I feel Alice tug at my hand and take it from my hand and smokes a few pulls before placing it in my mouth and running a hand from my cheek, down my jawline, neck, ribs, stomach and back up.

I finish the cig with the help of Alice and snuggle in to her neck. "God, I missed you. I love you, two. I love you more than anything, you are the perfect person." I state and I hear Alice's soft chuckles. We cuddle for a bit but I can't fight the grin off my face.

"I got laid!" I yell in satisfaction. "Fucking finally!" I yell and I hear Alice laughing at me. "Oh, hush up. I went down on you and fucked you a week ago. I haven't had sex in like…. Three weeks, plus your teasing that's like… like half a year in Bella time." I say and Alice slaps my arm playfully.

She snuggles in to my side "I love you." she says. I kiss the top of her head and lean my forehead on hers "I love you two." I say and we kiss tenderly, emotionally. Rejoicing that we are officially back together and that we are ok.

"Good night." Alice whispers and I smile as I kiss her cheek, lips, nose, forehead, eyelids, temple, jaw. Everywhere I could reach "Good night my angel." I say and just like that she falls asleep in my arms and I look up at the roof and smile a bit. "Looks like I finally did something right old man." I say sadly, nostalgia at missing my father.

I feel tears wanting to burn in my eyes "I didn't commit your same mistake." I say with a grin. Life… life is looking up for me. And for the first time in so long I can breathe and I fall to sleep in a matter of seconds.

A/N: there it is! a looooooooooooooong chap just for you guys. Shout out to my friends that are going through some tuff shit right now, you know who you are. This one was for you guys, dedicated with all my love. Lol. Marc, you owe me :P