I mean, I was only 12 when this happened. That "transduction" or whatever that Dr. Rosen guy called it. I love that gift a lot, but did it have to happened when I was just 12? Well, that's alright, because my powers are strong. I can read signals all over Earth, just by reading the Sun's rays. When I'm angry, I can redirect those signals and combust objects by overloading. I still got a lot to learn, because today, my 12-year-old self is joining the D.C.I.S!

I redirected a signal from the Sun to the Building.

It didn't take me long to get there, because I live quite close to the place. A few little seconds in the Elevator, and I was there. The crisp, fresh air of coffee filled me. I saw what a regular office building looked like. Someone's office, Gary Bell, had a sort of Man-Cave theme going on in his office. After walking for a second, I saw something amazing. One door, at the end of a hall, with my name on it! I walked nonchalantly to hide my excitement. I told myself to keep quiet; it is unprofessional to be loud. Right when I reached for the doorknob, some woman who looked Persian said "Hi! You must be Imran! I heard you in the hall. Nice footsteps, and good nonchalant walking. I can smell your excitement. You should probably see Dr. Rosen." She smiled. I smiled back awkwardly, and she led me to a corridor. "To the left." She smiled and walked away. I walked into his room, and he looked deep in focus. He took his glasses off, and walked toward me. He shook my hand, and he had a firm grip. "Welcome to the D.C.I.S. I am Dr. Rosen. I don't think you remember me. It has been such a long time. I see, your Transduction skills have improved. Gary can help you even more. It is very nice to meet you." I greeted him. A few seconds later, and a dark haired lanky adult who looked like he was in his 20's walked into Dr. Rosen's room. I assumed he was Gary Bell. He said, "Who is this guy. I don't like new guys. How did he get here? BILL! Give me your gun; we have an intruder! No, scratch that. Get me a grenade!" I stepped back in confusion. Dr. Rosen reassured me that Gary will be alright, he just has some trouble coping with others. Gary said, "Oh! You must be Imran! Welcome! I am not good with others, but since we have the same ability we can be friends! You can live in my man-cave!" I thanked him for his welcome, and Dr. Rosen said "Well, Imran. Welcome to the team."

/ Imran is pronounced as "Im" as in Imagine and "Ran" as in Ronald! /