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When you're sitting in a class in college, forced to listen to a lecture about which career path you would like to take or which one would be the best for you, you wouldn't think for a minute that you'd grow up to be a gangbanger, but you'd secretly hope it. But that's just the naivety that comes with a child. When you're an adult, you start praying for an easy life; a steady income of money so you can take care of yourself, a nice neighbourhood to live in so you don't have to go to sleep every night, thinking your neighbours will try to knife you in your sleep, and you just pray to God that some gun-toting maniac doesn't come by and try to end your shitty life.

I guess I didn't have a choice at this life; I've always loved doing what comes naturally to me, though I can't ever remember a time where I never tried to kill somebody or jack a car with a couple of friends to get away from five-0. It's interesting how, even with the craziest of lives like mine, you're always dependent on some people every now and then. Whether you're sitting bored as shit in your office, and your wife calls you and asks how you are, or whether you're standing side by side with your best friend, wielding a samurai sword whilst he wields a shotgun against a group of bikers, you'll always need somebody.

And it's not just the people that you know, it's the people around you, the people that live their lives just like you that are equally important. They are the people who do what they have to do to get by, whether it is a homeless guy jumping with joy when he finds a half-finished sandwich in a bin, or a middle aged man adding a zero to a check that he received from a car accident and claiming that he hasn't received enough money just to put his kids through school. But that's the worst part; when you don't know everyone. When you're driving through a traffic light cause you're late for something, and look in your mirrors to see an old lady having a heart attack because of your recklessness, or hear that because you've pissed off one bastard so much…

They wipe out an entire population just to piss you off even more…

"How many?"


"How many?! How many people died that day?"

"It's difficult to determine the exact number of losses. The west side of Stilwater was lost; the University district, the west side of the north island, the prison island and the nuclear district, nearly everything but the Saints Row district. That area survived, and the government began building on that. They tried building land around Saints Row, tried to rebuild all of Stilwater, but…They failed. Nobody wanted to live there anymore; it just wasn't the same anymore."

"I don't blame them…Who'd want to live in a city that was just fucking nuked?"

"*Sighs* Yes…And Steelport was nearly destroyed, well, you've already seen the remains. The New Colvin island was completely ruined, however the destruction in Steelport was not as colossal as in Stilwater…We lost a lot of important people that day…"


"Hundreds…The drug dealing mother, Laura…Our PR manager, Legal Lee...News Reporter, Jane Valderama…Old warlord, Mr Wong…The actress from Gangstas In Space, who was filming the sequel in Stilwater, Jenny Jarros…You mourned slightly longer for her…"

"And that was it?"

"No, just the beginning of the list…Hundreds, no, thousands of Saints looking after Stilwater perished that day…Though there were a few advantages to what happened…"

"Go on…Amuse me, see if I have a goddamn smile on my face…See if we can sit and have a fucking laugh about the good side of a muthafucking nuke, that ruined my home and killed all of my friends!"

"Boss…Calm down…Take your pills-"

"Shut the fuck up about the pills! So what if I remember? It reminds me that I'm still fucking alive!"

"Anyway…When we were heading back to Stilwater, to stop Dex, you had prepared for the worst…"

"I did? Wow…Go me…"

"You had already lost a lot during your time in Steelport, and you grew overcautious and paranoid that an enemy like the Syndicate would surface and attack you…And one did."

I sat in the back of the helicopter with you and Kinzie, whilst Angel, Zimos and Tag were in the other helicopter, and Pierce was in a powerboat with a group of Saints that had accompanied us during our attack on Dex. We had Stilwater in our sights, and the morning was just emerging in the city as we saw the sun arise across the other side of the city, and the sunshine nearly burned away our eyes. Kinzie was tapping away on her laptop, and you were constantly on your phone, talking to nearly every single contact in Stilwater you had so you could warn them about what was about to happen…

"He's nearly there Kinzie! Troy's sent a couple of his cops in a helicopter, and they can see him and a swarm of ultor bitches heading straight for the city! We're running out of options!"

"Boss, it's suicide, if you do it, then you'll certainly die!"

"But if I don't do it, everyone else will die!"

"It is completely unnecessary Boss…You should be planning how to get back at Dex for what he is about to do, keep yourself one step ahead of him!"

"I agree with Oleg Boss, he's miles ahead of us and he's probably got the bomb right in the centre of Stilwater now…It's hopeless…"

"Can't you do anything with your techno-shit!?"

"He isn't in my reach, and we've only just caught glimpses of Stilwater! There is no wifi out here, we're too far away from the city to cause an EMP and I've already alerted the FBI to what he is planning…I haven't received any word from them, meaning that he's likely passed through already by now, and killed everyone in his sight…"

"Then if we can't do anything here, then there's only one option!"

"You don't have to do this…Saving Stilwater won't bring back Johnny…Or Shaundi…Or Viola. We can rebuild, we can fight again later…Dex could be on his deathbed soon if we leave now!"

"NO! Why rebuild when we've already got something good here!? There's no options, send the helicopter up high…I've got to do this…"


"I'm not telling you as a friend, I'm telling you as your boss! NOW DO THIS!"

"…If you insist."

Kinzie then nodded to the pilot, who simply shuck his head in disbelief at what you were planning to do, and he raised the helicopter high above the sky, whilst closing in on Stilwater. When you thought you were both high enough and close enough to Stilwater, you took a parachute and jumped out of the parachute; after your arrival in Steelport, you became rather fond of skydiving. After that, we had no idea what happened to you afterwards, and we lowered the helicopter back to sea level so we could regroup with Pierce…

We waited for hours, wondering what was happening; Pierce was moaning over and over as to why you never told us what you were planning to do, Zimos was trying to flirt with Kinzie who was threatening to kill him with her laptop, and I and Tag had grew so bored that we decided to have an arm wrestle match…I went easy on him, do not worry. Angel spent all of his time on his phone, calling all of the Saints contacts in Stilwater, trying to figure out what was happening. After a while, we received our answer…

The city went ablaze; fires arose spontaneously over the towers, and the waves roared by the aftershock, and we had to hold ourselves together, in any hope that we'd survive the tidal wave. Amazingly, there was no need as you appeared out of nowhere on a powerboat, speeding towards us, and within minutes, we chased after you after we managed to catch glimpses of what you looked like; your clothes were torn and you were covered in blood, your hair all frizzled and out of place, your eyes bloodshot red with claw-marks across the face…And hundreds more of burn scars…

"Boss! What happened in there!?"

"No time to chitchat Pierce! We've gotta get clear!"

"He's right! Keep driving Pierce!"

"I do not want to be involved in another fucking explosion! Shit!"

We sped and sped for our lives, and managed to stay clear away from the explosion, but that did not matter…We could see what remained of the city; the falling buildings, the smoke cloaking the sky, and the constant sounds of the explosion ringing out in our ears…We were all silent and mortified; Pierce hung his head in anger whilst clutching a pistol, Kinzie was traumatised by the explosion and kept herself close to me but did not move her eyes away from the remains of the city, Angel stood at the bow of the powerboat, seething his teeth in anger and shaking his head at what had just happened, and Tag was pacing across the powerboat, whilst you sat in the same position, mumbling to yourself whilst clenching your fists.

"Boss, what the fuck happened!?"

"It's obvious, isn't it Angel? I was too fucking late! I tried, I tried, I tried, I fucking tried, but it wasn't enough! The bastard…I climbed onto his helicopter and fought him, and I jumped out with him, and crashed into one of the apartment blocks in Shivington…I kept on punching him, and kicking him, and he kept on falling, but he kept on getting up…The sneaky bitch, he had a knife on him, and stabbed me in the gut and left me there to bleed."

"And? What happened after? What did he do?"

"He told me that it didn't matter that I had pushed him out of the helicopter, Pierce…He had a detonator….And…"


"He laughed when he fucking did it…He stood there on the debris of the apartment block, his mouth full of blood and his right hand covering his ribcage…And he just…Laughed.

As the timer went off…He just stood there, and laughed…"

"So there was no way out? You had to make a run for it?"

"I pulled the knife out of my gut, and slit his back over and over, until I found his spine…The spine I thought he never had…I then stuck it across the bone, and grabbed most of the debris that I could and buried him with it…Then ran for my life…I got out of the apartment block, and ran down the street with my arms in the air, screaming that there was a bomb, but no one listened…

I jacked a car, and drove for the pier, screaming out of the window that there was a bomb, but no one listened…The leader of a well-known international criminal organisation…And no one fucking listened…"

"So what do we do now?"

"We rebuild Kinzie…We rebuild."

Fuck…How could I have been so arrogant? To believe that I could have fixed everything on my own, and left my friends out in the cold water, and fought single-handedly against Dex's army? Oleg sat there in front of me, rubbing his forehead and tightening his eyebrows, whilst clearing his throat. Then it hit me that a lot of this didn't add up, a lot of things didn't make sense…

"Hold up, you say that I said that I killed Dex, right?"

"…Yes…You told us all of this on the boat…"

"Then why, when I came here, and when I first met future me, he asked me if I had killed Dex? Why did he do that if he had already killed Dex?"

"You're sure? You're absolutely sure that he said those words to you?"

"Yes! He was adamant that Dex had travelled through time with a time box, and changed shit a lot…"

"I-I…I do not understand. No, I can't understand…This…"

Oleg looked lost for words; he stood up, pacing across the room whilst clenching and unclenching his fists, and started moaning to himself. I stood up and cleared my throat, ready to ask more questions and to try and make the situation clearer, but before I could, Oleg cut me off. He shouted something in Russian, and hordes of his thugs came running in, and he gave them more commands, and they calmly nodded in return with small smirks across their faces.

"Oleg, wh-what's wrong? Are we going somewhere?"

"Yes…We are going to rescue our you from his captors…But first, we will require some assistance."

"And where are we going to get that? Are the rest of the Saints coming? Pierce, Angel, are they all coming?"

"Some of them will come if I urge them enough to…"

"What are you talking about? We're Saints! If there's a chance that we can fix all of this, they should come running straight away!"

"I'm sorry, but some of the Saints have moved on from this; we all gave up the cause a long time ago, we lost hope in ever reclaiming Stilwater and Steelport, or trying to seek out the truth as to what happened that day…You operate alone now, the last day we all met each other was when you told us all to leave, that it was your responsibility to fix this mess…He still has hope even today after the past five years, that somehow, he will fix this…But now, I can understand how he is so desperate…"


"-We will be leaving soon! Let us sit and wait as the others come…Perhaps, it will be just like old times…"

I smiled at his words as he was becoming the Oleg Kirrlov that I have always known; the brave tactical ruthless son of a bitch that would not stop until all of his enemies were dead and he had restored peace to those around him; same old Oleg. We left the small room and walked down the stairs, and left the house, and began walking through the dank caves. We were walking through the streets of the underground city as families came out of their homes and watched us…Though, I can't really call this place a city, I can't call this path a street. My God, how desperate was Oleg in getting all of these people to shelter? How broken must he have been to just give up in bringing our lives back to normal, and letting himself become satisfied with this shithole?

We're the Third Street Saints! We're not supposed to give up…

Oleg noticed the groups of people all watching his movements, and he threw his right arm into the air as he told everyone around him to follow him, and I began to question him as to what he was doing, but he was silent, and left me in suspense. He was becoming a lot like Johnny; always full of Suprises….God Johnny; if he was alive right now, he wouldn't be standing for any of this shit…He would have knocked some sense into Oleg a long time ago and led the fight himself! But that's what killed him in the end; I have to keep telling myself this, I can't keep going on as if Gat was this invincible right hand that could never be killed; sure, he survived a close range shotgun blast to the knee, and he managed to punch a Japanese Samurai after he stabbed him…But Gat was still human…Even though he was a fucking gun-toting maniac, he was still human.

We were all standing around what looked like the city's central area, as Oleg stood upright against a huge underground statue that looked like a man carrying a woman and a child with fire on his back; great imagination on Oleg's part…All of the men, women, and children stood around the statue along with some of Oleg's thugs as I too stood with the crowd, all of us in awe at what Oleg was about to say;

"My friends, my neighbours, and my brothers…Today, we need to look back at something that happened five years ago. Yes, I refer to that day five years ago, the day in which we all suffered, in which we all lost a lot of importance in our lives…But it was not lost; it was taken. Taken from the deranged cold-hearted bastard-That ruined everything! Yes! I'm talking about Dexter Jackson! I know, it pains you all to even speak of his name, let alone remember to the horrors of that day, but hiding in fear will not repair the damage we suffered; I know, I've had five years to move on…But I cannot.

We can never, ever move on from what has happened…Unless we can reverse it, so that it never actually happened.

A lot of unexpected arrivals have arisen today, ones that hold great support for our cause…Great hope. We have discovered a way, in which we can change the past; I understand that it sounds impossible, but we have achieved the impossible on multiple occasions! The time to fight, to strike, and to avenge, has fallen my friends…We must rise out of this rubble, reclaim what is ours, and fight!

We shall fight! Fight for what we have lost!

Fight for every man, woman, and child that died that day!

Fight for all who suffered!

Fight…For clarity!"

The crowds were cheering by this point and all of Oleg's thugs were shooting their AKs in the air, chanting to each other in Russian, whilst I quietly looked on at Oleg, and simply applauded him. That's all he needed; encouragement and approval. He had given up, and now, he speaks and fights like the Oleg Kirrlov I rescued from Syndicate Tower. Oleg raised his fists in the air as he roared in delight, and then approached me as I patted him on the shoulder…Or at least, I tried, I forgot he was so tall, I just had to pat him on the elbow.

"Where to now?"

"Now, we shall return to the city…And meet our old friends!"

"Sounds good!"

A large convoy of FBI-sized vehicles with Ultor decals stormed through the remaining streets of Steelport, and the entire islands in which the downtown district was formerly located in was replaced with one incredibly large fortress. It was similar to the Philips Building in Stilwater; however warehouses surrounded the pinnacle tower in the middle of the two islands, and large streams of smoke engulfed nearly all of the island. The Ultor vehicles passed through the security gates at the south of the island, and sped past the guard patrols and spotlights, then drove into the garage of the oversized tower. The driver, dressed in a dark black Ultor Armoured outfit with orange Ultor decals parked his vehicle in the garage as the other drivers followed, and he turned his head to the back seat as he glared at the drugged and beatened up leader;

"Not so tough now, are you? The Boss will be happy to see you…And to think, you were supposed to be the leader of the Saints; the criminals who had their faces on every household appliance across America…It wasn't too hard to take you down."

The Saints Leader struggled to respond to the arrogant soldier; he slurred his words and could barely left an arm. He had dozens of bullet holes in his armoured vest and there were small gashes across the sides of his face, and the leader flinched in pain as he tried opening his black, bruised eyes, and could do nothing but fall back into his seat and fall back into unconsciousness.

"H-He…Has to find them…Find th-Them all…The Saints must return…"

"So Oleg…Where are they?"

"Be patient…They shall arrive soon…"

We were standing by a couple of trees near the half-destroyed Burns Hill Power plant by one of Oleg's trucks, whilst his thugs loaded up their AKS and were chatting to each other in Russian. They were sharing cigarettes, arm wrestling, comparing weapons, doing anything to pass the time. I stood looking out across what remained of the city, and the thoughts of what had happened to my old friends started swirling around in my head, as if I was pissed, or as if I was having one of those nightmares again…God, this was taking too long, I need to do something.

"Have they changed much? The Saints? Angel, Kinzie, Zimos, Tag, Pierce…Have they changed?"

"You will see soon…You must remember that it has been five years since we last saw each other, and a lot has changed for the worst; we have all been horrendously affected. But I believe that I and Kinzie have been affected the worst…Though that is slightly biased, so, you will have to judge yourself as to who has been the most dearly."

"Oh…So what are they up to? Wait, wait, don't tell me…Angel is the middle-weight champion of the world and is fighting unlucky bastards in Mexico, Zimos is cruising around the world scoring with any chick he comes across, Pierce and Tag are enjoying the high life in fancy hotels and Kinzie is…Um…Enjoying life more?"

"You will see for yourself, very soon."


"-I said, you will see for yourself, very soon…"

He grew aggressive after I asked too much about the other Saints, guess I hit a nerve. This was taking way too long, and I needed something to happen. My legs were growing dead off standing in the same position for too long, so I sat in the backseat of Oleg's truck, waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive. I noticed that one of the thugs had left an M9 in the front seat, so I took it for myself and checked for the ammo; fully loaded. Just my luck. I sat playing with the gun, thinking about what I was going to do to Dex for what he had done; how I was going to put a bullet in his thick skull for every single person he had blown to shit in Stilwater and Steelport, how I was going to enjoy killing him so much after all these years…Then I started thinking about who I was going to see soon, and who I wasn't. Johnny, Shaundi and Viola; they should be coming now with the others, we should all be meeting up again in Steelport, just like old times. I just don't get how any of those three could have died; they could handle themselves incredibly well. Johnny definitely could, the only times he was ever knocked out or kidnapped…Was always because of my fault.

When he got beaten up by the Vice Kings, that was because I didn't help him out, and just ran for my life, and when he was stabbed, that was 'cause I told him to get out of the fucking way…And Shaundi, she started out young, made a couple of mistakes on the way but so did I, and she got snatched a couple of times…Twice by the same bitch. I could have helped her better on both times; if I hadn't let her on and listened to her open up about Gat, she would have looked out for herself better, and took care of herself. And the second time, well…Of course I could done that better. But Viola, she never got kidnapped until the whole shit with Killbane and Kia…She took care of herself after watching her sister get slaughtered by Pryor, and she was a hardened, ruthless female version of Gat. The only difference was, Gat had attitude, and Viola only ever cared about getting revenge on Killbane, though, I couldn't blame her for that.

"Boss! Throw me another mag!"

"It's all yours Johnny! Where's Shaundi and Viola?"

"On the other side!"

We were on the Magarac Island, fighting for our lives against the Morning Star, the Luchadores and STAG, and we were finally winning. Gat was taking care of himself and kept on killing the Morningstar bitches that just came running into his bullets, and Shaundi and Viola were on the other side of the statue, holding their own. I could hear the two of them, taking care of themselves…This was, heaven. My best friends, all together, murdering my enemies, and despite our differences like Viola nearly getting Gat killed…Everything was working out perfectly.

"I see Temple coming over by the east side!"

"We'll join you over there Viola!"

Cyrus was here again, I could see him landing his VTOL on the east side of the island, and we ran to get our revenge…But something was wrong…Something didn't feel right as I struggled to catch my breath. Johnny ran ahead of me as he loaded up his AK and drew that same old grin on his face that he always had when he was going to kill someone important.

"Blood in, blood out!"

I laughed at what he was shouting back to me, and sprinted after him and Temple, but when I got there, it didn't make sense…Temple and Kia were standing by the VTOL, with Shaundi and Viola tied up on the ground, and Johnny was locked in a fistfight with both Loren and Killbane…The fuck was happening? This didn't make sense, we were Saints; we always win, right?

"You criminals are all the same; you think you own the whole damn world and that nothing will ever stop you, but a bullet in the head will take you all down…"

"You thought…You could beat the Walking Apocalypse?"

"I won't let my friends die!"

I ran towards the VTOL, and tried to help Gat up on his feet, but Killbane tackled me onto the ground, and Cyrus was shooting his laser rifle at me…I was dying. And it felt so rewarding; I was dying, for my friends. That was a change, me, dying for Gat, Shaundi and Viola. They were going to survive, and all it took was my sacrifice…But then shit got worst, Loren had stabbed Gat in the gut again, and repeatedly shot him onto the ground, and he became nothing more than just a large red stain on the grass.

"Blood in…Blood out…"

Killbane was punching me over and over in the face, and I finally found my knife in one of my jacket's pockets, and slashed both of his eyes, and forced the cold knife through the wrestler's thick brain…And pushed him away. But I was too late, Kia had her desert eagle aimed towards Shaundi and Viola…And shot them both in the head…One shot each.

"This could have ended differently, you know? All I wanted was for you to pay for everything you had done! For every murder you've committed in your crazed mission for power!"

"I-I…I didn't want this…All I wanted was for you all to suffer the pain that you deserved…And for me to save my friends…"

"There not your friends kid…They were soldiers. They knew the risk, and they foolishly took it. For you. A worthless leader, and you get upset over the casualties of war. You really aren't cut out to be a leader, are you? The original Saints leader understand my point; he was a true leader, a true commander."

"Your wrong Temple! We reformed this gang to retake the streets! To fight for each other! To die for each other!"

"Then why can't you get over it? Why can't you move on?"

"How the fuck am I supposed to move on? That bastard over there was with me from the start of this gang! Those girls were the ones I recruited into the gang, and trained into the hardened bitches that nearly took you down! I-I can't move on…"

"You mean you don't want to?"



"You old bastard! I FUCKING CAN'T MOVE ON!"


"I-I can never…Move on; it's impossible now."

"Wake up! They're here!"

"Wo-Woah, what? Shit, must have nodded off…"

"Take your fucking pills for once…Now get up; the Saints are here."

"'Bout fucking time! Fuck yes!"

Oleg helped me out of the truck as I eagerly straightened myself up and turned to see my friends, or what looked like my friends; I could barely recognise them as they were shadows of the very people that I once knew…

Angel stood there wearing a pale blue denim jacket with a black tank-top underneath, and had a couple of necklaces and dogtags across his neck, and a couple more tattoos as well across his body from what I could see. He had navy blue tracksuit running pants on with small light purple stripes, and sported a pair of dark brown sneakers to go with the outfit as well. He still wore his mask, thank fuck as that was the only way I could recognise the man as Angel De La Muerte, but he had a larger and more noticeable stubble, and his eyes were much darker than what they had used to be. I couldn't understand why Angel was wearing these clothes; he was a wrestler, he's supposed to be wearing like, a boxing outfit or a pair of special shorts, or just something that, aside from his mask, labelled him as a wrestler. I could not understand as to why he was hiding that.

Kinzie stood next to him, with her hair cleaner than usual and straightened, and she wore a new FBI jacket that was half buttoned, with a bright purple shirt underneath, and she had kept her fingerless gloves but had replaced the jeans with black pants and a pair of grey and white sneakers, with pale purple laces. She looked as though she had rejoined the FBI, as she looked like one of those federal agents; the only reason why I wasn't running for my life away from her was because it was Kinzie, it was still the same Kinzie that I could trust. But she looked so scared, so tired and like a fucking wreck. Like Zimos after waking up from one of his nights of binge drinking and finding out that he hadn't used a condom the night before and that his hoes were still in the bed with him. Her eyes were also bloodshot like Oleg's, and she wouldn't let go of her shotgun that looked like a specialised government shotgun.

Zimos looked crazier than usual; he had a leopard skin pimp hat with a white feather, and wore the same black pimp outfit but with white and yellow stripes and decals instead of the usual purple. He boots were also black, but with small white and yellow bubbles on the back of the heels, and for some strange reason, he wasn't carrying his cane. He had let his moustache grow out, and was now sporting a goatee, and his glasses were replaced by jet black ones with dark yellow outlines. He didn't look like a happy pimp, as there was no swag in the way he stood or walked, and just acted like an ordinary old man, aside from the dark pimpsuit that he wore, although he looked unwilling to wear it. It was as if he had lost the lust for wanting to get laid every forty minutes, as if he wasn't eager on becoming the biggest pimp of Steelport again, as if he was just a broken shell of the man he used to be.

Tag looked stranger than ever; he stood behind the rest of the crew with his hair still stuck upwards just like before I had travelled to the future, but he was now wearing a white suit jacket like Oleg's, and had replaced his old white suit underneath with a purple shirt, and wore a new pair of blue jeans that had actually fitted him, with big fucking black boots that almost looked like a tire off a Goddamn van. He was no longer wearing any glasses, and actually looked thinner than he had used to be, almost too thin. He looked as if he had been living in poverty for the entire five years, and guessing from the bruises and scars on his knuckles and face; I guess he has had the worst life of all of the remaining Saints, it shouldn't have been him as he had a lot to learn after we found him with that kid Jimmy's help. After spending about five minutes looking towards his face, I could finally see the resemblance between him and Gat, though, it was only a small resemblance now as Tag looks as though he has been to hell and back too many times.

Before I had a chance to look at the rest of the crew, Oleg helped me out of the car and began explaining to everyone what the plan was, but I began to feel dizzy, foam was coming out of my mouth and I could barely stand. The sight of all my friends again in this state must have been too much, either that, or something shit has happened to me. I started falling to the ground and Oleg tried helping me up, but I was out of it, and I struggled to breath.

The old leader of the Saints was dragged up the long stairs of the new Ultor Tower, and the Ultor soldiers snickered at listening to him moan in pain. They finally reached the top floor and one of the guards checked the leader and the two soldiers for any weapons, then opened the doors to the main room of the top floor, and the old Boss met one of the people he had hated for so long. But it wasn't just anybody that was sitting in front of him across a desk as she had filed away important paperwork; it was the President. President Monica Hughes. She stood and glared down at the dying leader who was struggling to live up to the very name of the man that had killed her husband, and had in essence, unwittingly helped the woman to build her own political career off her husband's memory.

"You have been off the grid for five years, yet you have gotten sloppy and now, you've just allowed yourself to be arrested. What are you planning?"

"I..I ca-I can't…Br-eathe!"

"Hmm, I shouldn't expect an answer should I? The Boss of the notorious Third Street Saints, known culprit of multiple massacres across the globe; the inferno in Odessa, the nuclear explosion in Washington DC…I'm surprised you weren't actually involved in the nuke of Stilwater and Steelport five years ago…Or, at least, I'm surprised that it has not come out yet."

"Hu-Hughes…We wer-Were friends…I helped you out, you sly double crossing bitch!"

"I only accepted your help just so I can prove a point to the Ultor Corporation; that I will never back down. And now as President of the United States, and joint leader of Ultor, I order for your sentence of death…And I will personally watch you fry on the electric chair…Guards! Take him to level five, let him rot with the other war criminals!"

The two guards standing in the President's office grabbed the boss from the ground, and carried him out of the room and began beating him whilst moving him down the stairs, as the sounds of the Boss crying in pain passed through the large doors of Hughes's office. The other door across the room opened, and a familiar face greeted Hughes after secretly listening to the conversation. He wore a dark charcoal suit with a pale orange tie on top of his black shirt, and he sported a black fedora on his head. Hughes noticed him coming in and gave a small false smile and the two politicians greeted each other.

"Have you heard from the other leader of Ultor, Senator?"

"No Ma'am, our last conversation together was four hours ago, his last known location was in China, where he was opening one of our newest branches and recruiting for more employees."

"Hmm, very well. He'll likely be on a private plane then in the next hour; he'll be interested in who we have just arrested. I'm surprised you're acting so calm about his presence here Senator."

"It has been a long time since I worked for him, and a lot has changed our relationship, including the bloodbath in Florida. I want him to pay for his crimes as much as you do, Mrs President."

"I'm glad to hear it. You may as well stay here; he'll be here in a few hours' time. Take a seat, Senator Washington."

"Boss! Boss!"

"It's no use…Let me try…Boss! For Fuck's sake! Wake up!"

"Ok…I'm up."

I managed to wake myself up and get back on my feet, with some help from Oleg and Angel, and looked at the woman who managed to wake me up, and then I fell back down to the ground in fright. I thought I was in another one of my nightmares again as Oleg began trying to explain what was happening, but no explanation would bring sense to what the fuck was happening. The woman stood with a grey leather coat that had a purple zip, and a black jumper underneath, and she wore black snakeskin pants, just like Shaundi had worn, and had dark purple heels on as well. She had a Saints symbol chain attached to her belt and wore solid black sunglasses, which sat on top of her long black hair that was tucked into a ponytail.

"Does he-Does he know?"

"No…I have not had time to tell him everything."

"You should have told him Oleg, he's nearly had a heart attack…"

I couldn't believe how calm everyone was talking, and managed to get back up on my feet for the third time, and struggled to understand how Angel or Oleg weren't as shocked as I was at what I was seeing.

"The fuck is wrong with you people? How is she alive?"

"It's a long story, Boss…We'll tell you on the way-"

"-No! I want answers now, before I start thinking this is another fucking nightmare! So how are you fucking alive!? How are you standing there, perfectly normal!?

I thought you died Viola…You were supposed to be on that statue…How are you muthafucking alive? Viola…"