Story Summary: Anderson knew well what his choice for Spector would mean for the universe: an eddy of aftershock, because with Commander Shepard things are just a little different.

This is a perfect drabble series (meaning its length will be 100 words exactly), and while they'll be interconnected, they mightn't be in order. This drabble series will be inspired by, mostly, a borrowed prompt table or the Insanity Round via LiveJournal community 'masseffect'.

Please note that: "conversations," emphasis, and 'omni-tool messages' read thus. Also? In case y'all missed it: 100 words per drabble. This is deliberate. Comments and criticism is welcomed, should you wish to give any.

Disclaimer: Commander Shepard and the Mass Effect universe is owned by Bioware.

Prompt: Finger (or: the asari is unable to pay Shepard's asking price.)

"Shepard, but you're dead!"

She responds with parted lips and teeth in the mockery of a smile. There is a beat, then two, where conversation might have taken place but doesn't. The guards flanking the asari direct their scopes between her group before settling on Grunt.

She isn't worried.

It shows.

"I can pay you double."

Laughter comes unbidden, on par with her smile. She loves it when they fill the blanks in for her, makes the job easier. Matters little what the job was, most of the time. "Can you really, Nassana?"

"Yes, anything. Name your price."

"Galactic peace."