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She wore makeup. No big deal,right? Wrong. Everyone was whispering about it,asking why,why,why was Clove,out of all people, wearing makeup to training today? Was it a boy, an influence from her mother?

Cato found out later. Clove had came to his house,and collapsed on his bed. And he (rather stupidly) also asked her why she wore makeup that day to training.

She replied (on the verge of tears),"So I can be beautiful on the outside even when I'm not on the inside. So I don't have to be a horrible, ugly person anymore." So all Cato did was nodded and held her as sobs wracked her tiny frame. He didn't say anything though,because he knew what she meant. They were all horrible people.

And when Clove rose her head after she had finished crying,Cato noticed that all of her makeup came off. It was a sign to him. A sign that all of them,the Careers, were horrible people and there was nothing,nothing you could do to cover it up.

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