Tsubasa chronicle- Nightmare

I'm bored as hell, so I'm writing A Tsubasa Chronicle drabble :D It's a way to get shit out of my mind because I'm too stupid to finish what I've already started for ch. 5 of Betrayal….

Tsubasa Chronicle belongs to CLAMP!

Sakura watched in fear as Syaoran was suffering at the hands of his clone. Clone Syaoran was winning. Syaoran's clone had slammed Syaoran onto the ground face first, his head making a crack sound at impact, and blood dripped from his forehead. Syaoran reacted by getting up slowly and started running towards his clone, about to fire a punch. He was just about to punch his mirror self, but then the clone grabbed Syaoran's fist right when it was about to punch the clone in the face. Syaoran gasped, wondering how his clone had blocked his attack. He didn't have time to think as his clone slammed his fist into Syaoran's face, knocking Syaoran against a tree, the bark ripping his arm open and revealing his flesh. Blood poured out of his wounded arm.

Syaoran's clone went towards Syaoran, pulling out a knife, went over to Syaoran while leaning down towards his legs, and slicing them off, sending pain through Syaoran's skin. Syaoran screamed in pain, unable to do anything due to his legs being cut off. Clone Syaoran proceeded to kill Syaoran once and for all.

"Syaoran, No!" Sakura cried as she woke up. She realized that she was on the couch of her and Syaoran's home.

"What's wrong?" A soft voice asked. Sakura turned around to face Syaoran's warm face.

That warm smile.

"Syaoran!" Sakura cried, embracing him.

Hot tears started to fall out of her eyes while she said tearfully, "I-I-I had a nightmare….That you were being terrorized by your clone…. And I was watching….just watching, and I was unable to do anything…" She sniffled.

Syaoran hugged her back affectionally. When he pulled away, Sakura pulled him back and whispered, "I don't ever want to lose you. I don't ever want to be separated from you…"

He whispered back, "Neither do I, Sakura, neither do I."

That was my first Tsubasa Chronicle story/drabble/one-shot. I sure hope I didn't do bad….. Oh, and Betrayal will be updated sometime in two weeks :D