Alex thought for a moment, and then grinned. "Boobs!" she announced smugly.

"Alexandra!" Olivia spluttered.

"What?" Alex tried to look innocent. "You asked me what one thing I would most miss if you weren't here ... it has to be your boobs."

"Technically that's two things," Olivia smirked.

"Let's not split hairs here detective," Alex cupped a breast lovingly. "I could singularize them if you'd like. Your chest. Your torso. Your frontage. Your buxomness. Your embonpoint."

"My what?"

"Embonpoint," Alex was laughing openly now. "Isn't that a great word? I've always wanted to use that word."

Olivia mock-scowled. "I feel objectified," she tried not to laugh.

"C'mon, Liv. If you must insist on being so wonderfully endowed, you can hardly expect me not to notice. These are just too special to go unremarked. Okay, your turn," Alex grinned. "What one thing would you most miss about me?"

"And I can't use any of your answers? Because, I gotta tell you, Alexandra, you're no slouch in the embonpoint department."

"I don't even begin to compare with you," Alex protested.

"You're kidding me? That peaches and cream skin? Those nipples ... well, they're ..."

Alex pushed Olivia's hand away. "A different answer," she demanded.

Olivia squinted, as she pretended to study her girlfriend. "Those hands," she said softly, lifting one and bringing it to her lips. "Soft, strong, gifted hands. And such long fingers," she grinned wickedly.

"One thing," Alex reminded her.

"Okay. Your ability to multi-task with those hands. While one hand is occupied, the other usually ..."

"Enough!" Alex squawked. "You win!"

"Forfeit?" Olivia suggested.

"Maybe I'll use these hands to show you just how good I am at multi-tasking," Alex's voice lowered an octave.

"Sounds good," Olivia sounded husky. "You'll check out my embonpoint while you're at it?"

"Without a doubt, detective. Without a doubt."