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Chapter IX

With Great Power

Peter stared in horror as the demon began to grow in size. He got bigger and bigger. He seemed to want to encompass all of the space in this world.

As a matter of fact, he was.

Trigon no longer needed Raven to be free. She had broken the bonds herself.

Now Spider-Man had to fight him, and banish him from this universe. Easy.

Without him noticing, all of the emoticlones had arrived. He almost asked what they had done with Jason, but decided it was better not to know.

Raven got to her feet. She looked around at all of the different colors.

"It's time," she said simply. The emoticlones formed a circle around her. Peter stood back, glancing up at Trigon. He seemed to not notice the puny mortals below him.

That's good. I guess. No, wait, screw it. We're dead.

A bright light issued from Raven, and enveloped all of the different versions of her. They began to spin, and Peter stopped tracking the separate colors.

He felt the air crackle around him. Trigon finally noticed what was going on, and shot a beam of power down to stop the transfiguration.

It hit the light, and everything exploded. Peter shouted, but his cry was drowned out.

Finally, he saw Raven, clad in a white cloak, lying comatose on the ground. The emoticlones had disappeared.

"Raven?!" he yelled, running over to her. She stirred feebly.

"Peter... I'm so sorry... been stupid..."

"Shhh, don't talk," he said, helping her to a sitting position.

"HA!" boomed Trigon's voice. It seemed to come from all around them. "The arrogant pup tends to its wounded bitch. How utterly pitiful."

"Can you give us a moment?" Peter shouted up. "Thank you!" He turned back to Raven. "What do I need to do?"

"You... need my power," she said, staring up at Trigon. "I can't fight him. He is still a part of me. So I need you to do it."

"Of course," Peter said. "Um... how do I get your power?"

In his mind, he heard a distant voice. He recognized it after a second.

Kiss her, idiot! She is the key to the Enigma Force!

Thanks, Lantern. You sure you can't do something actually helpful...?

He put a hand behind her head, and brought her into a kiss.

It was like a breath of fresh air after being underwater. It was more real than anything he had experienced in this world. And in that kiss, she gave to him all of the power he had accidently tapped into earlier.

The white was leeched from her cloak as it gave strength to Peter. He felt power course through him. Stronger and stronger he felt...

And taller and taller. And bigger and bigger. Soon, he was at the height and size of Trigon. The red demon stared in wonder at this phenomenon.

"Well, now," boomed Peter's voice, deeper and stronger. "How 'bout that?"

He glanced down at himself. His lower half was white, with small blue circles. His torso and arms were blue that seemed to contain the cosmos themselves. He felt a cowl over his face, with his mask covering the lower half.

But as he looked down, he saw Raven, small and vulnerable, clad in a black cloak.

Fear shot through him, and he knew that she was defenseless now. It was up to him to make the play.

He looked back up, seeing Trigon preparing an attack.

"Bring it," he growled, making the ground tremble.

Trigon point his staff, shooting some more power bolts at Peter. He crossed his forearms in front of his chest, and caught the bolts.

They were deflected. He barely felt a whisper of air.

A snarl passed over Trigon's face. He now jumped at Peter, his arms charging with untold energy and power. He sought to obliterate his foe, to wipe his existence from all memory.

Peter caught him, and tapped into his own energy reserves. Trigon's body began to tremble from the power. Peter's teeth vibrated in his skull from the might.

He threw Trigon into space. But the demon, it seemed, could fly.

"Well, why not?" Peter asked himself. He launched himself into the sky.

The unbridled power of the Enigma Force was daunting to use. But flight was an ability he could get used to.

He slammed into Trigon, sending them both tumbling into the dark reaches of Raven's prison. If he wasn't careful, he might accidently rip a hole in the barrier and free Trigon completely.

"Fool!" Trigon roared, kicking Peter off of him. It felt like a train wreck in his chest. "You dare to challenge the might of a god?!"

"Certainly not," Peter hissed. "But you sure as hell ain't no god. That's why this is so much fun."

Trigon narrowed his eyes, all four of them.

"Enigma," he said, "release your hold on the earthling. Then let's see how powerful you are."

And then a voice spoke, using Peter's mouth, but the words didn't come from his mind.

"Symbiosis with the humans is what makes us strong," he said, with authority. "That is what you never understood. That's why your champions could never use your cosmic powers. But even now, you will be destroyed. Evil spawns from good, not the either way around. That is your undoing."

"So what?!" Trigon screeched. "Are you going to destroy me?! Then DO IT!"

Captain Universe gathered together his strength, raising his hands up, his arms charging with cosmic energy. His steely will was to be enforced. Malevolent had to die.

"NO!" he suddenly shouted, sounding like Peter.

"Do not question the will of the Forces!" Captain Universe responded. "This must be done!"

"Yes, it must!" Peter argued. "But not here! Not now! I need to save Raven, nothing more!"

Captain Universe hung there, suspended, for a long time, the two beings, soul and force, battling for control.

Spider-Man's indomitable will prevailed.

"That's more like it," he said, releasing the energy. "Consider yourself lucky Trigon, you bastard!"

The energy hit Trigon, and the scream sounded horribly like Raven's...


Peter sat up suddenly, his heart racing.

"Raven!" he yelled, cold sweat pouring down his face.

Raven too seemed to sit up, rubbing her head. Peter looked around wildly. They were back in Raven's room. He was dressed in his new Spider-Man suit, and Raven was in a blue cloak.

Her eyes met his, and in that instant, they both knew.

They had won. Trigon was gone.

They embraced, and Peter felt something more than physical connect them. He could feel his own relief, as well as Raven's.

They were bonded... and together again.


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