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My name is Enobaria. I am 32 years old,and I have killed 6 people. I have had to watch maybe triple that many die as they compete in the tragic experience known as The Hunger Games. This is my story.

As she is fighting with the boy from 1, all she can think is," Kill him,Enobaria! Do it fast! You've been training for this since you were eight!" So she does kill him. Very viciously. She grabs his throat in her jaws and locks on. Then,she jerks her head upwards and she is crowned Victor.

She goes through the process of being cleansed of her scars,of the blood on her hands (although that will never really go away),of the dirt on her skin. When it's time for her to watch a three hour special on each tribute she's killed, she is numb. On the inside, on the outside.

She knows the tributes she's mentored. Some come home,some don't. The ones that come home in a coffin, she sees their blood on her hands every night in her nightmares. The ones that do come home stop by her house often, usually asking for an escape of the memories of the children they've killed. She tells them there is no escape. There's no way out of the torture the night brings to her. They say that she used to be very beautiful,but it's not age that has robbed her of her beauty, it's the nightmares.

She remembers two tributes very specifically. One was a girl named Clove, with flowing brown hair and beautiful eyes the color of the forest. One was a boy named Cato, with blond hair and electric blue eyes the color of the sky on a summer day. They were certainly the first star-crossed lovers to be in the arena. Lover Boy and Fire Girl's relationship? She didn't buy it.

As she comes back into the arena for the Seventy-Fourth Games, she remembers their faces. The children sent into the arena. Some of their killers are here. She promises to avenge them. She recognizes Gloss, who killed a girl from her district in his games. Lucky he was her ally,or he'd be dead. So many familiar faces here,she thinks to herself.

She's so tired of putting on the bloodthirsty Career act. All she really wants to do is lie there on the soft sand of this year's arena and die. She hopes she will. A final escape from those nightmares. From Cato holding Clove's hand while she's dying,from her ripping out the boy from district 1's throat. And so,so many others.

As she is tortured by the Capitol,she resists the urge to pull out a knife and slit her capturers' throats. To kill them all. To end her pain,which her whole life has been filled with. Finally. But oh no,she has to sit there and grit her teeth through of all the torturing, just like she's had to her whole life.

And as she dies by her own knife,all she can think is," A final escape from those nightmares." Then,she closes her eyes and feels five seconds of pain,and then it's all gone. And when the medics find her body on the floor of her old house before she came a Victor,before the nightmares chased her down, they all sigh and say," What a shame." But really,what was a shame is that a beautiful woman had to be dead for people to notice her.