Notes: I do not own Pokemon or anything in it. The first anthro dinosaurs Iris is going to meet are owned by Fossil.

Opelucid Gym, Unova

A workout program was currently in session. Men and women were stretching their arms out. Their instructor was a 10 year old female with black hair and a blue leotard. Her name was Iris. "That's good, now push out the handle..." Iris pushed her arms out then her class did the same, "open the fridge." she brought her arms back to her chest and the class did the same.

After 50 push-outs, Iris put her slender arms on her tan thighs, then made her fingers touch her toes, then reverse. "Now touch your thighs then toes, and reverse." The almost complaining class exercised their hip and toe touching with the young gym leader leading them.

One hour later, the workout class was done and the 10 year old announced, "Okay, class. We're done for today."

Iris and Drayden ordered Chinese take out for dinner. The dining room of the gym where they were eating was like an Ancient Chinese courtroom. When they were done, Drayden went to his room while Iris was going back to hers. She got out her entire Pokemon collection and released every one of her Dragon-type Pokemon. First her Fraxure, then her Druddigon, Haxorus, Hydreigon and Salamence. Her other Pokemon she summoned were the Steel/Rock Aggron, the agile Rock/Flying Archeops, and the Water/Ice Lapras. Considering how private her room is, Iris took her leotard straps and slid them down for her Pokemon, revealing her small breasts.

"Do you guys like what you see?" The female gym leader smiled, gripping her breasts. Her Pokemon nodded.

She shook her body and giggled. "Now I know that love between humans and Pokemon is forbidden, but you guys are gonna love this." Iris brought the leotard down to her ankles and was now fully naked.

Iris put her right hand near her lips then giggled. "Well then, you Pokemon should know how private my bedroom is. Whenever there's know one else in this gym but me and you, I probably don't care if I go around here naked."

The naked little girl sighed at Fraxure then walked to it. Then she turned around and gyrated herself against the Dragon-type's frontal. It gasped then gripped her breasts. Haxorus and Salamence then moved up and toyed with her hard pink nipples. "Oooh! Very sexy of you."

An idea popped in her head. Iris jumped playfully onto her bed back first. She rubbed her now wet pussy for her Pokemon and sat up. "Who wants some of me?" Fraxure got up to her and started to rub her naked breasts. Next, Hydreigon had its center head begin eating away at the Dragon-type trainer's clit. Aggron and Archeops gripped her feet and started licking them.

Finally, Haxorus and Lapras got behind their master and rubbed her butt and back like they were giving her a sexy massage. The young girl began moaning loudly as her naked body was being groped. She gripped her Fraxure's head to keep it in line. "Ah, mmph, oh. Yeah. My Pokemon, do it to me like angels! Don't slow down, ha ha!" Iris shouted. The Pokemon continued to have their nightly free time with their trainer. While Drayden was the only other male in the gym, he was not aware that his partner was having sex with her Pokemon. Iris then eventually came.

She rested near with her Haxorus and Fraxure. 2 minutes after rest, Iris raised her legs then sat up with a smile. "Wow! Now that was a nice, human&Pokemon time we had." Fraxure smiled "Fraxure, Frax."

"I know, Fraxure. Since when could we be caught having sex?" Iris flirted.

Lapras licked its lips. "Lapras, Lapras."

Iris laughed then jumped off the bed. "Aggron, get my robe?"

The rock Pokemon went to the bathroom that was part of Iris's bedroom and came out with a purple robe. "Aggron." The rock-type gave the robe to the girl. She applied it and patted Fraxure's head. "I'm gonna go check on Drayden if he's sleeping already and I'll be back in a while."

With that said, Iris skipped down the halls until she reached Drayden's bedroom door. The tanned girl knocked and heard her gym's co-owner call out "Yes, Iris?"

"I wanted to check up on you, Drayden." Iris shook herself.

"Door's already unlocked, come in."

The gym leader girl opened the door and saw suitcases on the bed. She was shocked. "What is it?"

The elderly gym leader pointed to his suitcases. "Listen, Iris. I've got a big invitation to a martial arts tournament in Europe. I may be out of Unova for a long time."

"What about me? Can't I come along?" Iris was concerned about herself being alone.

"I'm afraid I can't burden you there. If I bring you, I could create an international incident!" The old Dragon-type trainer looked down. Drayden walked over to Iris and hugged her. "Just promise me, you will look after this gym until I get back. Keep the gym's business out of the red."

Iris decided to open her robe a bit to reveal one of her breasts. "So... What do you think of me without my clothes anyway?"

The elderly gym leader widened his eyes and admired, "Oh, Iris, you are already becoming beautiful. I have a safe all full of money. You can use that much money to make yourself comfortable."

"Well, Drayden... Take care of yourself in Europe. I'll look after our gym." Iris smiled like a sweet child.

She left the room and went back to her own room. Then, she put all her Pokemon back in their Pokeballs, except Haxorus and Fraxure. "Okay, wanna sleep with me?" The two Dragon-type Pokemon accepted the offer and got to their naked master's sides. Iris kissed her Pokemon romantically, "Good night, Haxorus and Fraxure." She closed her eyes and slept with a smile. An hour later, Drayden had already left for Europe.

5:00 AM

Iris was still sleeping naked with her Dragon Pokemon. She stretched her arms then moved to her side, clutching Fraxure. Suddenly without warning, the gym's intruder alarm went off. Haxorus wanted to check it out, but Iris held it back. "You wait here. I'm gonna go check it myself." She got her robe on then walked out to the halls.

The young Dragon-type gym leader walked down the hallways carrying a flashlight. "Who's there?" Iris called out. No one answered. She checked Drayden's bedroom and saw nothing. "Must've gone crazy."

Next, she checked the living quarters with the portrait of her deceased father who founded ran the gym with Drayden in his younger days. Nothing either. Iris next checked the kitchen and only saw pots and pans. She sighed and said "Better not be thieves and burglars."

She continued to search for whoever triggered the alarm next in the workout area switching on the light. "I switched off the cameras for this building and some security guards are still at their homes. If I had a Geiger counter capable of detecting-"

"Detecting what?" A voice said.

Iris turned and shrieked at what appeared to be a 6' velociraptor, standing on two legs and 4 fingered hands. This raptor also had large breasts considering it was female. Two of her toenails were big. The raptor was wearing street-girl clothing. "How is a dinosaur able to speak?!" Iris shouted.

The velociraptor girl put a hand up "No, don't! It's alright! I mean no harm!"

"I'm looking for someone who triggered the intruder alarm in my gym. Do you know where he or she is?" Iris requested.

The raptor sighed and said "I was one of the ladies who triggered the alarm. Name's Val C. Raptyress."

The gym leader looked up at the dinosaur's face. "Were you gonna steal my music records?"

"No we were gonna find someplace to sleep in." Val looked around.

"Aren't you supposed to be alone?"

"I'm afraid I'm not alone, this early morning." She smirked then turned her head behind herself. "Okay, you can come in!"

The gym leader watched as a group on women appeared, and they weren't even human but still in human clothing. The first of these females to enter was a 5' sabretooth cat. The next was a 5'6 triceratops with yellow skin, a black shirt, sandals and red short pants. The third to come in was an 11' brontosaurus lady with blue skin and white layer down the middle, and dots on parts of her body. Next came a 6' stegosaurus female with protective plates and was wearing military-ish clothing. The fifth to arrive in the workout area was an 8' purple skin Tyrannosaurus or T-Rex, cream layer of skin in the middle and exotic clothing. Another to come in was an 8' dilophosaurus, blue skin, purple stripes, 80's hippie clothes and earrings. The last one to arrive was a 6'3 deinonychus female with red and white skin and a revealing shirt and a skirt.

Iris looked at the dinosaur women in her eyes. "What I read about in sci-fi books is true!"

"Yeah, we're just trying to find a place to stay." the cat turned to the stegosaurus, "Right, Staci?"

Staci grinned at the human kid before her, "Would you care to welcome us here?"

"Okay, uh... you reptiles." The dragon-type leader nodded nervously..

The T-Rex woman stared, "We have names, I'm Tyra Reckks."

Staci introduced herself fully, "Staci St. Plates."

The triceratops pointed to her horns "I'm Cherri Topps."

"My name's Brenda Sawruss." The brontosaurus girl looked at Iris with a puppy face.

"I'm Kitti Belle." The sabretooth cat smiled.

The dilophosaurus shook her breasts and introduced "You can call me Tyni."

The deinonychus woman grinned, "Address me as Thorne, if you like."

Iris ran her hands on her robe not yet wanting to take it off. "It's getting kind of late an-" Val cut her off, "Can we see your bedroom, what's your name?"

"It's Iris, and sure." The little girl smiled.

The dino-women and the sabretooth cat followed Iris to her bedroom. She had already put her Pokemon in their Pokeballs. Cherri whistled at the size of the gym leader's quarters. "Nice length of the walls."

Iris yawned and told her new roommates, "Okay, time to close eyes and hit the hay. We got-" Kitti cut her off. "I suggest we show off before we go back to sleep."

The stegosaurus girl took off her upper clothing and revealed her breasts. "Kitti's right. We should strip out of these." Staci smiled.

With no one watching them, the dinosaurs and sabretooth feline took off their clothes. Iris, still in her robe watched in awe as these adult females revealed to her, their naked bodies. Tyni had both a penis and a vagina, making her shemale. Brenda widened her eyes, "What's the matter, shy, Iris?"

"It's... just that I... never slept with females before. I have slept with my Pokemon, sometimes clothed, sometimes naked." The tanned girl chattered her teeth.

Tyra chuckled and went over to the still dressed female. "Come on, let's get you out of this clothing." The tyrannosaurus sat down and untied the little girl's knot keeping her robe and opened it, leaving Iris completely naked. "Oh! Those are tiny breasts you have there."

"Right, you're right we should sleep naked for the rest of the early morning." Iris smiled.

"Not just yet..." Val giggled.

Cherri laid herself down on the bed. "Care to have fun with me?"

Iris looked at the women who wanted to see her try it. She next turned to Cherri who was displaying herself. "Don't want to tire out, but okay."

The naked triceratops spread herself then Iris crawled between her legs. The gym leading girl leaned in and began licking the dinosaur's juicy pussy. Cherri moaned lightly and ran her own 4 fingered hands on her breasts. Thorne brought luggages into the bedroom while the sex was getting on. "Please, go harder, Iris. Ah. Deeper into me!" Cherri moaned louder. She rested her legs on Iris's dark back while her sex partner was going faster. Tyni chuckled, "Cherri must be liking this shit." Staci smiled, "She's a very lucky girl." The triceratops then began to feel her orgasm building up like nuclear rods going out of control. "Fuck! Iris, fuck me harder! I'm- AAAAHHHH!" Cherri shouted as Iris made her cum. Dino juices blew out as if a nuke went off.

The two rested on the bed for a few moments before getting up and shaking their breasts. "So, did you like it?"

Iris giggled and flicked her right nipple. "This is a first time for everything, and I enjoyed it!"

"I agree we can be friends." Thorne smiled in all her naked glory.

The young gym leader girl yawned and got into her bed sheets, but left her breasts exposed. "Okay, let's get some sleep. I'll discuss where everyone sleeps and we'll have breakfast at sunrise."