An Unusual Family

Chapter 1: Why So Sad?

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"Hey!" Mel says happily while walking through the front just got home from work and had a great day.

"Hi, Mel." Joe answers sadliy."How was your day?"

" was GREAT! I had a big meeting today and... Wait Joe, is something wrong?"

"I'm fine." Joe said he was trying to hold together.

"Don't lie to me Longo!" Mel said accusingly.

"Burke I really don't want to talk about it." Joe said trying to stay strong, it was obvious he was sad, but it wasn't obvious how sad he actually was.

"Awe, did Joe's girlfriend dump him?" Mel teased.

"It's really none of your buisness." Joe said.

"Joe listen, just tell me."

"I just had a bad day ok?"

"How bad could it have possibly been? You get to do whatever the hell you want ALL day! Your only job is to take care of us, and we are never home."Mel said laughing. "Come on Joe, we are basically best friends!"

"Are we Mel? You seem to have absoluetly NO consideration for me. If I got home and said you were in a bad mood, and didn't want to talk about it. I would leave you alone."

"No you wouldn't! Let's be honest you would hand me a glass of wine and sit by me until I told you."

"Whatever Mel."

Mel got up. Where was she going? To get Joe a glass wine.

Joe took a deep breath. That was better than he thought. He thought he was going to be forced to tell her. He was sad actually he was devistated, but he was holding together until it hit him again. Silently he sat there, the tears swelled in his eyes and one rolled down his cheek. One silent tear. Joe wiped it away. "This will be the last tear until I am alone." He thought. Just then he heard the kitchen door open, and Mel had two glasses of wine. One was full and one was half full. She sat next to him.

"Here, you need it more than I do." She handed him the full glass.

"Thanks Mel." He sighed.

They sat there in silence for a while. Mel touched arm. Mel never touched him.

"Wow! He must be really sad. He NEVER acts like this." Mel thought.

"Joe, I'm sorry. You aren't ok are you?" Mel said. She was angry at herself for being mean.

"It's ok Mel." He said while tears formed in his eyes. "My..."

"Are those tears?" Mel thought. She felt sad. "Why am I sad?" Mel questioned herself. She felt terrible like her heart was sore for someone else. She wondered if thats what Joe was feeling, a broken heart. Though she would never admit it, she felt Joe's pain. Now she really needed to know what was wrong.

"You're what?" Mel prompted.

"Mel... My mom died. She got hit by a drunk driver last night and I just found out this morning when you left. Joe said tears beginning to fall down his face.

Now Mel felt it, pain flowed through her. "Joe, I am so sorry!" She felt terrible, and without thinking she wrapped her arms around him, he hugged back. Then, the short awkward moment set in. They stopped hugging.

"Mel, I have to go to Italy." I need to be with my family for a little while.

"Ok Joe, take as long as you need." Then it hit her, she would lose Joe! What if he didn't come back? She was scared.

"Mel, would you...and the kids...come with me?" Joe said kindly."This is the first time I've ever had a matter how unusual, you guys are my family, and other people do ask me if I have a family. Plus I bet the kids would love to see Italy" Joe said. "Come with me." He smiled.


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