In the year 1983 in the village of Hinamizawa had three known disasters. The fifth year of a series of deaths and disappearances which took the lives of a known photographer and nurse, a hostage situation and bomb scare are the local school, and the Great Hinamizawa Disaster which took the lives of every resident of the small town save for one. A girl known as Ryūgū Rena who was responsible for the bomb scare and hostage situation of the school. She had been put into custody the evening before and was nowhere near the village when the disaster took place. The official story was a gas leak caused by an active volcano that killed the residents in their sleep.

However there are rumors of a more sinister explanation...

October 1st, year 2007. 34 years after the Disaster.

Suki Homeo sat down at her desk in her dorm room and booted up her laptop, brushing a strand of her dark purple hair out of her green eyes as she sat back with a sigh. Her professor had announced that afternoon that, due to the upcoming holiday, the students would do a paper on something related to the supernatural. He said it didn't matter what it was about as long as it was a details analysis on a paranormal phenomena either in the country or around the world.

"As if that makes it any easier for me," she muttered to herself as she clicked on the browser. "There's just way too much to choose from."

She typed 'paranormal' into the search bar and was greeted with page after page of paranormal related websites for any story of her choice. There was even a smattering of urban legends in the blue, highlighted choices on the screen.

Sighing, she scrolled down the list of sites, reading off stories she'd read or heard about. They were obvious choices and had probably already been taken by other students.

No, if she wanted a good grade she would have to choose something original. But what? What would be unique enough to give her a chance to make a good grade and learn something new in the process?

She clicked to another page and continued scrolling, searching for just the right topic, and then she saw it. At the bottom of the sixteenth page.

Her face lit up in a smile and she clicked the link.