Author's Notes: Written for Lady Phoenix Fire Rose's Pairing One Hour Challenge/Hardest Challenge Ever on the HPFC Forum with the pairing Bellatrix/Lucius and the prompt "Craving".

Also for "Scars and scarification" on my kink_bingo card.


Lucius craved pain.

He craved the particular sort of pain that Bellatrix and only Bellatrix could give him – sharp and stinging and burning him right down to his soul. She could make him hurt in the way that an ordinary person who did something as powerful even as using the Cruciatus curse could never do.

And he loved it.

He loved when she tied his wrists to the posts of his bed or put him under a full body bind curse so that he could not move. Then she would straddle his chest and drag her wand over and over his chest, carving his skin with her name, her initials, symbols, anything, everything.

The scars criss-crossed over each other into a pale mess of scratches that painted his torso and when Lucius was alone, he would remove his shirt and run his fingers over each and every one, trying to call to mind the sensations that he had experienced when she had given him the scars.

There, where a letter B was carved, right in the centre of his chest, that had been the first time she had scarred him. That had been the first time that Lucius had known how much he wanted to be hurt. He remembered the feeling of her wand dragging over his skin, remembered the sharp, brilliant pain, remembered the warmth and wetness of his seed when her knee pressed lightly between his legs and he could not hold his pleasure back.

There, over it was her full name, carved so prettily in curvy cursive letters. She had had to hold his skin still, he remembered, so that she could keep the lines steady, but by the end, she had lost control and Black petered out into a wide gash where she had all but lifted his skin off. It had been frightening, but surrendering control to her in that way had been so dreadfully erotic…

Then there were the jagged, messy criss-crossing lines that covered his torso from the night that she had found out he would be married to Narcissa.

He remembered the tears in her eyes and how she had tried to blink them back and failed. He remembered reaching out for her and having her hiss and snap and push him down before she drew her wand and attacked his chest, slashing back and forth until he was dazed with pain and his chest was covered in fresh blood.

Narcissa had clucked softly on their wedding night, when she had seen the scars. "My goodness, Lucius, how did you get all of these? They look dreadful. They must have hurt awfully…"

"They weren't so bad," Lucius said, and kept their source secret, hoping that his wife would believe them to be product of some honourable fight instead of having been cut into him by her sister. Narcissa would not have understood. She would not have thought it erotic.

She would have thought it quite terribly disgusting.

She would have been wrong.