Some years later...

Loki was up to something again. In the country known as Belarus, Thor's brother had made a base in an abandoned castle though his actual plans still remained a mystery. So far no hostile attack had been undertaken but as Thor surveyed the castle from a secluded post he still found himself irritated. Jane was with child and he wished to be by her side. His wife had developed many tastes recently and he feared the impact it could have on their developing offspring if she was not able to obtain the chocolate-coated bacon she requested on a daily basis.

Captain Rogers and Agent Hawkeye slipped through the shadows, crouching beside Thor. "Well?" he asked, trying to restrain his impatience.

"There are guards on all entrances. Look to be hired mortals. We could get in with little impact." The Captain's report was brief, though his comrade did not seem overly concerned. It was a somewhat old castle and apparently easy to breach

Barton leant back on his heels, bow resting on his thighs. "Let's not take too long with this. Loki's prison cell on Asgard is getting cold."

"A few more hours," Rogers countered. "Give the guards a little time to become complacent. If they're just doing a job, we want to keep their injuries to a minimum."

"Let us wait here then," Thor agreed.

The three men sat in silence for awhile, their focus on surveying the castle. After an hour, one of Clint's pockets vibrated. He checked his phone briefly before sliding it away. "Darcy says everything is still fine at home but don't bother bringing any more bacon back. Jane wants salmon now."

"With the chocolate coating?" Thor hoped this transition from swine to fish was still a sign their child was growing well.

"Sure," Clint nodded. But the Captain's wry smile informed Thor that Barton was using untruths as entertainment again. The Earth customs and behaviours were becoming ever more familiar to him.

"It is still a shame that Jane and mine child will be without playmates when it arrives." Thor paused as he looked towards Barton. "Perhaps you should encourage Darcy to bear your child, my friend."

Clint simply raised an eyebrow. The Captain however made a strangled noise.

"Look," Rogers said, holding up his hands as if in defeat. "I know I'm old fashioned. But would you at least consider doing it the right way around and marrying Darcy first?"

Rubbing his chin, Barton looked up towards the night sky as if considering the idea. "Well. I hadn't planned on doing this in a former Soviet bloc but since it's come up..." He put his bow aside and rummaged in a pocket on his combat cargo pants before pulling out a small velvet ring box. Still sitting on his haunches, Clint flipped open the box lid and a delicate diamond ring blinked in the dim starlight. "As Darcy's dad isn't in her life, I figure you two are going to have to do. So. Thor of Asgard and Captain Steve Rogers. Do I have your permission to ask Darcy Lewis to marry me?"