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When it all falls apart

Chapter One

It would be great to say it happened gradually, that it occurred slowly, and that, one day, Stiles woke up and realized he didn't have the same friends anymore, but that's not how it happened, because this was real life and things never happen in simple ways in real life.

It happened suddenly, fast and achingly bitter, in a way he wasn't expecting, and yet he was – he had always been.

It happened because Scott told Derek they should join forces to take out the Alpha pack and left him out of it. It happened when he realized, alone at home, late at night, that he wasn't a part of Scott's pack. If he was, he would have known their plans, he would have been able to warn his father to stay away from any calls of disturbance near the woods. It happened because he wasn't informed enough, and his dad was hurt because of it.

It happened because his best friend didn't trust – or maybe didn't need – him now that he knew he had Isaac on his side, that he had Allison back from her psychotic ways.

And he wasn't free from the blame, he knew it as well as Scott did, because he didn't think Allison was all that great anymore, and yes, he thought Scott was actually dumb for getting back together with her. And Scott had read it all wrong, and thought Stiles was jealous – and he was! But not of Allison, of Isaac, his new wolfy friend.

He just thought that Allison would end up killing Scott, but, apparently, he didn't have a voice when it came to Allison, and their fight was awful, and Scott said awful things, and Stiles said awful things, and they… fell apart. They fell apart in a way Stiles didn't know was possible, because Scott was his best friend, he'd die for him, almost did a number of times, but when it came down to it, Scott would always put everyone before Stiles and he was sick and tired of it.

And he was tired of all the small ways Scott made clear for him that he wasn't pack.

He was tired of the disappointed looks he got from his dad, and the way the man seemed to be always waiting for something awful to happen to him. He was tired of having no backup, no one to turn to and be the one his best friend only remembered when he needed something.

He was tired.

And the Alpha mess was the last drop of it, because his dad had gotten hurt, and Scott wanted him to lie, and he'd do it, of course he'd do it, but just because he didn't want his dad to lose his sanity completely, and not because Scott was asking, because Scott, apparently, couldn't care less about his dad.

That's when the fight started, in the corridor of the hospital, with his dad asleep a few feet away. He called Scott a shitty friend for not wanting his back up, and told him he was stupid for getting back together with Allison, and for trusting her, and for believing Isaac, and for forgetting about him. And Scott said he was only human, and he couldn't fight, he was a nuisance in a fight, he wasn't help.

He was weak.

And that was it, the end of their friendship in a hospital corridor, at three in the morning, when the Sheriff had broken his left arm after being thrown against a tree by some animal he couldn't identify.

Stiles had had enough, and he wouldn't apologize to Scott until he did it first.

The thing is Scott never did it.

And that was the end of it.

His father is back home the very next day, and Stiles tries to act normally around him while he's still on painkillers. His dad knows Stiles lied to him about why Scott was the one who found him in the woods, and Stiles knows he knows, but this is it – Stiles has had it, and Scott could have apologized but didn't, and Stiles just wants this whole… mess to be over.

He gets into his dad's room late at night again, after spending the whole day trying to think of ways to do this. He decides that blunt honesty is the best way to go, seeing as the lying road is pretty much what is destroying the once amazing relationship he had with his dad.

He sits on the man's bed and looks down, sighing. His dad muted the TV he had been staring at, and stares at Stiles instead, his face telling the boy his father is expecting another barrel of lies to come out of his mouth.

Well, not today.

"I've been lying to you. These last few months. You know it, and I know you know it, and I think it was amazing of you not to despair of me more than you did, and I am really, really, really sorry. There's not enough sorry in the world to excuse what I did, and I know that."

He takes a breath and looks at his dad to see him staring back, a bit hopeful.

Not all is lost.

"I can't tell you what's been going on, most of all because it's not my secret to tell" He stares at his dad, and sees the man is looking disappointed again, as if he's having his heart crushed by his son one more time, "But I can promise you it's over. It's… over. It's done. I'm done with all of that, and I'm done with Scott's messes, and I'm done with trying to help. I'm… done" he finishes, fighting a few tears that are threatening to fall. He looks up, into his father's eyes before speaking again, "No more lying. Not anymore."

His dad doesn't say anything, and that is a sign that it'll take time for him to believe Stiles, but it's a start. He sighs, and pulls his son in for a hug, and Stiles' arms tighten around his dad.

He's done.

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