Filling out a prompt from burnouts. You should totally check her fics out. They're perfection!

Prompt/s: interwoven, crescendo, knit-hat, snow/snow flakes, and/or letter.

Winter had always been Marley's favourite season. The ground would be covered with a thick, white layer of cold and frozen texture and the warm feeling of home-cooked meals as she entered the small apartment she lived in would make her feel at home, more so than ever before.

When Jake had broken up with Kitty just before Halloween, Marley tried to stay away from him. Tina and Unique would continuously bother her whenever they found her staring at him and through the embarrassment (let's not forget the hurt when he chose the blonde over her), she willed herself to forget about him.

She wasn't some doormat he could walk all over when he felt like it. It was like he would bring her to a peak (a wonderful crescendo of infatuation) and then shove her down as if he wanted to hurt her on purpose.

(After a while, she began believing that he really did know what he was doing.)

She was sitting on the bleachers again (the hard metal now cold) when he found her. He was carrying his guitar again and he sat down a couple of steps down from where she was as if he wanted her to notice him.

She ignores the stab of annoyance that she feels when he's strumming the chords.

Their song.

She pulls the knit-hat she was wearing closer around her face, covering her ears and pretending that she couldn't hear him. He knew exactly what he had done a couple of days ago (told her that he would rather sing with her than anyone else, but choosing to sing with Kitty instead of her during Glee Club) and it was up to him to fix it. Never mind the fact that he kissed her two weeks ago and they decided to see where it led them. Their magical relationship only lasted for three days before he went back to his old ways.

After a few minutes, he huffed and walked the couple of steps up, taking a seat next to her. Biting her bottom lip to keep from talking, she faced the other way, ignoring his presence. Slowly, she felt his hand slowly creep to hers as he interwove their fingers together (and damn it, she wished he didn't feel like a sweet escape).

His lips lingered near her ear and he sighed. "I'm so sorry."

Slowly, with her heart clenching and her eyes prickling, she pulled her hand away from his and stood up. "Apologise when you'll mean it."

It's Christmas Day when there is a knock on the door. Marley get's up from her couch and walks forward, opening the wooden door before she even checks who it is.

(She should have expected this, and she smiles softly at the feeling of butterflies returning.)

Jake's stubborn, Marley realises as he enters without even asking. He hands her a pink rose and a piece of paper and walks forward as she begins reading it.

I'm sorry.

She turned the piece of paper around and the corners of her lips quirked upwards, making Jake release a sigh.

I need you back, babe.

Before she can do so much as answer, he's lifting her chin upwards and presses his lips to hers.

She looses herself in the moment and closes the door behind them.

(When they're walking towards her bedroom, he interlocks their fingers together and murmurs sweet nothings into her ear.)

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