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Pairing: OC x Sally, Sonic x Mina or Amy

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Sonic the Hedgehog: A Keyblade Master's Tale

Chapter 2: Homecoming

(The Village of Knothole)

"Look, Everybody! Look!" a young pink hedgehog yelled out happily as she pointed out to something.

"What is it, Amy Rose?" somebody asked.

"Never mind, child- I see it for myself, but I can scarcely believe it! Emerging from the Great Oak Slide—It's Bunnie Rabbot, young Miles Prower and Antoine D'Coolette!" King Max said in surprise.

"Yes, Father. They've returned safely! They somehow escaped Doctor Robotnik's Space Platform!" Elias said with the same surprised look.

"But look, Prince Elias—they've also brought Sonic's parents—and who's that with them?" Geoffrey asked.

"YEEE-HA!" Bunnie called out as she slid to a stop.

"This is Jeramiah, he is the grandson of the great storyteller, Kirby!" Sonic's roboticized mother yelled out.

"Hello, everybody!" Tails greeted the citizens of Knothole.

"How'd you all escape?" a villager asked.

"Looong story!" Bunnie answered.

"It sure is good to be home, though!" Sonic's mother called out.

"Welcome back!" another villager yelled out.

"Jules…Bernie…Robotnik bragged of how he'd regained control over all roboticized Mobians…but the two of you somehow seem to be still in possession of your free will! How can that be?" Doctor Quack asked Sonic's parents as he examined them.

"It's somehow connected to our anniversary present, Doctor Quack…" Jules began.

"These wedding bands that Sonic gave us!" Bernie finished for Jules.

"I don't believe that—it's just not scientifically feasible!" Dr. Quack said while intrigue by the bands the both hedgehogs wore.

"Science doesn't matter where the power of the super emerald is concerned, my friend. It was that same power that enabled Sir Charles Hedgehog and I to fashion those wedding bands from pre-existing Power Rings." Nate Morgan stated to Dr. Quack.

"What about the Princess? Where's Sally and Sonic?" King Max asked as he came up to the Freedom Fighters.

"Well, sire…zey…er…" Antoine began.

"Kinda had…to stay…in Robotropolis…" Tails continued for Antoine.

"And complete…a dangerous…mission." Bunnie finished for the two. All three of them tried to not look at the King, most likely knowing how he'll react.

"Oh, really? Another dangerous mission without my say-so? Please tell me. I'd love to hear all about it…" the king asked with a raised eyebrow.

(Meanwhile, in the desert between Robotropolis and the Great Forest)

"Are you sure, Sal?" Sonic asked as he, Sally, and the group of rescued Mobians with Alex leading the group.

"I hope so, Sonic! The virus that Snively and I planted in Robotnik's Master Computer should prevent him from ever learning of Knothole's hidden location! If not, nothing will ever stop that fiend and his new shadow-bots from finding us or the other Mobians we rescued!" Sally said as they walked across the desert.

"Well, then they can give it their best shot! I'll be right there waiting to-" Sonic said as he was interrupted.

"Princess Sally." Nicole called out from the portable computer Sally held in her hands.

"Yes, Nicole?" Sally answered.

"My built-in sensors detected three Shadow-Bot-bearing vessels approaching from the west." Nicole announced as Alex's ears perked at that information from the front of the group.

'Looks like trouble's heading our way. They could have trouble, but I guess it can't be helped if I just lend them a helping hand.' Alex thought to himself.

"What?!" Sonic asked, alerted from the update of the upcoming trouble that's heading their way.

"Quickly, everyone! I can see the Great Forest in the distance! We don't have much time to walk there, so we'll have to run!" Sally yelled as everyone started running towards the forest. The Shadow-bot vehicles could be seen from the group's location.

"Just what do you think you're doing?!" Sally called out, seeing Sonic not running, but getting into fighting stance.

"What I was born to do. I'm gonna go kick some serious "bot!" " Sonic yelled back. The aircrafts were getting close to their location as Sally went back to drag Sonic back.

'What are they doing?! They need to stay with the group! Aw man, looks like I need to get them also.' Alex thought as he told the group to run to the forest and ran his way back to the two.

"Hey, leggo, Sal! I was striking a really dramatic pose there! How am I supposed to intimidate Robotnik's Goon platoon with you crampin' my style this way?" Sonic argued as he was being dragged away.

"The answer is simple, you're not going to!" Sally argued back. The shadow-bots were almost upon them.

"Am too!"

"Are not!"

"Am too!"

"Are not!" Sonic and Sally argued.

"What are you two doing, we need to get out of here before…!" Alex intervined, getting their attention. They were going to say something, but the three Mobians were soon already surrounded by the shadow-bots.


"And prepare for-"

"Complete robotization." The three shadow-bots stated, surrounding them in their hovercrafts. Not too soon did somebody use their tail to destroy one of the hovercrafts.

"Look! It's Dulcy the Dragon…and she, like, completely totaled two of those shadow-bots!"Sonic yelled as he gave Dulcy a thumb up. Alex and Sally were relieved that they received help the last second.

"What are friends for, Sonic?" Dulcy asked as she waved back to them.

"Surrender now and be roboticized." Said the last shadow-bot as it zoomed towards them.

"Look out!" Alex yelled as he pointed to the incoming hovercraft. They turned and saw it coming towards Dulcy as the dragon flinched and braced herself for the incoming hovercraft. Alex quickly intervened as he drew out his Keyblade with a shining light in his right hand and threw it at the hovercraft with a surge of magic power. The Keyblade made impact and destroyed it with an explosion as it disappeared. Sonic, Sally, and Dulcy, who withdrew from her flinch, looked on in amazement at the rubble of the destroyed hovercraft. They turned their attention from it towards where the mysterious weapon came from, in other words Alex, who was holding the Keyblade in hand.

"Are you guys alright?" Alex asked in worry. The three were silent for several seconds until Sonic decided to speak up for them.

"Awesome! How did you do that?!" Sonic asked in amazement.

'I take that as a yes.' Alex thought as he decided to change the subject.

"I'll explain later. Right now, we need to get back and see if the other civilians are okay." Alex spoke.

"I agree. We need to get back to Knothole before anything else happens to us." Sally said as they turned towards Dulcy.

"Way to go, Dulcy!" Sonic said to her.

"Thanks! I'm glad to see that you're both back from orbit. Also…" Dulcy said as she turned to Alex.

"I almost got rammed by that shadow-bot. Thank you for saving me, um…" Dulcy thanked as she wanted his name.

"Alex, Alexander Thorndyke." Alex introduced himself.

"It's nice to meet you, Alex. So, do you guys need a lift?" Dulcy asked.


"B-But you're heiny (Highness), eet was Sonic who uncovered Robotneek's scheme!" Antoine pleaded.

"And if'n Sonic didn't disobey your orduhs, his folks'd be mindless slaves!" Bunnie spoke.

"Yeah, and-" Tails said as he was interrupted by King Max.

"Enough! I've heard all that I need to regarding Sonic, thank you…" King Max said, silencing them.

(Back to Alex and the group)

"Hold on tight, everyone! I'm about to touch down!" Dulcy called out to everyone except Alex, who was currently flying on his Keyblade Glider with his armor and helmet on. His glider looks exactly like Ventus's glider

'I've always had a rough time with my landings, but I've got to try and make this one count.' Dulcy thought, pleading to herself to make a nice, soft landing this time.

"Way to go, Dulce! I-" Sonic cheered as he was silenced by Sally.

"Quiet, Sonic. She's not finished yet, so don't break her concentration!" Sally whispered as she scolded Sonic.

'Perfect!' Dulcy thought as she made a perfect landing on the ground.

"Here you are and here I go!" Dulcy called out as she flew away.

"Bye, Dulcy…and thanks!" Sally, Sonic, and Alex called out, waving as Alex landed and dissipated his Keyblade.

"All right, everybody…the Great Oak Slide awaits and so does Knothole!" Sonic yelled as the rescued citizens slid down the hole in the root of the tree and entered Knothole. Sonic, Sally, and Alex slid down last.


"They've arrived at last!" the citizens cheered as the rescued Mobians entered from the hole.

"Hello, citizens!" Sally called out as the last three came out.

"We're here, too!" Sonic yelled as he posed for the civilians. The citizens gasp and whispered amongst themselves, seeing them.

"They don't seem that happy to see us, guys." Alex said as he dissipated his armor.

"It could be just you, Alex." Sonic said in a joking manner.

"Ha ha, not funny." Alex deadpanned at Sonic.

"I wonder why." Sally asked.

"We can tell y'all the reason why!" Bunnie called out to them.

"Go for it, Bun. The suspense is killin' me!" Sonic called back to the group.

"Eet is not the suspense zat will accomplish that-URK!" Antoine was interrupted by Bunnie elbowing him.

"Hush your mouth, handsome!" Bunnie scolded Antoine.

"Um, are you two alright? You both have been awfully quiet for some time now." Bunnie asked after her scolding Antoine as she found Alex and Elias staring at each other.

"Alex, is that you?" Elias asked him.

"Yeah, it's me. Elias?" Alex questioned the prince.

"Alex!" Elias yelled out.

"Elias!" Alex called back as they ran up to each other and high fived their hands.

"Elias. Do you know him?" Sally asked.

"You don't remember, Sally?! It's Alex! He was my childhood friend back in Mobotropolis!" Elias stated.

"It's alright, Elias. I suspected that she would forget about me during Robotnik's invasion. I can't blame her for that." Alex said.

"Anyways, Sally…Sonic…Father wishes an audience with each of you. But first, he would like to see Alex before you two come to see him." Elias said as he led the three to where King Max was.

"How does he know that I was here?" Alex asked.

"I told Father that I saw you here and he made an appointment for you to see him after you returned." Elias answered.

"Oh." Alex said. They soon arrived at the hut where the King was residing in. Elias gestured him in, which Alex nodded and opened the door as he went inside.

"Any chance in Queen Alicia's condition, Doctor Quack?" King Max asked.

"No, sire, but I finally have a theory as to what could be wrong with-" Doctor Quack said as they heard the door open. They turned to see a Mobian squirrel at the door as he closed it.

"Your highness." Alex spoke as he bowed and showed his yellow Wayfinder locket which he opened and revealed his mother and father, along with him in the picture. His charm had the Acorn Royal crest in the middle of the charm. King Max stepped up and eyed the picture and gasped as he found that the boy in the picture was the same one standing before him.

"Alex! It's good to see you again, my boy." King Max greeted as he laid a hand down on the boy's shoulder. Unknown to them, Sally was secretly watching this from a nearby window, hearing what was going on in there.

"Yes, I'm so glad to be back here, my King." Alex stated. His eyes landed on the medical capsule and gasp, seeing Alicia in there.

"What happened to her?" Alex asked in worry.

"She's now in a coma and we're not sure when and if she would wake up." Dr. Quack answered. Alex frowned, remembering how nice and kind she was to him during his days at the palace when his parents were gone, doing their duties.

"Back to where we were. There's no need for formalities here. You've the same amount of nobility as my family does. Besides, you do remember that your father was a member of my sacred Royal guard who swore to protect the Royal Family, right?" Max asked, wanting to not set a bad atmosphere to talk about his wife.

"Oh, that's right." 'I must've forgotten that part after being far away from home for too long.' Alex said.

"Anyways, where were you for the past 12 years?" Max asked, wanting to know. Alex told him the short version of everything that happened to him for the past 12 years when Dr. Quack wasn't around. Since Max knew about the Keyblade wielders, Alex told him about Destiny Islands, the other worlds he went to, the heartless, nobodies, Organization XIII, the other Keyblade wielder friends he made with, the Dream Worlds he went to which contained Dream Eaters, and ended his story with the Second Keyblade War. Sally didn't understand about the Keyblade Alex possessed. She didn't know many things. Her father told her many stories about the Keyblade War and the wielders of the Keyblade when she was a young girl, but she never knew that this legend was actually true since there was one standing right before her father. More importantly, she didn't know how she couldn't even remember such a Mobian that held such a famous legendary power or even remember him as her childhood friend. She had to go to her father later to get the answers she needed. It took ten minutes to tell the whole story.

"I see. It seems that you had quite the journey. Also, before we end our chat, I like to offer you a position." Max said as he let all of the information sink in.

"Yes, Max? What is it you want from me?" Alex asked.

"After all of these years, your father, William Thorndyke, served as a guardian and also befriended while protecting the Royal Family until he had to go and fight in the Great War against the Overlanders. What I'm trying to say is, will you, Alexander Thorndyke, become the Royal Family's new Guardian and protect me, Elias, Sally, and my wife from harm?" Max asked. Alex and Sally were shocked at Max's offer. He thought that if he accepted, he could catch up on childhood memories with Elias and Sally. More importantly, he thought that if he spent more time with Sally, then that could help her regain her memories and for her to keep the promise she made with him.

"Max, I've decided to accept this position and become your Royal Guardian of the Acorn Royal Family." Alex said with determination and no doubt in himself, thinking he had what it takes to protect them.

"Excellent! That's exactly what I wanted to hear." Max said as he went to a shelf and grabbed a box.

"Here, take this with you and get dressed into in that room since you and the other freedom fighters won't go on any missions for a bit." Max said as he pointed to the door. Alex nodded and went inside the room and changed. When he was done, he came out and showed how he looked in his Royal clothing.

"You look great, Alex. Now I want you to stay here until I finish talking to my daughter and Sonic." Max said. As if on cue, Sally came through the door, seeing her father and Alex in his royal robes as he stood beside her father. The only difference Alex wore was that he was wearing a small cape and his crown, which Max kept over the years when Alex's parents died until Alex was old enough to wear it. Alex also had a ring on his right hand, showing the Royal Thorndyke crest on one side and the Royal Acorn crest on the other side.

"Daddy?" Sally asked.

"Oh, my little Acorn…I thought you were…were…" Sally's father spoke in sadness as he hugged her daughter.

"I'm sorry, Daddy…please don't…be angry…" Sally sobbed on her father's shoulder.

"I'm just glad you're alright, sweetheart." Max said as they parted from their hug.

"Father, why is Alex in here wearing some royal garments?" Sally asked as she dried her tears.

"I see that you don't remember when we were back at Mobotropolis. Sally, this is our new sacred guardian of the Acorn Royal Family. Alex's father was the previous protector of our family for many years. You and Alex first met when you were 3 years old. Alex's father and I had some business to take care of and left Alex with you and Elias." Max said.

"He is?" Sally asked.

"Yes, and I hope that he will do his best to fulfill his duty to look after you and Elias, along with your mother when she gets better." Max said in praise until he suddenly spoke in sadness when he spoke of his wife.

"And Mom? Is she alright, too?" Sally asked in worry.

"For now she is…for now." Max said with the same amount of worry. Alex was also worried as well as they were. When his parents went missing, which he thought they were to him, Queen Alicia took him in and had Rosie watch over him when she went to take care of errands. Alicia and Max were like a second pair of parents he came to know and care about, along with Sally and Elias.

Sally bided farewell to her father and walked out the door with Dr. Quack accompanying her as Alex stood beside Max once more.

"I hope she'll be okay. She seems to have been through a lot since we lost our home in Mobotropolis." Alex spoke with concern.

"She'll be alright; she just needs time to accept these changes before things turn better for her. Also, I hope things turn for the better for us when we fight against Robotnik and win our home back." Max said with a sigh.

"Yeah." Alex said as they were silent for several seconds. No later than that did Sonic peek form around the doorway.

"Uhh…Hi, your…umm…highness. I…well…like…" Sonic stumbled on his words.

"Not another word until I've had my say. Sonic the Hedgehog…since you returned to the Kingdom of Acorn, you haven't listened to my orders at all." King Max scolded Sonic with his crumpled up hands on his hips.

"When I strictly forbade your participation in the mission to save Nate Morgan's life, you ignored me. When I gave you a specific order not to investigate those satellites, you publicly refused." He continued as he crossed his hands in front of him. Sonic looked down in shame with his hands behind his back.

"Somehow you managed to disobey me on both occasions and…" he stopped speaking for a moment.

'Sonic…' Alex looked on with a saddened look on his face, hoping that things don't come to worse for Sonic.

"I'm not quite sure how to thank you for it! I admire someone who stands up for what they believe in, lad. It takes a lot of courage." King Max finished as he shook Sonic's hand. Both Alex and Sonic had shocked looks on their faces. Alex's look quickly changed from a shocked look in to a smile on his face, happy that Sonic didn't get into trouble with Max.

"Perhaps I was too hasty in my judgment of your actions. Your style is reckless, but it has its merits, I suppose. Can you accept my Royal apology for not trusting in you?" Max asked Sonic.

"Don't sweat it, sire…but I don't understand. If you really weren't mad at me, why'd you make everybody think you were?" Sonic asked in confusion.

"It wouldn't do for a general to publicly apologize to a disobedient soldier, even if that soldier was instrumental in winning the war. Right, Alex?" Max asked Alex with amusement as he had a hand under his chin.

"Indeed, Max. We wouldn't want anybody to think that you were letting Sonic off that easily." Alex said with a smirk.

"Otherwise, how would the general then appear to all the other soldiers in his command?" Max asked with a smile. He then gestured the two to follow him. Sonic walked from the left side of the King while Alex walked from the right.

"I can totally relate to that, sir. It's an 'ego' thing!" Sonic said as he laid a hand on Max's shoulder.

"Pretty much…" Max said with Alex nodding in agreement.

"Y'know…I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!" Sonic stated as they walked out of the hut.

(End of Chapter)