Yes, I know, I really shouldn't be writing another story when I've got so many things to do and other stories I have to finish. But I can't help all the Breredith feels today asdfghjkll;! September 22, 2012, the day Breredith became canon.

I'm not a member of Team Starkid, and I have sadly never met any of them, so all this is just in my head. But who says it can't be real?

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Of Tweets and Teasing

Meredith glared at the phone in her hands, pretending it was one certain Eric Kahn Gale. He had barricaded himself in his apartment, after she had chased after him with a spatula. She had gotten in a few good whacks before he had made it to his bike and wheeled away as fast as he could.

"How's it going on the-site-that-must-not-be-named?" she called to Brian, who was monitoring the situation on the computer.

"Well, think of it this way." Brian spun around to face her "If the reaction after your brother's tweet was bad, this is 100 times worse."

Meredith groaned.

"Let me guess. The fangirls are going batsh** crazy that we're an item."

"Pretty much, yeah."

Her phone alerted her that she had yet another text message. Ever since Eric had posted that damn tweet, the other Starkids had been relentlessly teasing them about it. Every five minutes, they'd get a text or phone call from one of the other Starkids, making jokes about the whole thing. If she was more paranoid, she'd say it was a plot.

The text was from Lauren this time, a link to a video. Despite herself, Meredith followed the link.

Her eyes narrowed to dangerous slits. Her breathing became quicker. Her fists clenched and unclenched. Brian, looking over her shoulder at the video playing looked torn between amusement and frustration.

"Really?" he said to an invisible Lauren "Really?"

"I'm going to kill her." Meredith muttered "I'm going to slowly kill her in the most painful way possible. After I kill Eric. Then I'll kill her. Then David. Then the rest of our friends. Then-"

He shut her up with a kiss.

She didn't complain.


"Nice one!" Walker howled, clutching his stomach and almost falling off his chair "Great idea, Lo!"

"That...was...perfect!" Jaime cheered between gasping for breath and laughing her head off "The best yet!"

"Top that, Richter!" Lauren said smugly to Joey on Skype.

"Ok, that was pretty good, Lopez, I'll admit." Joey said "Sending them the link to that Friends episode where Phoebe tries to seduce Chandler. But I bet I can come up with better!"

"Oh please!" Lauren scoffed "You have no imagination, Richter! Or have you forgotten who won the Nice Yo Mama battle?"

"I let you win!" Joey said unconvincingly.

"That's enough, you two!" Nick said "Who's after Joey?"

"Me." said Denise "Then Jaime."

"Remember, the idea is to keep bugging them with messages every five minutes. Joey, you've got about a minute to come up with something."

"That's not fair!" Joey protested "Lauren distracted me!"

"45 seconds."

"Fine." Joey grumbled, and whipped out his phone "This doesn't count, Lopez! I wasn't ready!"

"I'll let it go this time." Lauren conceded "But only because it's to tease Brian and Mere."