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Ten-year-old Ellie Gold only found out how cruel the world was to its inhabitants after the harshness of the secrets people kept struck her life thrice.

Strike one occurred four years ago, and she discovered that Mr. Gold was not her biological father, like she had thought he was. He had raised her from a baby, and she had even called him 'Papa' for six years of her life.

Ellie knew that Mr. Gold was the most feared man in Storybrooke, but she was convinced that he could change, because she knew his true colors. He was truthfully a very caring man who was a bit over-protective of the young girl.

He always made sure she was happy, that she was well cared for. He made sure that anyone who dared to hurt her in any way would go down in the most horrifying manner possible. Ellie didn't like how he dealt with enemies.

One thing Mr. Gold didn't know about his quiet, adopted daughter was that she had no friends.


All the children didn't mind her if she kept to herself, but if she tried to play jump rope with the other girls, they would look at her nervously, and mutter something about the sun being too bright before running away. They even used that excuse when it was cloudy.

They were scared of her, too. Whenever Ellie did something that very well deserved some sort of punishment, she was let off without any words. Ellie recalls one time when she had accidentally kicked her soccer ball into the window of a bakery, and the baker had stuck his red-with-anger face out the window, ready to tell off whoever broke his window, but then he saw who it was.

He had blanched, eyes wide open, and quickly said that it was alright, and no payment to fix the window was necessary.

She didn't like that. Ellie thought she deserved something for kicking in someone's window.

Strike two happened three months ago, when Ellie discovered that she had a twin brother, who had lived just three blocks down for her whole life, and she never even knew. Henry Mills, she had found out. Henry was just another boy at school, one like her, who was lonely and isolated. They had acknowledged the other's existence and said 'hi' while passing in the hallway every once in a while, but never did their friendship go beyond that.

Until three months ago, of course.

Strike three happened yesterday, when Henry had told her the news.

"Our birth mother is alive," He said, straight to the point.

"What?" Ellie's eyes widened, shifting her position on the bench situated on the docks.

"Yeah, I found out a few weeks ago. Her name is Emma Swan," Henry said.

"Emma? As in Prince Charming and Snow White's daughter, Emma?" Ellie questioned.

"The Savior," Henry confirmed, nodding his head.

"Wow… Our mother's the Savior. She can break the curse!" She perked up.

As soon as Mary Margaret had introduced the lonely Henry to the equally lonely Ellie, they had become best friends immediately, and he had shared his belief of the curse and his fairytale book to her. She had believed Henry right away.

"That's right, Ellie. I also have something to tell you…" Henry looked at his sister, as if debating if he should tell her or not.

Ellie tilted her head in curiosity, blinking her eyes a few times in confinement.

"I have Emma's address, and I don't think the website I used is a scam, and, well… I'm going to find her tomorrow after dinner, and bring her here. You can come, if you want,"

Ellie was severely tempted with the chance of leaving this tiny, rural town for a few hours, and opened her mouth to accept, but then remembered that her adoptive father needed to speak with her at dinner tomorrow night.

"I can't… He wants me at home tomorrow," Ellie shook her head sadly.

Henry knew who 'he' was. Ever since Ellie found out Mr. Gold wasn't her real father, she only referred to him as 'he' or 'him'.

"That's alright. I'll tell her all about you, though," Henry smiled.

"Okay, but, promise me you'll be safe?" Ellie asked.

"Only if you promise not to tell anyone about this conversation," Henry countered jokingly.

Ellie smiled, and nodded, "I pinky swear," She proclaimed, holding out her little finger.

The two locked pinkies.

"Deal," Henry beamed at the shorter girl.

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