Au: Okay, I know this is my first story with Fiv-0 so please be kind to me, I appreciate any and all reviews. Basically this is a OC/Kono story (I know, alot of people will hate me cause there is no Steve/Kono in it, but trust me when I say, there is alot of ground to cover.) This story is follows the story line following Lori Weston's dismissal from Five-0 2x16, but will concurrently follow 2x18 and on, with alot of the episode coverage toward when McGarret went after Wu Fat in 2x20 and so on, but alot will be covered from the finale.

"Everyone move! Now!"

His team quickly sprinted into position, a young woman in the front, an older man stood across from her, behind them were two younger men squatted into position, and he took a position in the back, assault rifle out.

For First Lieutenant Ryan Price, this mission was just as much of a thrill as being on the battle fields in Afghanistan, fighting alongside his fellow soldiers, while the mission to him, wasn't a just war, but it had to be done, but he was glad to be back home, in New York City and Task Force one forty-five was his new family.

"We move in on two's." Price replied "Kelly," He motioned to the young girl "you move up with Demarco." He turned to the other two "Markus, Robert, you take the lead, make sure no one gets in our way."

Each one of them wore a standard uniform, a Kevlar vest, gun belt for side arms, knives, grenades, whatever they needed and each one had either a machine gun, shotgun or assault rifle with them.

Kelly and Demarco took point on the warehouse door; Markus and Robert were ready to break it down while Price stood in the back. Their mission was given to them a month ago, One forty-five's main goal was to investigate the mafia of New York, the five Dons who ran it had started dying off one by one and each of their men and districts were being controlled by an independent benefactor, a benefactor they identified as Carl Elias Kellham, though he preferred to go by the name Elias, the bastard son of the head Don, Don Giovanni Moretti.

The warehouse the team arrived at was one of Elias' main headquarters, along the harbor near Brinton Beach; Elias took Brinton first in his campaign against the other Dons, about twelve hours before, Moretti was taken into the protection of the Task Force and sent out of state to a disclosed location.

As they approached the door, Price looked at his team, and then at the warehouse, it was a large three story building with a lot of windows, each row having about three or four per level, a perfect opportunity for a sniper, but if they didn't have cover, then this was going to turn into a turkey shoot.

As the door was broken in, Price put a hand on Demarco's shoulder "Sniper, we need cover in there."

Demarco looked at Price, then at a good position and nodded before breaking away from the group and proceeded up a fire escape of a nearby complex.

Price drew his side arm and followed the group inside of the warehouse.

Demarco reached the roof, a perfect position to get a few headshots in, removing his pack, he unzipped it and dumped the contents onto the ground, smiling, he found his target, the parts for a Barret .50 caliber sniper rifle.

A smile spread on Demarco's tanned face as he began to assemble the rifle, placing the foundation first, then the barrel and slipped it into place, along with a silencer attached to the barrel, the butt of the rifle went next, then a scope, a thermal scope was attached next, he slapped the clip in and pulled back on the trigger along the slide, the rounds slid into place.

Demarco tapped his earpiece "Lieutenant Price, Agent Johnson here. Sniper's in position, I've got eyes on your six."

"Roger that, the first floor is clear, moving to the second floor now, keep an eye on the third."

Price proceeded into the base with his team, Kelly and Robert beside him while Mark stood in front of him.

The interior of the warehouse had a series of crates stacked from floor to roof in about three rows, a few fire extinguishers by the sides of the house, each one was stacked in rows of six, the walls were a dark, charcoal gray and the roof was made of dark wood, the room seemed almost like a maze.

Mark proceeded forward; his body was leaning against one of the crate rows, as he rounded his head, a series of rounds burst, he ducked back around and squatted, his breath was heavy, the source came from a thug with a AK-47, he peered down the sights and fired again,

He was soon joined by another and they both opened fire, Price ducked on the other side of the entrance way, Robert stood with Mark while Kelly stood with Price.

"Now what!?" Robert asked

Price smiled "I got it covered." He cracked his knuckles and went to his belt

Pulling a grenade off of his belt, pulled the pin and chucked it into the air. The grenade was not the typical pineapple shape; it was more of a cylinder shape, as it was flung in the air, it bounced off the wall, landed on the ground and began to roll.

"Everyone, cover your ears!" Price ordered as he covered his ears with his gloved hands

Kelly, Mark and Rob covered their ears as the grenade exploded; a bright burst of light followed the pop.

Price uncovered his ears and stormed forward, pointing his pistol forward, he pressed the trigger four times, and each one was precise and accurate, both shots were sent into one of the thug's arms, the other went into their legs. They each fell to the ground, they roared and they faces were stricken with pain, blood stained their uniforms as Price motioned forward with his hands.

Price proceeded on the wooden stairs moving toward the second floor as his radio went off.

"Lieutenant Price, Agent Johnson here. Sniper's in position, I've got eyes on your six."

Ryan pressed a hand to his ear "Roger that, the first floor is clear, moving to the second floor now, keep an eye on the third."

"Copy that, thing is Price…." Demarco paused "the fourth and fifth floors are empty, I see only five bodies on the third, and none of them match Elias' body build."

Price's eyes widened as he and the team took cover, he shook his head, ran a hand along his dark brown hair and pressed his earphone.

"Repeat that Johnson, did you just say Elias is not here!?"

"Roger that one LT. Bennett is not going to be happy."

Price frowned "Of course, continue previous objective, don't let them get us."

"Got it."

"Alright team, we've got a problem." Price addressed his team as they broke from cover and proceeded up the stairs

David Ferrari stood at the end of the third floor, he rocked his neck to both sides, the bones cracking as he drew his pistol and deactivated the safety.

"We're about to have company," Ferrari spoke with a very thick Italian accent "you heard what the boss said, don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!"

Each man nodded and pointed their rifles; there were five of them, each one only dressed in a collared shirt and sport jacket. Ferrari on the other hand was an older man in his late thirties, his head was freshly shaven, his skin was olive colored, a thick mustache was over his lip while he wore a freshly cut Italian suit, which consisted of a white collared shirt, a dark gray jacket and matching pants, he wore black Italian loafers on his feet.

As one of the crates fell, the thugs fired at the position with their rifles, each one burned out a full clip on a location that was dead. Each one popped a clip out of their jackets and replaced the dead one.

"Men, keep your heads, we're not going to get anywhere wasting ammo."

"Actually, you're not going anywhere."

Ferrari turned to Price standing in front of him, pistol out, behind him were Mark and Robert, Kelly was pointing her rifle at the side of them.

"Lieutenant Price." Ferrari chuckled "How wonderful it is to see you again amici."

Ryan growled "David Ferrari, you are under arrest, drop your weapons on the ground now."

Ferrari still had a smile on his face "Let me think about that for a minute." He paused for a moment "Open fire!"

Just as one of his men were about to fire, a bullet broke the glass, a small hole was in the top right hand corner of the window as the bullet slammed into the thug's shoulder, sending him to the ground.

Ferrari looked at Demarco, who slid the reload throttle and looked through the scope, below them, a series of blue and red lights began to go off.

"Sir, it's the cops." One of the thugs reported

"As you were saying?" Price asked, a smile on his face

"Men." Ferrari gave Price a death stare "Weapons on the ground."

Each one of them dropped their weapons, squatting down on their knees and placing their hands on their heads.

Price stormed over to Ferrari and grabbed his wrist "David Ferrari, you're under arrest for charges of corruption, murder in the first degree, kidnapping…I'll need to get my tablet out to read the rest of them." He cuffed Ferrari's wrists and forced him to his feet and took him out to the police cars outside

One-forty-five's base was a large building on the outskirts of Manhattan, Robert, Kelly and Mark were outside of the interrogation room, while Demarco and Price stood inside, with Ferrari was handcuffed, his arms on a desk.

The room had dull lighting, but managed to give enough so everyone could be seen, Ferrari was sitting in a chair while Price and Demarco were standing walking around him.

"I want my lawyer." Ferrari demanded

"You'll get one; we just need you to answer a few questions." Demarco promised

"I' m not answering any questions, I know my rights, I have a right to a lawyer, so I want my lawyer."

"Your about not to get one Ferrari," Price growled "if you don't shut up and answer my questions."

The door opened and a man stood in the doorframe, cane in his hands, he wore a black overcoat, a white shirt, black pants and loafers, he had graying hair and dull steely-eyes, the man was in his late fifties early sixties, one could tell by his thin body, wrinkles and a slight hunch in his back and had to walk with a cane.

"Problem in here you two?"

Demarco stepped over and whispered in the man's ear, the man nodded as he proceeded forward, when he got to Price, he looked at him.

"You're in my way boy."

Price held his hands up and backed up as the man raised his cane so the hook was upwards.

"Come on Price." Demarco grabbed his arm and led Price out

As he was escorted out of the room, he could hear the man speak "This is how you interrogate someone!"

The last sound was the screams echoing from Ferrari's mouth.

Ryan decided to leave the others where they were at and proceeded into processing. A plastic cup of coffee was in his hand as he sat down in a chair.

Processing was where One-forty-five did most of their work, at the back of the room were the offices of Chief Joseph Bennett, he was inside the interrogation room, he had a habit of making criminals talking after five minutes or so, and parallel to it was his office, Kelly and the others didn't have one because they were mostly field agents, he wouldn't have one either had it not been for the Pentagon insisting that he join the task force.

On the main room, was a large table, with touch screen interface, a keypad was suspended in the air by a large movable mechanical arm. Price approached the keypad and pressed a few keys in the keypad.

In a flash, a file appeared on the touch screen table, right above it was a series of televisions which gave them view of everything involving the cases they were working, he turned the TVs off and opened the file.

Inside was information from a case he worked years ago. Case number 1.17354 state of Hawaii vs. Yusuf Osman.

That case was so long ago, it was eight years ago and yet it felt like yesterday, Yusuf was a traveler, he had unfortunately been contracted by the Taliban into being an arms dealer, he flew the nuclear weapons to Hawaii, another guy picked them up and would commit another mass murder like when the towers came down eleven years before.

The case got messy because the Hawaii Police Department got involved, the man he worked with was a kind enough of a man, Price was a little too hot headed back then, too stubborn to actually corporate at first, but then something caused them to work together.

The cop, then Detective Kelly had a cousin, a young surfer, about eighteen at the time, she was taken by Yusuf and held as a hostage, Price and Kelly broke in, and he dealt with the arms dealer while Price saved the cousin.

Price had managed to convince the judge to let Yusuf have house arrest charges and if he did it again, Price would personally arrest him, Osman was a good guy, he had a family of five to feed plus a wife waiting for him, though he later found out she left him and they all wanted nothing to do with him, Ryan looked out for Yusuf and he knew he could trust him, the guy was a good guy, he just got pulled into the job, he was fixing cars in a garage in Honolulu now.

But that was eight years ago, no sooner after the case, he had…developed feelings for Detective Kelly's cousin, but he couldn't tell her, she had her whole life ahead of her, a long distance relationship would only mess things up for her.

Price tapped a picture on the screen, the week before he left Oahu he spent some time with her, kidnapping cases struck hard for Price, the picture was of him and her at one of her surfing competitions, right before her start, she had shoulder length brown hair, matching brown eyes, fair, tanned skin, and she stood about a few inches shorter than him, he was wearing tan cargo shorts, a white tank-top and a dark gray short sleeved collared shirt, which was open.

He smiled at the picture, they were so young back then, he was nothing more than a soldier just coming back from overseas serving with Delta Force, it seemed like a lifetime ago since those days, and he wondered what had become of the pair he worked with, whether or not they were still with HPD.

His thoughts were interrupted by Bennett who came in with the rest of the team, Ryan deactivated and closed the case and stood at attention.

"Get your gear Price; you're going back to work."

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