It was a complicated process, Catherine was a good help, but Price was utterly lost with what to do.

"Come on, would you just pick something?" Catherine asked "What about that one?"

Sweat dropped down his brow "I'm not sure." He sighed but managed to regain his composure Catherine doesn't know about this part yet.

A man walked up to the pair "Something I can help you with?"

Price sighed, he had dragged Catherine to the mall after their grocery expedition and after he took his pain killers, he had a whole night planned for him and Kono, but now it came the hardest part.

She didn't bug him about the whole commitment issue brought up the first week he had arrived in Oahu, but he still wanted something to prove the commitment to her without proposing marriage, that was off the table until he could not be pulled in twelve separate directions.

"Yeah." Price looked at the man "I'm looking for something for my girlfriend, something that says I love you and I'm committed without marriage."

"Well," the man looked at Catherine "Should we take this in private? Your girlfriend is standing right there."

Catherine laughed at this, Price smirked "She's a friend of my family, she's helping me out."

"Ah I see, well, tell me, what does your girlfriend have an interest in?"

Price thought for a moment "She was a surfer, she's currently a cop. Not really sure what else to say."

"So, you're not looking for something flashy but you want something that says, you're the most beautiful woman in the world to me?" He held his hands up

He nodded "Of course."

"And what would be your price range?"

"Money is not an issue." Price reassured

"Then I have just the thing." The man led Price and Catherine over to a section of jewelry "This section isn't as flashy as an engagement ring, but it'll do just the trick."

Price looked around and remembered one thing "I actually called a week ago." He pulled a flyer out of his pocket "I had a custom order."

The man looked at the slip "Of course Mister Price, I'm terribly sorry." He walked over to the safe under the counter, opened it and presented it to Price "here you are sir."

Price nodded "Thank you so much." He quickly handed him his credit card

The man scanned his card and handed it to Price "Thank you, have a good day."

"Well, hope you're ready for this. It's a big thing claiming commitment." Catherine reminded as her car pulled up to Kono's house

"I know, I think I'm ready to do this." Price smiled

Catherine smiled and hugged him "Good luck, I'm sure Steve will find out."

"I'm sure. Thanks Catherine."

He quickly walked out of her car as she drove off and onto the street, he opened her door using the spare key Kono gave him when he first arrived and proceeded inside and knew what the plan was, he just hoped things would go well.

Price, you don't have much time, Kono is preparing to leave the office and heading home, you got maybe half an hour.

Price looked at the text message on his phone from Chin, who had been keeping him up to date, only Catherine and Chin knew of his plan, Steve and Danno he had to keep it a secret, and with Kono, he had to definitely kept it a secret.

He had been cooking since he had gotten back with Catherine around one in the afternoon, they had stopped off for lunch, shopped and then Price came back and started cooking. Luckily for him, he had downloaded a cookbook of his mother's favorite and personal recipes, something he enjoyed doing, a lot of his friends told him that if he wasn't a cook, he could become an amazing chef, a lot of the time when he was in the army, he would cook for his company even when he wasn't on KP duty. He had decided to bring a little bit of New York City to their small rancher home in Oahu, and while he didn't have the materials necessary for some of his favorite restaurants back home, he could try his best at recreating one of his mother's favorite recipes, let alone, his favorite to eat as a child.

He quickly got the pans going and started cooking; he was just hoping this was going to impress Kono.

He quickly polished off the dishes; he had decided to use his mother's stuffed breaded chicken dish with a baked potato, homemade biscuits and a bottle of red wine Chin had given him a while ago.

He had lit the candles and was keeping the bottle of wine on ice, he walked over to his phone and looked at the last text message he had gotten.

Kono's leaving now, she should be at the house in about fifteen minutes or so, you'd better be ready with your little dinner plans.

There wasn't any need to reply, Chin knew that if he didn't, it meant he was still getting ready, as he looked out the window to the front lawn, Kono's car had pulled into the driveway, he saw her exit the vehicle and was fiddling with her keys as Price ran back over to the dining room, turned the radio on and started to unscrew the cork.

She hadn't heard anything from Price in the last few hours, best she could tell, he was sleeping, though with Price, if there was one thing Kono learned over the last few weeks he had been staying with her, expect the unexpected, she had just been doing paper work for the last few hours while Chin and Steve had been working on hunting down Raul Ramirez.

She thought of the past often enough since Ryan came back into her life, a lot of the time, when she was cuddled into him, she would find herself waking up in the middle of the night and discovering he was still there, herself believing it was all a dream, he had turned into quite a man since she had last saw him, Delta Force, college graduate and could definitely major league ass, something she enjoyed in the men she dated, she didn't want to hold the pants in the relationship. Still, she couldn't help but fall in love with him, his toned body, the way he took charge, the gentle and tender way he held her in his arms, his personality, everything about him seemed perfect, and unfortunately, she found herself trailing off like a school girl whenever these thoughts crept into her mind.

As she fiddled with her keys, she heard ruffling around and the light was on in her house. Who was stupid enough to pull that off? As she opened her door, she drew her pistol and aimed it forward as she slowly began to walk toward the dining room, didn't make any sense why someone would head into her dining room.

Kono aimed her pistol forward "Don't move!"

Price looked up as the cork finally popped on the wine bottle "Oh hey, your home!" A smile spread on his face "What's with that?" he motioned to her gun

A confused look spread on Kono's face, lit candles, wine, and dinner. When did Price do this? He was supposed to be at home with stomach pains.

"I don't understand? What's with this?"

"I wanted to do something nice." Price set the bottle down "You were nice enough to help me with my case, welcome me into your home, I figured dinner was the least I could do."

Kono smiled, put her pistol away and set it on the counter in the kitchen along with her badge, she walked over and kissed Price on the lips "You didn't have to go through the trouble."

He walked over to the table and pulled her chair out "I hope you like dinner, it's my mom's recipe."

"I'm sure it's fine Ryan." Kono smiled as she sat down and Price gently pushed her in

He walked over to the wine bottle "Wine?"

"Of course." She smiled

Price gently poured a glass for each one of them; a smile was on his face the entire time.

"Whatever happened to your stomach cramps?"

"The what?" Price asked as the set the wine bottle back in the ice

"The stomach cramps." Kono reminded him

"Oh…it was just gas." He smirked as he sat down

"Ryan, don't lie to me. You're terrible at it." Kono smirked at him

"Okay, I didn't have stomach problems." Ryan smiled "I did take my pain meds though."

"So why did you get Catherine to come and get you then?"

"Oh I'll reveal that one after dinner, now eat up." Price smiled

They both ate in silence though it only lasted for a few minutes and they kept talking, mostly about the little things, though it was mostly about Price's childhood, she never knew about half the things about him, his father dying in ninety-seven he knew, but she didn't know about his mother disappearing six months later under unnamed circumstances, claiming it was to visit family, his time in the army and his time in Delta Force, though she had a feeling some things he chose to block out due to negative feelings.

She took the last bite of chicken and smiled "That was great Ryan, really."

Price smiled as he took her plate and his, walking into the kitchen and began to clean off the dishes "Well, you know, funny thing is, my friends insisted I give up my job in the military and my future of being a cop and go into the culinary business."

"Want any help?"

"Nope, I got it," He smiled as he walked into the dining room "close your eyes and just wait, please?"

Kono smiled, shook her head and gently closed her eyes, leaning back in her chair, after a few moments, she felt a relaxing feeling on her shoulders.

"Ryan, if you wanted to give me a neck rub…" she gently moved her hair away from her shoulders "I don't need to close my eyes."

He smirked "This is just a warm up," He leaned forward, kissed her cheek and gently took the jewelry he bought and gently placed it in her hand "Okay, open your eyes."

Kono opened her eyes to a black box in her hands "Well, wonder what this can be."

She opened the box and a wide grin went, it was a fourteen caret, silver tennis bracelet, with blue topaz gemstones.

"Ryan," she felt the tears build "When did you do this?"

He pulled up a chair and sat next to her "I did it that same week we were preparing for the undercover op."

She leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips, as she parted, she kept her forehead against his "You certainly know how to make a girl feel good huh?"

"Turn it over."


"Turn it over, there's an inscription on the back."

Kono gave him a confused look as she turned over the bracelet, a small surfer symbol was on both sides of the text and it read to the angel of my life, another eight years of happiness.

He smiled at her "I hope you like it."

She smirked and quickly put it on her right arm; she leaned forward and kissed him "I…"

"Kono? Something wrong?" He asked

"I…I'm just speechless." Kono smiled as she ran a hand along his face

"I'm going to be honest; I did all this…to prove something to you."

"And what was that?"

"How much I love you."

Kono was literally in shock, she had been mulling this over in her mind for quite some time now, but she had no idea how he felt about her.

"You love me?" She almost stuttered

"Ever since we met eight years ago actually is how long I've loved you." Ryan smiled at her "And…with your permission, I would like to be able to properly form a relationship with you."

Kono smiled and playfully thought it over for a minute, she could see the sweat beating off of Price's forehead "Okay, I'm yours." She smiled and whispered the last part in his ear, electing a soft groan from him

Price smiled at her as he slowly ran his fingers through her hair, he then moved to her lips and kissed her passionately.

"Best dinner ever?"

"Of course, now just to see if you can hold your own in a fight, then you're never leaving my sight."

"Well, we may be able to do that." Price smiled

The next morning at work, Kono had brought Price in who had just went with her for a five mile jog up the beach and back in their private spot, she had even promised to teach him how to surf when his stitches were removed.

"Morning you two." Chin smiled at Price who simply winked at him

"Morning cuz, find anything?"

"No, but we did find something at the crime scene yesterday." Chin tapped a few keys and slid the screen to the main screens "Meet Dmitri Warner, the only survivor of Raul Ramirez's wrath, Steve found him barely alive, we're still trying to dig up intel on him."

The man was of Russian American descendent, with the body build of Russia, a light skin tone and light blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.

"Is he still alive?" Price asked

"Yes, he is stable and is taking patients, I've arranged for you and Kono to go and question him."

"We're on it." Price nodded

As Kono walked out, Chin noticed Kono's wrist "Hey cuz!"

Kono looked at him "Yeah?"

"Nice bracelet."

Kono blushed and walked out. Price looked at Chin, a grin on his face and he shook his head.

"Keep her happy."

"Oh I will." Price smiled "I'm not leaving her anytime soon."

Okay, so this chapter took longer then expected, major writers block for this, but I wanted there to be a committment because we're hitting the high road and things are going to start going upwards and soon, we're going to get back into the major action, but don't worry, there won't be an ending yet, I still have a lot of ground to cover.

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