"God damn it Chief, you have no right sending one of your men out here without my okay!"

Chief Bennett smiled from the other side of his computer, a video chat had been established with Hawaiian governor, and this conversation had been going on for five minutes now and he was already being attacked? He did his time, he served his country, he was all he could be, and he was being attacked by a politician, how degrading.

Kelly Deluca stood in the corner, she had been asked to be with the Chief incase his temper triggered again, not the best thing to deal with when it comes to politicians.

"On the contrary Denning, I have every right." Bennett pressed a button on his computer

A small window popped up on the Governor's screen, the direct seal of the Pentagon on the top of the page.

"According to this directive, I have the right to treat my squad as a military unit. So sending my man out to you is necessary."

Sam frowned on his side of the screen, he leaned back in his chair "Who is the guy?"

"I've emailed you the dossier on the man I sent, he's been there before. Ex- special forces, he and the C.O of your task force should get along well together."

"I don't care if they get along or not. Technically, I shouldn't even let him get involved in this case."

Bennett smiled, the creases and lines in his face moved as well "I don't know Governor; maybe I should contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation and let them know you are holding the ally of a terroristic crime boss? I'm sure after that little incident with the Russian embassy a few weeks ago; I'm surprised you haven't been impeached yet."

Denning sighed and shook his head "You really would go that far?"

"I know the Russians may be a bit forgiving for having your task force bring about that case with one of their men, but take it from a guy who saw Russian soldiers about to shoot you once they saw the whites in your eyes, they aren't one to forgive so quickly." Bennett's temper began to flare

Kelly placed a hand on his shoulder and shook her head; Bennett looked back and simply nodded at the rookie, he had to admit, Price could pick 'em.

"In any event Governor, my man will need the same rights your task force has, hopefully that can be taken care of."

Before Denning could respond, his secretary handed him a file, he shook his head "Damn it."


"No, just something might have come up. I'll have your man given diplomatic rights Joseph; you'll have your way."

"Good, I'll leave you be." Bennett flipped the screen off, effectively closing the line

Kelly looked at him "You really think he'll corporate?"

"Of course not, but Price is a grown man, he can handle himself, I did choose him for a reason."

Denning looked at the file and shook his head; he knew what he had to do. He leaned toward his phone and dialed a number; he placed the phone on speaker.


"Commander, Governor Denning, your team is needed with HPD; they've already been dispatched to the area."

"Right sir, where's the address?"

"At the corner of 37th and Maple….." He paused for a moment

"Something wrong sir?"

I need you to let the One-Forty Five member apart of your mission."

"Sir, with all due respect…"

Before McGarrett could finish, Denning retaliated "I'm ordering you to work with him Commander, he came all this way, and I'd hate to tell him he has to leave no sooner after he arrives."

McGarrett sighed "Alright sir, we're on it."

Two hours before…

"Aloha, everyone! This is Captain Jenkins speaking, we're arriving at Oahu international Airport, passengers please fasten your seatbelts, put your trays in their normal upright positions and enjoy the rest of your flight and welcome to Hawaii!"

The plane ride was a smooth twelve hour flight, a bit of turbulence here and there, but it was fine, all Price did was read over some work files and listened to music from his phone. He sighed and leaned back fastening his seatbelt, he hadn't eaten since about five the night before, it was now eight-thirty, he hadn't even let his team know he had arrived, though he wanted to get back to work. His gun was attached to his belt.

As the plane pulled into the runway, Price felt the ground lurch and a smooth ride toward the entrance.

First class was definitely fun; it was very secluded, very red carpet treatment, a good dinner, not like the TV tray food he would get in the lower class, a good bottle of beer and he was sound asleep by ten o'clock for the first time in years, at least since high school.

All the while as he slept, he thought of her, of Kono, just the little things came back to his mind, they didn't get to go out on an actual date, but they did manage to get a few surfing lessons complete, the beach they went to was really secluded, they had a little place, a pair of palm trees gave a canopy like shield over a small patch of sand, when you looked out at the Pacific ocean at noon, the sun gave the ocean a shine like the water had sparkles from it, Price smiled every time he thought of that day, the day they found that spot, it was right after she was kidnapped and almost killed.

He was so lost in his thoughts he didn't even realize the people were leaving, he shook his head, stood up and grabbed his laptop case from the seat next to him and proceeded out along the hanger, as the stewardesses were saying goodbye, Price noticed Mary standing at the end toward the door to the plane, as Price approached she smiled at him.

"Welcome to Hawaii, tell my brother I said hello."

As Price was holding up the line a bit, the other passengers started to try and move the line, beyond Price's control, he was forced out "Whose your brother!?"

As Price proceeded through the main waiting room, he took notice of all of the people moving around to various places, such as out the door, meeting up with people, or getting ready to board their planes.

He watched as his flight was getting fuelled up and getting ready to depart for their next flight. He smiled as he realized he made it, he was in Oahu, he and Kono were separated by an unknown number of miles.

"You normally stare at planes as they're about to take off?"

Price turned to a middle aged man approaching him, a native with slicked back black hair, brown eyes wearing what Price would consider to be a red Hawaiian shirt, blue jeans and a badge on his belt with his gun right next to him.

Almost as if he was knocked on the head with a brick, Ryan realized who it was, even after eight years, he still recognized the Lieutenant.

"Chin!" Price smiled "Long time no see!"

Both men happily embraced, Price smiled as they parted, Chin smirked as he placed a hand on Ryan's shoulder.

"Welcome back to Oahu."

"Glad to be back."

Both men walked out of the airport, they causally chatted, mostly just about their jobs, though Price ignored the two biggest elephants in the room, the one being about this task force, the other being about Kono, he didn't want to bring it up without there being some form of an opening.

They approached Chin's car in the parking lot, a black, Toyota 2011 Avalon.

"Dude, is this your car?"

"My wife's actually." Chin unlocked the car

"Wait, wait, the great Chin Ho Kelly, the fifteen year veteran cop, married?" Price smiled as he placed his suitcases in the back seat and climbed in the passenger seat "Is this the same girl you had when you were a detective at HPD during our case?"

Chin laughed "No, no." he then got serious "Definitely no. Malia is different; we met almost a year ago."

Price smiled "Well, I'm happy for you."

Chin smiled and started driving "Thank you, so what about you? Is there a Mrs. Price yet?"

Price shook his head and looked out the window at the great scene "Nope, no one caught my attention yet."

"No one aside from my cousin right?" Chin smiled at him

"Whoa okay that was uncalled for!"

"Well, you were the one who had a week and a half stand with her eight years ago, then broke her heart."

"Alright, alright I get it, God sake," Price then frowned, and the cheerful mood ended "I…uh…heard about her accident."

"How did you hear about it?"

Price reached into his pants pocket and pulled out an old newspaper clipping, the title read Trouble on the waves! Accident causes scare for future surf competitions.

"A friend of mine got a copy for me. He has a cousin that went to the University of Hawaii and he gave it to me…" Price felt depression sink in, mostly guilt "I wanted to come and see her, I even had the requisition filled out, but Bennett refused, saying 'you need to keep your head in the game and you need to focus.'"

Chin looked at him as the car came to a red light, he could tell how much Price cared about Kono, and he knew what to do.

"You know, she never left Oahu."

Price looked at him "Really now?" optimism in his voice

He chuckled at his sudden optimism "You want me to set up a meeting?"

"You mean…you calling Kono and setting up a meeting with me and her?"

Chin nodded and smirked "You're acting like a kid again."

"Really? I couldn't tell." Price smiled

"Do you want me to do it?"

Price thought for a moment as Chin pulled into a parking lot "Do it, but don't tell her it's me, please?"

Chin smiled as he got out of the car "Alright, where do you want to meet her?"

Price got out of the car and scratched his face; he then had an idea "Tell her to meet me on the North Shore, where the palm trees form a canopy over a small section of sand, and when you look out at around noon, the ocean sparkles like there are diamonds in the water."

Chin's eyes widened "God Price, you really remember all that?"

"Of course, it was the same place I took her to….right before I left…" Price frowned and leaned against the car "Damn, am I really that much of a jerk?"

"You can be at times." Chin joked "But you didn't have much of a choice, you got head over heels and you didn't even know it." He patted Price on the shoulder

"So you never told me you were a part of this task force."

"Yeah, McGarrett signed me on after his dad died..." Chin started to explain

"Wait," Price stopped at the main hallway leading into the central hub of the base "McGarrett…older brother of Mary-Ann right?"

"Yeah, how did you know that?" Chin asked

"She was a stewardess on my flight in." Price glanced inside "So, which one is him?"

Chin pointed to a tall man about his early thirties, short brown hair, a stern, yet dedicated look on his face, and two tattoos were covered up by the sleeves of his camo green t-shirt, he had to have been five maybe six inches taller than Price.

The other was actually a bit shorter, slicked back blonde hair, a veteran cop Price could tell, a long sleeved collared shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows was the only piece of clothing he could notice.

As Chin and Price walked inside, the two men looked up at them.

"Chin…whose this?" the taller asked

"Right," he motioned to the blonde, shorter man "Detective Danny Williams, First Lieutenant Ryan Price, Task Force One-Forty five."

"So this is the guy then." Danno walked over to Price and the two shook hands "You know, you're not that far from where I worked before I came out here."

"Really? New York?"

"Jersey actually." Danno replied

Price could tell he was trustworthy, and then he turned to McGarrett, Ryan swallowed, it felt like a marble had formed in his throat.

"Commander Steve McGarrett, Lieutenant Ryan Price."

McGarrett nodded and offered a hand, Price shook it, and they felt like they were in a power play, they each put a lot of the muscle from their arms into their hands trying to get one or the other to give up.

Price felt his knuckles begin to crack as he released his grip.

"So, military huh?" McGarrett looked at him

"How did you know?" Price felt like he was a little kid getting talked to from an older brother or a teacher

"I can tell by your rank, not every cop in the world is a first lieutenant; and two, I can tell by your posture and hand shake."

"Army, navy I take it?" Price folded his arms over his chest

"Seal Team Six." McGarrett remarked and Price could see a distant smile on his face

As he looked behind him from the corner of his eye, he could hear Chin talk on his phone as McGarrett got on his phone.

"McGarrett….Why…? Sir, with all due respect…Alright, we're on it."

Price was wondering what was going on with McGarrett, but he had drowned him and Danno out as he was listening to Chin.

"Alright, thanks cuz, I'll see you soon." Chin remarked

"Tell her we're not gonna need her." McGarrett remarked "You, Chin and I can handle this." He turned to Price "That was the governor, he said you're going be a part of this case."

Chin looked at McGarrett "What's going on?"

"We got called for a case, HPD got a homicide call. We need to get going."

Price shook his head "Can't do Commander, I got a personal call to take care of while I'm here."

"Lieutenant, we need you for this…"

Chin placed a hand on Steve's shoulder "Let him go, we can call him if we need a third opinion."

"You're sure Chin?"

"Yup." He nodded to Price "You know the way, she'll meet you in half an hour."

"Right." Price nodded and walked out the door

Price walked out from the parking lot, a few minutes ago, he changed into something a bit more comfortable, dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a dark gray collared t-shirt which was unbuttoned, he slipped his watch over his wrist, he had gotten it when he was welcomed into Delta Force, his badge was attached to his belt and his gun holster along with his gun was

He was looking forward to this, as a cab drove by, Price waved and climbed into the back.

"Where to?" The cab driver asked

"I'll let you know when to stop, just get to the North Shore."

He leaned back in the seat as the cab drove forward and merged into traffic.

"So, you're with Five-0?"

Price shook his head "Nope, just a consultant."

Ryan leaned back and looked out the window, he was a few blocks away from Kono, and he had about half an hour until he had to meet her.

Author's Note: Alright, so this chapter is finally done! Gotta tell ya and I'm gonna be honest, I didn't like how McGarrett and Danno turned out, I think I did okay with Danno, Steve I know I got wrong so please don't flame me for it in the reviews, if you have suggestions on how to portray him better, then by all means let me know!

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