Chapter 1

She was numb. It had been two hours since she had arrived at the hospital. Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria all frantically trying to figure out where Caleb was and how he was doing, only to be told to wait. For two grisly hours they waited. Hanna never said a word; in fact she barely even moved an inch. It was like no one was around her. The girls took turns, as it seemed, giving her reassuring speeches and guaranteeing to her that everything was going to be okay. No matter how much she wanted to believe them, she couldn't.

It was like the world had stopped ever since she saw Caleb, the one person she couldn't live without, being loaded into an ambulance. She nearly crashed to the ground in pure agony, desperate for this just to all go away. But it wasn't the case. Caleb was shot. Emily killed someone. And "A" was still out there waiting to find another way to hurt her.

As Hanna sat, she was oblivious to everything around her except when she saw what looked to be a doctor heading her way. She looked up, noticing that it was the same doctor she initially saw wheeling Caleb into the emergency room. She stood up so quick that not even Spencer could figure out why until she too saw the doctor. In unison, Aria, Spencer, and Emily all got up to hear the news that could potentially crush one of their best friends. Of course, they were being as optimistic as possible to Hanna, but deep down they knew it could go either way. They hadn't known where the bullet had hit Caleb, they knew just as little as Hanna.

"Are you here for Caleb Rivers?" The doctor said, completely forgetting about Hanna practically begging for any news on what had happen to Caleb when he was first brought into the hospital.

With Hanna unable to work her vocal chords, nearly choking back more tears, Spencer answered, "Yes."

"Well. As you know Mr. River's was shot. Luckily the bullet went through and through. We weren't able to clean all of the damages..." Hanna once again, nearly fell down. It was the words she was dreading the most. She was waiting for the catch when the doctor continued, "However, we were able to clean enough."

A smile slowly trickled over Hanna's face as she understood what the doctor just said. He is going to be fine, she thought. Those words replaying over and over in her head and even though the doctor never said exactly those words, she knew he would.

"Can…Can he have visitors?" Said Hanna, having finally said something for the first time in a while.

"Yes, but not too many. We don't want him crowded. The medicine has begun to kick in so he should wake up in the next couple of hours or so. Depending on how well he reacts to the medicine, he could be walking out of here in a day or two with a full recovery." Said the doctor who didn't really know how much the four girls wanted to hear these words. Sure, she felt joy for the girls, but she didn't know what they have gone through. With Maya dying only 5 months ago, none of them could handle another death of a loved one. If anything, neither Spencer, Emily, nor Aria could handle Hanna in the wake of another death, especially if it was Caleb.

The girls knew Hanna would need her own time with Caleb so instead of all the girls going only Hanna and Spencer went. It was a no brainer that if any of the three girls went with Hanna, it would be Spencer. Not only was Spencer the most rational at the time to handle a distraught Hanna, she was also the second closest to Caleb. Over the past month Caleb and Spencer have been getting along really well. She felt for Hanna, not as strongly, but she felt something. Her friend was in the hospital and she needed to be there.

The room was peaceful despite all the negative feelings coming with it. The walls were bleach white, making everything around it illuminated. There were flowers, but not the kind you would want to wake up to after a near death experience.

Hanna walked into the room first with her eyes facing forward. She slowly turned her head to see the one person she couldn't get her mind off of. He was lying still with his hair lying as neatly on the bed as he was. He had a small tube coming out of his arm to keep his fluids in check while a medium size machine stood next to him giving a play-by-play of his heart rate. He looked normal like as if nothing had happened for him. But Hanna knew what had happened and as much as she tried to hold back her tears they started to stream down her face.

Spencer knew that Hanna needed her space and needed to be alone with Caleb so she excused herself, leaving Hanna staring intently at the still body of her boyfriend.

After standing in the same spot for some time now, she finally built up the courage to walk towards him. She breathed steadily as she walked towards the bed. She pulled up a chair that was lying next to the wall. She sat down and took his hand while tears began to swarm her eyes as she cleared her through.

With every ounce in her body fighting off what seemed to be a breakdown, she began to talk.

"Hey…." She smiled to herself, full of joy that she knew these were not her last words to him. "I know you can't hear me and that's fine. I….I just want you to know that I'm not going to leave you. I'll stay here as long as it takes for you to recover because…" Now she began to choke on her words. She thought it would be easy saying these words to him, but with the situation at hand, she found it extremely hard.

"Because I love you. I love you so much so you can't leave me, okay? You can't….not again."

She then looked at him to see any signs of movement. When she saw nothing, she gently laid her head beside him. Still holding his hand, she finally began to feel at home. She took one last look at him and closed her eyes and began to drift into a deep sleep.

It had been twenty minutes since Spencer left her friend. She had gone back down to the lobby and sat next to Emily and Aria. Neither of them said a word until Spencer looked at her watch and noticed it was already one-thirty at night.

"We should head home. Let's go get Hanna." She said. Emily and Aria agreed and they all got on their way to retrieve Hanna.

When they came upon the room they saw Hanna next to Caleb. They saw she was asleep and a smiled crossed all their faces when they realized they didn't have to try to pry their best friend away from her boyfriend who almost died. Aria saw a blanket folded neatly at the bottom of the bed and went to go get it and put it on Hanna. As she began to wrap her friend in a nice, fuzzy blanket she noticed something. They were holding hands. The fact that they were holding hands wasn't the odd part, but the fact that they were both holding hands. Had Caleb waken up and talked to Hanna? Surely no considering he only came out of surgery a half hour ago. Then how did he manage to maintain a tight and firm grip of Hanna's hand? Aria didn't want to overthink it and just left them in that moment.

The three girls left leaving Hanna by Caleb's side where she always will be, no matter what.