A/N This is set early Season 9, probably about 6 months after the crash. I REFUSE to think that Mark could possibly die in this season, so I am NOT writing that in. don't worry. I'm not a complete feel breaker like Miss Rhimes. Copyright to ABC and whatever it is that owns Ghost Whisperer. The only thing that is mine, are the hours put into it and the storyline. Enjoy the read

Chapter one – The Introduction

It was dark and the air smelled of gasoline and fire. It didn't matter where you tried to look, it was dark. Too dark. Melinda got up on her feet and screamed for help. Where was she? What is this place? Why does it smell like a car exploded here?

As her eyes started to adjust to the dark, she could make out silhouettes of things laying around. She was in a open part of the woods. There was a silhouette of someone standing near one of the things that she couldn't make out.

As she walked towards the shadow there was a deafening noise. One that she recognized too well. It was that of a plane flying over way too low. She looked up and tried to locate the plane, but to no avail. The sound grew louder and louder until she heard an explosion and she fell to the ground.

The shadow was shaking, obviously under a lot of stress. When she got closer to the figure it started to disappear, walking away from her. She told it not the be afraid, that she wouldn't hurt them. As she got closer to the object she realized it was part of a plane. And as she looked at the other objects she realized that it was all pieces of a plane.

She couldn't help herself, she looked at them and one name popped in mind. "Andrea?" she whispered. The figure pointed to one of the pieces of debris and Melinda walked towards it. Daring to look what she was pointing to she started to cry in hysterics.

There was a woman laying trapped underneath the shrapnel. Cuts over her face. Her left arm unable to be seen. The piece of the plane was on top of her legs and part over her abdomen.

Melinda fell over, unable to move as she looked closer at the young woman's face. That face was all too familiar, it was the face that she looks at every morning when she looks in a mirror.

Melinda woke with a start, sitting upright in bed, panting heavily as if she just ran a marathon. The same shadow she saw in her dream was standing near her bed. Not willing to show details of itself.

"Who are you?" the figure looked down and at their hands. "I don't know" came the reply. Melinda stepped out of bed "were you the one trapped under that piece of the plane?" the shadow looked up to see Melinda coming closer, so she moved to he door.

"I think so. I don't remember much" Melinda sighed and walked halfway to the figure, maintaining some space. "How can I help you?" the deafening sound of a airplane flying over too low happened again and the shadow screamed as it disappeared. Leaving Melinda stunned and wide awake in her bedroom.

The next morning Melinda was making breakfast for herself and Jim as she explained what she had dreamt. "It was so weird. It was like the crash all over again and it felt like I had just lost Andrea again. And each time I kept coming closer to the spirit would just walk backwards away from me. Like it didn't want me to see its face"

Jim shrugged "maybe his or her face got really banged up during the crash and its ashamed to show itself because of it?" Melinda thought it over for a little while before saying "I don't think so. Usually ghosts get over that pretty quickly"

Jim hummed "or they stay hidden until you make them feel at ease". His wife tilted her head at him "since when do you know so much about ghosts?" Jim grinned. "Since I married the ghost whisperer"

Melinda chuckled and kissed her husband as he got ready to leave for the early shift at the fire station. She sighed heavily when she remembered the plane crash that had happened in Grandview. She had lost her best friend, Andrea, in that crash. It was difficult to realize that someone else might be having the same feelings right now. Who lost their loved one in a plane crash.

Their friend. Their brother or sister. It is so hard to lose someone is such a dramatic and sudden way. Not being able to say goodbye at all. At least Melinda had that possibility. She said goodbye to Andrea as she helped her cross over into the light. Melinda smiled as she thought of all the fun she had with her best friend.

She put the orange juice back into the fridge and put the dishes in the sink, not feeling like doing them right this instant. Their was a sound of a explosion like sound in the living room and she dropped the cup that she was holding. She ran to the room, but as she set foot in it, she was back at the crash site.

She saw the same shadow as she did in her dream. It looked straight at her "I'm the only one dead" it was a woman's voice. A tired voice, stressed and exhausted. The spirit came closer towards Melinda. Her face becoming clearer. A couple of cuts over her face, her long brown hair messy and dirty. Her left arm twisted and contorted in a way that should not even be possible. Her legs mangled and pieces of bone sticking out.

By now Melinda has learned not to even ask herself how it is that the ghosts are still standing when they come to her. She has seen too many weird stuff to still wonder what's going on. "who are you?" she asked the spirit gently. No answer. "Do you know what happened?" the spirit looked at her incredulous and said "seriously?"

Melinda mentally slapped herself. "Do you remember who you are?" the spirit looked deep in thought. "I'm not sure" she answered "I'm dead. Aren't I?" Melinda nodded "I'm sorry, you are" The spirit took a deep breath. "I'm the only one dead" Melinda looked at her apologetically. "What plane were you on? I might be able to help you"

The spirit looked her in the eyes. "We were travelling to Boise. Me and some friends. That's all I remember"

All of a sudden the scenery flashed back to the living room as the phone rang. Melinda looked around trying to find the ghost, but to no avail. The ghost was gone, back in hiding.