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It's been half a year since the war in Cobra-La, but GI Joe would be ready when Cobra reared its ugly head again. The Rawhides had finally graduated and were full fledge GI Joes. Later on they started gathering new recruits that called themselves "Deviants". They were made-up of ten members, all female, and they already picked their own code names. They were an alright bunch, mostly kept to themselves. They were easy to get along with, despite a few quirks that brought up a few concerns but weren't dwelled on for long.

Among the Deviants is Nightingale, the oldest of the Deviants, so that automatically made her the leader of their group since wisdom usually comes with age. She has curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, a fair beige complexion, tall and wears black combat boots, tight tattered jeans and a tight black short sleeve shirt with a GI Joe patch on the right shoulder. She usually keeps her hair in a pony tail. She's GI Joes newest sniper and looks out for her fellow Deviants, like a mother half the time. She has a cool head, great reflexes, has excellent combat strategy and her combat skills are that close to a ninjas. Her weapons of choice was a combat knife, a side arm and a fifty caliber riffle.

There's Blare, who's similar to her cousin Nightingale. She has wavy chest-nut hair, chocolate-colored eyes, a healthy tan, wears a grey crop top, tight jeans and black army boots. She had a career in professional wrestling, so she has experience in hand to hand combat. At first she comes off as too sweet until you get to know her, then she's a hurricane on the battlefield.

Siren, an ex gymnast green-eyed blond with keen instincts with a sunny personality whose favorite clothing of choice is a tripped out, tight, purple jumpsuit, with weapons built inside. Her weapons consisted of retractable blades from her suits fingers, knuckles, toes and heels of her suit.

Kicks is a fiery red-head with a temper to match along with smokey green eyes. She wears a tight white tank top with a GI Joe logo on the back, tight blue pants and black combat boots. Being a weapons specialist she has every weapon ever known on hand, literally, how she does it is still a mystery. If you were ever short on ammo then she is the one you went to. Even though she's considered an artillery bank her best weapons are her own two legs.

Mermaid is a former marine who wears a white crop top, blue cami pants and black combat boots. She's tall, dark, short black hair she can put in a pony tail and onyx colored eyes. She is also an expert diver. Her weapon of choice is a shamshir sword and a firearm.

Skater is a curly hair, that she keeps in a pony tail, blond with blue eyes. Wearing a black tank top, multi purple jacket with a GI Joe logo on the upper right shoulder and blue pants with black combat boots or white skates. She's a blade and skating expert. Usually an optimist who enjoys cold weather.

First Aid is a tall fair red-head, kept hair in a tight pony tail, with bright blue eyes. Her uniform consists of a white top with a red cross in front and a GI Joe logo on the back, blue pants with a GI Joe logo on the left leg and black boots. She specializes in every medicine known, even herbal. She's very patient with the whoever she treats. However, unlike Doc and Lifeline, she's not a pacifist and isn't afraid to restrain anyone when needed. She is always, literally, ready for anything.

Blade is a sword expert of every kind. She has long silver hair, that mostly covers her left eye half the time, black eyes, with pale greyish skin. She wears a dark grey suit that s collar is big enough to cover her face most of the time along with gloves and boots to match. She's usually calm and clear minded but is very territorial. She really loses her temper at anyone who stole from her.

Livewire was a real handful but really fun to have around. She has wavy like blond hair, chocolate-colored eyes with a thin figure. Her choice of clothing was a one piece suit that can adjust to any season. fingerless gloves and black high-tops. Her weapon of choice is a self-made cordless guitar that produces extreme sound waves, a hidden riffle in the neck and she still managed to play a sick guitar solo.

Finally there is Blue Wolf. The youngest of the Deviants. She wears a black crop top, blue pants, red jacket and black boots. She is abnormally pale, long black hair usually kept in a pony tail and caramel colored eyes. She is the shortest in her unit and she gets along with everyone. She specializes in hand to hand combat, throwing knives and firearms. She's kind of shy, very quiet and doesn't talk much but she is very friendly and gets along with everyone.

The Deviants usually stick together. They formed into a family of their own before they joined GI Joe. They are new to the system but they have adapted faster than anyone would have expected. They may not spend much of their free time with the other Joes but on the battlefield they are always there. Even when there is questionable behavior, events and rumors of sneaking out that bring up a few concerns it wasn't dwelled on for long. The Deviants may bring up some issues but they are a great team.

Sorry if it's a bit rambley, it's a habit I'm trying to break.