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"What the heck was that?" Dusty yelled as he ran outside to find the source of the explosion.

"What do you think?" Growled Beachhead as he rubbed the bridge of his nose "Those crazy Deviants are causing havoc again!"

"Whooey 'can see all that smoke from here!" said Wild Bill

"Aint one of those nuts your cousin Wild Bill?" asked Beachhead "Yeah, why?" "Think if ya talk her maybe there could be less demolition?" Wild Bill just laughed "Yeah right. Sorry Beachhead but that girl is stubborn. Besides the one causing the explosion is their weapons expert. Experiments with bombs not going well I hear." Beachhead just slammed his palm to his forehead muttering "Great." Bazooka who was working on one of the maulers and happened to hear the country mens conversation and said "Ah they aint so bad once you get to know them they're loads of fun."
"Yeah right," sneered Beachhead "getting stitches is more fun than dealing with those nuts."

After Beachhead left to attend other matters with Wild Bill and Bazooka went back to working on the mauler, Dusty spotted one of the Deviants out of the corner of his eye. She was standing silently and he wondered how long she was standing there.

"Uh, hi." he attempted to be friendly "Blue Wolf right?" she nodded "Is there something I can help you with?" Blue Wolf replied in a small voice "Um, do you know where the repair unit is? That last bomb did a lot of damage to our building." she covered her mouth slightly and picked at her lip with her fingernails. Dusty smiles "Sure, right this way." he leads her to the unit and she trails a few feet behind him. He peeked over his shoulder at her. "So how bad is the damage?" he asked the quiet girl who replied in a voice so small he had to lean in and ask her to repeat herself. Instead of repeating herself she showed him a few pictures of the damages. Dusty let out a whistle of amazement "We better get to Toll Booth right away." They ran all the way to the repair unit, with Toll Booth to great them. "What can I do you for?" he asked

Dusty showed him the pictures "Got enough supplies to help fix this?" Toll Booth examined the pictures shocked "Wow! I better see this in person." He got in a convoy and started the engine "Hop in you two." Dusty held the passenger door open "Ladies first." he said with a smile. She bowed her head giving a small "Thank you." and jumped in then Dusty came in after her.

When the three Joes reached the barracks occupied by the Deviants , there was still smoke simmering from a hole in the building and a few women were arguing.

"...what's left of our home!"

"..experiment in progress!"


"This isn't solving anything."

Attempting to break up the fight Dusty stepped in "Ehem! Hey, uh, heard you gals need some repairs?" Kicks rolled her eyes "No we're planning on mud wrestling." she droned sarcastically "Don't mind her," said Siren approaching "Are you here about the wall?" she asked Toll Booth and he responded "Yeah, I'm gonna need to see the damage up close first. What happened?" though he didn't really need to ask "Kicks was playing with grenades again or something." she said in a nonchalant tone. Upon hearing this insult the fiery haired Joette snapped "It's called experimenting and creating new bomb's! Ye lieing little single-minded BIMBO!" "What did you call me?" screeched Siren

Before Dusty or Toll Booth could step in as the two female Joes were about to attack each other Blue Wolf ran right between them, making sure they didn't have enough room to attack without hitting her in the process.

"Fuck it." muttered Kicks as she walked off "Uh, you need to see the wall?" Siren turned to the two Joes "Lead the way." Toll Booth replied as he and Dusty followed behind her.

"Everything ok?" came a voice behind Blue Wolf. She turned and found Blare standing behind her.

"Yeah. Kicks and Siren almost got in a fight but I stepped in."


"Yeah?" she replied sheepishly

"UGH!" Blare groaned and threw her arms around her "You got to stop doing that. You never know when your good luck will run out." Blue Wolf wrapped her arms around Blares waist "Next time you could end up with a fat lip or worse!"

"Yeah, next time Beachhead might yell at you for being careless." jollied a familiar voice

"Hello Livewire." Blare replied dryly "Aww you missed me." Livewire replied back, cheerfully, dangling upside-down from a tree. After flipping over and landing on her feet Livewire went over and wrapped an arm around her friends. "So" she started "looks like the bomb experiment's paying off." Both Blue Wolf and Blare stared at her in shock "hey" she continued "the damage wasn't as bad as last time. There's still some building left." Blare sighed "Yeah but it looks like I'm going will be camping for a while. That explosion took out the wall and a chunk of my quarters."

"You can stay with me if you want. It could be like a sleepover." squeaked Blue Wolf. Blare smiled and said "Thanks for the offer but I'm probably going will be in the field for a while anyway." "Looks like your belongings made it, so it's not that bad." added Livewire "Yeah I better store them before pests get to them." Blare said, her voice deadpanned.

"You can store some of your stuff in our quarters if you'd like." said Livewire to Blare as she and Blue Wolf helped her pack her things. "Thanks guys." "What are sisters for?" replied Blue Wolf. As the three new Joettes were finishing storing Blares belongings a red alert sounded.


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