So I did one of the many 100 Theme challenges (100 prompts that must be filled by at least 100 words) for Pinky and the Brain because, well, I can't get these characters out of my head

And they're so brilliant that I see no real reason to try!

There are going to be OCs mentioned ocassionally, romance between Pinky and Brain, and some gen and such thrown in randomly

I'm splitting these into groups of 5 as I think twenty chapters is a good, round number

Sooo enjoy!

I'll try and get these up every day, if I remember :D

This time:

Light, Love, Dark, Crystal, Hero

001) Light (539)

It was almost too dark to see. Pinky didn't understand why it needed to be that way, why their cage needed to be covered in a sheet and the lights kept low when they were in there. Brain always kept everything bright. Or, well, Pinky did so Brain wouldn't strain his eyes while making his plans. Ever since the twins (and, oh, how happy a surprise little Cyan had been!) had been born, however, the cage was kept dark and Brain created his plans outside even though none were implemented. Not with two newborns to take care of. And wasn't it sweet of his hubby to set aside his destiny for their babies? Cici, too, was out of the cage more since she needed brightness to study.

It made him rather sad that no one wanted to spend more time with the twins. It led to him spending more time in the cage than ever. Not only because he was absolutely delighted with the new life he was able to mother, but because he just didn't want these two new lives to get lonely. He remembered how lonely just two could be sometimes. Not often because he had always loved his chubby hubby more than anything, but there had been moments...

It was sad, too, that they had to stay in the dark. There were such pretty things to look at in their cage and, even though their eyes were always closed, Pinky was sure that they would want to open their eyes if they could see all the pretty things. The only logical thing, then, was to turn the lights on! And wouldn't Brain be proud of him for being logical?

Smiling, Pinky skipped to the edge of the cage to begin tugging at the sheet and let the twins see what they'd been missing out on. Two whole days and their eyes were shut tight! It was a surprise, then, when Brain rushed into the cage before he'd gotten the sheet lifted a whole inch and tugged it right back down. It was more surprising when he was given a stern scolding for it when all he'd wanted was to let their babies see.

When he said as much, his husband softened and drew him close for a small kiss that made Pinky's heart hurt a little less. "Babies don't like light, Pinky. That's why their eyes are closed. They like things to be extremely dark," he explained and since he was the smartest of smart-mice Pinky believed him without question. But still...

"You and Cici don't like the dark, Brain. You don't spend any time with the twins. And we have two whole babies, Brain!" He hadn't exactly wanted to spend a whole lot of time with Cici when she'd been a baby either, but this just felt different. They were marrieds for sure now and Brain had wanted Sara Bella and everything. "They love their daddy," he added, rubbing their noses together while the I'm-thinking-very-hard emotion came into Brain's pretty pink eyes. "They want to see you lots."

"Alright," he finally conceded. "I'll stay in here for a little while. Just remember, dear, no lights until their eyes open."

Pinky's tail wagged delightedly. "Right, Brain!"

002) Love (188)

He could say tetramethyldiaminobenzhydryl phosphinous without batting an eye. He could even spell it if need be and use it properly in a sentence. He had a dictionary of words in his mind, some of which even longer with fewer vowels, all of them rolling off his tongue with ease.

How exactly was it, then, that a single-syllable four-letter word consistently got lodged in his throat? How exactly was it, then, that the husband whose eyes would glaze over before he'd even said "tetrameth" said it with such ease? Every single night, several times a day. Unless it was a special occasion or their love things had rendered his tongue loose and his mind empty, Brain was lucky to force it out once every few days.

But he was determined to get it out now, so kept his hands on his lover's cheeks with their noses pressed together. He stared into those patient blue eyes, saw the word in them, and surprised himself: it was like reading. He was an excellent reader, so rubbed their noses together and read the thing written on both their hearts.

"I love you."

003) Dark (192)

Occasionally, his desire for world domination was all-encompassing. He wouldn't eat properly, wouldn't sleep. He wouldn't give hugs or even really hold a conversation beyond "mmhm" and "no" because all of his attention would be on his log and his next plan. "The plan. Always the plan."

It was a dark place. He would hurt the ones he loved carelessly with a dismissive wave and an "I don't have time for this." He'd get up and carry his book away entirely at certain points, snapping about loudness and being unable to concentrate. Before they were married, Pinky didn't always know how to get Brain out of that dark place.

After they were married, he knew just what to do. He took Cici's hand to lead her down to the basement to play basement games with her auntie. He inevitably ended up carrying her, though; it was even nicer than hand-holding. But with Cici all the way downstairs, he had the whole upstairs for just him and Brain. He snuggled up behind him, ignored the annoyed mutterings, and started to lick.

He was never in the dark place too long after that started.

004) Crystal (340)

Sometimes, his smart husband could be very silly and shy. Why, Pinky had no idea. They were bestest best friends and lovers and husbands! They knew everything all about each other, so Brain's silly bouts of shyness were silly... and shy. Um... poit. Where had he been going with this?

Oh, right. Brain being silly and shy. And awfully cute with his dignified little spectacles. Oh, his hubby was the cutest world leader in the whole wide world! Pinky giggled, hugging himself, and bent a little to rub his nose against Brain's. "I love you!" he chirped and saw the answer in his eyes. Prepared to be satisfied with that, it was a little surprising to hear the words back. But it was lovely! Pinky purred softly, pressing their noses together again. "Oh, Brain..."

The smaller mouse cleared his throat and blushed, which usually meant love things. Excited by the prospect, Pinky began to wag his tail in earnest. But then he was distracted when Brain produced something very very shiny from behind his back. Something blue and shiny! "Oh, Brain!" he repeated.

"It's a... it's just a simple crystal, really, but the shade was... It reminded me of your eyes."

Pinky looked from Brain's pretty pink eyes to the crystal. Oh, it was just like his eyes! How lovely! And it was on a shiny chain too and in the shape of a heart! Oh, it was beautiful! "What's it for, Brain?"

"It's to wear, Pinky. Preferably, it's for you to wear. If you would."

"'Kay! And then love things?"

The blush deepened and Pinky giggled. Hoorah, love things! He bent down and swooned a little when he felt the pretty necklace go around his neck because Brain chose that moment to kiss him. This was clearly a very special necklace if it was already bringing him kisses and love things. "Happy Anniversary, Pinky."

Oh. Oh, an anniversary crystal! Tears filling his eyes, Pinky swept his husband up and gave him a much deeper, exuberant kiss. "Happy Anniversary, Brain!"

005) Hero (142)

He could wear that mask and cape and strike poses, but he wasn't a real hero. He could bounce about and take down "bad gaiz" and throw them in "jayl" all he wanted to, but he wasn't a real hero. He could narrate to himself and even give himself the moniker "Super Mouse," but he wasn't a real hero. Brain scoffed at the game. Pinky was just not a real hero and one day he'd realize that and stop this foolishness.

Instead, one day Brain made a miscalculation that would send him plummeting a distance even his genetically modified self wouldn't be able to survive. A warm hand grasped the scruff of his neck, however, and pulled him back to the railing and back to safety. Brain latched onto him and held tightly, trembling even while Pinky trembled. "My hero," he whispered.

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Heaven, Fire, Ice, Sunset, Innocence