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I've never been very satisfied with Stay, Smoke is my absolute favorite of all 100, Wounds is gratuitous, Change makes me smile, and Dancing pleases me :D

096) Stay (115)

Sometimes, his words were harsher than he meant them to be.

Sometimes, he hit harder than he meant to hit.

Sometimes, he made Pinky cry and turn away and, once in a while, he even made him run.

Sometimes, he wondered why Pinky stayed and did his best to make sure he did.

Always, he would apologize and refute his own harsh words.

Always, he would apologize and reach out to kiss the owies better.

Always, he did his best to soothe the tears and, when it was once in a while, he even chased after him.

Always, he was so very glad that Pinky stayed and did his best to make sure he did.

097) Smoke (115)

Brain didn't at all like the look his companion was giving him as the smoke detectors went off above them, water raining from the ceiling and soaking into their fur. Pinky's arms crossed and his eyes narrowed, body tilting downward as his so rarely worn accusatory expression fixated on the megalomaniac.

Well, he didn't like it, but he also couldn't argue with it. It probably only worked so well because it was so rarely used. So, averting his gaze, Brain handed over the half-gone cigarette. "It was only a small lapse."

"Uh-huh," Pinky agreed, managing not to sound agreeable at all, and Brain couldn't even argue when a nicotine patch was stuck to his head.

098) Wounds (143)

Brain appreciated his nurse's skills immensely. And not just because of the itty bitty skirt that rose with every twitch of the tail. Those hands were wonderful after a foiled scheme had left him battered and bruised. The best part was that his nurse hadn't even needed any verbal prompting. Just a single wince and the slightest bit of a limp and the skirt was on, with Brain finding himself in bed with those hands soothing aches the megalomaniac hadn't previously been aware of. Then that unconventional check of his reflexes... If the writhing of his hips was any indication, his reflexes were spot on.

Pinky just had to bite back giggles, finally holding Brain's hips and swallowing his length as far as he could. He liked making Brain forget all of his owies and, in his opinion, was a rather excellent nurse.

099) Change (180)

The megalomaniac loved his routine. Monday thru Friday was spent dealing with scientists from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. From five to eight (seven if the plans were gelling as they needed to), he would finish his blueprints and his plans to take over the world and Pinky would... do whatever it was Pinky did. From eight to... some point, the plans would be enacted. They would always fail, though that was a part of the routine Brain abhorred.

And then, upon returning to the lab, they would bandage injuries if there were any and then retire to bed... or the countertop... or the sink where they bathed... Any handy surface, really, that was sturdy enough to hold the two mice while they moved together and loved.

When a change finally occurred in that routine, when Brain was standing on a podium at the end of a successfully completed plan, he found his gaze sliding continually to his lover, and a part of him wished the plan had failed so they could move together and love.

100) Dancing (157)

Sometimes, he had to dance alone. Actually, he had to dance alone almost every single time he did. But that was alright; he just loved to move and he knew his boyfriend (and he did love calling Brain that) was very busy making his plans. Pinky wouldn't dream of letting his own desire to sway and twirl get in the way of Brain's destiny! It was his destiny!

But then there were those moments when he was dancing because it just made him feel better. After his favorite bachelor was kicked off, when the really good singer with the sick mummy didn't get enough votes... when Brain yelled at him - those were things that made him sad and he danced to make himself happy. And those were always the times where he never had to dance alone. It was so nice having a lovely smarty boyfriend who always knew when he needed to find his smile!

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