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If I Ever Fell...

"The New Beginning"

Chapter One

Every day since their passing, he awakens to the same song.

It motivates him.

It encourages him to get up every morning, greet the brand-new day with hope & happiness, and to the knowledge that when the sun comes up, life as he knew it, was going to be alright.

He left the alarm on, allowing the song to play out and reset itself. Some mornings, as he got out of bed and got ready for the day, he found himself humming along with the song, other times he would sing out loud. Even as he showered that morning, he lightly hummed the song. It had an odd calming effect on him.

As he exited the shower, he looked over his body and sighed. He had let himself go a wee bit, seeing the beginnings of an old-man gut forming.

'Tonight, after work, a nice brisk run...' he thought lightly. 'Got to get back into shape...'

He knew why he had stopped running, but now was the high time to start again. After shaving swiftly, he dried off the rest of his body that he hadn't gotten to yet, combed his hair, and put on a fresh pair of military green boxers. Sighing again, he made his way to his closet to find his clothes for the day.

He looked over at a photo of his two favorite people and asked them the same thing every morning, "So, ladies, what should I wear today?"

Thinking to himself, he remembered what Abby told him one day about his wardrobe:

/*Abby: 'Gibbs, have you ever thought of getting a personal stylist to come in, raid your clothes closet, and tell you what 'not' to wear?'

*Gibbs: 'Abs, why would I want someone to do that? I think my wardrobe is fine.'

*A: 'Yeah, it's fine... for someone's dad.'

*G: 'I am someone's dad...'

*A: 'Well, you know what I mean... it makes you look 'older' than you are...'

*G: 'Abs, I'm 53. I am supposed to look this old.'

*A: 'Gibbs, '53' is the new '33'... you should be dressing younger, sexier, tighter... more suave... like Tony or Tim.'

*G: 'Are you comparing my wardrobe choices to those of DiNozzo or McGee?'

*A: 'Just think about it, Gibbs... for me... just try it once...try to dress hotter...'/

Today seemed like as good of a day as any to try out Abby's advice.

He looked in his closet and picked out an outfit that he believed would be appealing to not only Abby, but others. Putting it on promptly (and noticing its tightness), he made his way downstairs to see what he had on his calendar for the day. He noticed that today was his yearly check-up, instantly making him cringe. He knew exactly what the doctor was going to say, and frankly, today he didn't want to have to hear it.

McGee looked at his watch, as he sat at his desk, and smiled.

He knew Gibbs would walk into the Bullpen soon to find only Ziva & himself working, and that Tony had yet to arrive. He knew that Agent DiNozzo would have an excuse of either 'Traffic, boss';'Accident, boss'; or, 'Car trouble, boss', so he anticipated Gibbs lecturing him about time management for the fifty-millionth time.

"What are you smiling about over there, McGee?" Ziva inquired lightly.

"Look what time it is, Ziva," he began to say. "Any minute now, Gibbs is going to come in and ask us where Tony is for the bazillionth time. Then, he's going to compare one or both of us to Tony, making us look better than him... like always."

"You really get on, when Gibbs yells at Tony, don't you?"

"The euphemism is 'you really get off', Ziva..."

"On, off, whatever! You are not a light switch, McGee!"

"What about light switches?" A familiar voice questioned out of nowhere.

Both McGee & Ziva turned to see Tony standing before them, and he was on time. He was actually in the office before Gibbs was.

"Wow, Tony, that's like a record or something..." Ziva stated aloud.

"Definitely, Ziva..." Tim agreed. "You even got here before Gibbs did..."

"That's because Gibbs is not going to be in this morning." Tony answered with a smile.

"And how do you know that?"

"He texted me this morning, that's why. And, I quote, 'Have doctor's appt. Will be in after 11am. Be ready. -L.J.G'. End-quote..."

"Well, I hope it's not something serious." Ziva commented softly.

"Nope, probably just his yearly physical, that's all..."

"Since when is Gibbs texting you about his personal matters, Tony?" The team geek questioned aloud.

"I have no clue, Probie... he just did today, okay?"

"Has it been a year already? Wow, time flies, when you are having a good time..." The lone girl in the room wondered to them.

"That's 'time flies, when you are having fun', Zee..." McGee chimed in as always.

"Whatever, Idiom Detective... now, get back to work."

Tony chuckled at the nickname that his teammate had given the other. Tim shot him a death glare, causing him to chuckle more.

"What? You gotta admit it, Probie... that was a good one..." The senior agent confessed.

McGee rolled his eyes at him, as he walked away from his desk, grumbling, "I'm gonna go find Abby..."

DiNozzo continued to laugh and smile, as Ziva shook her head in disapproval, stating, "You don't always have to be so mean to him, you know..."

"Who, McGee? He should be used to be my ways by now. He just gets testy, when people other than me call him names. Maybe you should apologize." Tony answered with a little bit of sarcasm.

"Yeah, I'll apologize when pigs have airplanes..."

"That's 'when pigs fly', Zee-Vah..."

"Same difference..."

The two smiled at one another before going to work on their newest case, awaiting the arrival of their fearless leader.

'God, I hope he's gonna be alright,' Tony thought to himself. 'I don't know what I would do if anything happened to him.'

The exam room was quiet and smelled way too hermetically-sealed for Gibbs's liking. With a soft knock on the door, his doctor entered into the room. Dr. Francesca MacKenzie had been his physician ever since he received his 'diagnosis' as an adult. She was the only doctor who specialized in his condition. The funny thing was that Tony was one of her patients as well.

"Morning, Jethro..." the physician stated lightly. "How are you feeling today?"

"Fine, Doc..." He answered back. "What's the good word?"

"Same old stuff, different day... you know how that is, right?"


"So, on the menu for you today, is your yearly physical, some blood work and an abdominal/pelvic exam. Sound good to you?"

"Oh, yeah... sounds delightful..."

The sarcasm was not lost on the doctor, who quickly went to work checking out her patient. After she finished her checks, she jotted down some notes, and before Gibbs knew it, she was done for that moment. The doctor sent in one of her many nurses to take blood samples, which Gibbs always hated, but being a strong Marine, he had to grin & bear it. As soon as she finished getting all of the blood she needed, the nurse instructed Gibbs to follow her into another room. This room had a long exam table and an ultrasound machine, among other devices.

"Agent Gibbs, the doctor wants you to strip down from your mid-waist down and cover up with the sheet." The nurse directed him with a smile. "She'll be back in a moment."

"Thanks..." He replied, knowing this was the part of the exam he hated the most.

However, he did what he was told.

He removed his shoes, putting under the chair beside the exam table; then, he removed his pants and boxers, folding them nicely and placing them on the seat of the chair. He covered his lower section, just as a knock came to the door, and the doctor entered the space, along with the same nurse from before.

"Alright, Jethro, are you ready for this part?" Dr. MacKenzie asked of her patient.

"No, but we'd better get it over with..." He replied back to her.

"Exactly what I was thinking, too. Now, just lay back and let's get started."

He wasn't ready for this.

He wasn't ready to be told if his condition was better or worse.

He wasn't ready to know his future.

Not like this, not alone...


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