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Chapter Seven: "Here's what we're having..."

"Have you made a decision on whether or not you want to know the sex of the baby?" The doctor asked him with a smile.

"Actually, Doc, I think I have…" He answered back confidently.

"And, that answer is…"

"I would like to know what I am having, but I want you to promise me something…"
"Anything for you, Jethro… well, anything within reason, that is… what did you need?"

"Don't tell Tony… that means you too, Noreen..."

"Your secret is safe with me, Jethro."

"I am not that good at keeping baby secrets from friends, Agent Gibbs, so I think I'll excuse myself now and save us all the trouble." The young nurse announced.

"A wise choice," Dr. MacKenzie replied, as Noreen exited the room. She turned back to Gibbs, and began again, "Alright, let's see what you are having… any bets?"


"Good…then, there will be no let-downs…"

He always had a desire to know what they were having.

It was just a matter of time and biology.

He also thought that Tony would be there with him, by his side.

One out of two: interesting odds.

As the doctor moved the ultrasound instrument through the warm gel, Gibbs' mind raced back to a time. He & Tony had a discussion about kids before now, but not the way it was happening.


/It was a lazy Sunday afternoon for the both of them.

No outstanding cases to worry about, so they were safe to relax another day, but for Gibbs, there was no such thing as 'relax'.

He sat in his usual spot on the couch, reading some papers in one hand, while his other hand slide through the head of hair of the man lying on the couch near him. Tony loved this time of the day.

This was his time to be with Gibbs with no one else bothering them. He would usually lay on the couch, watching a game or something else on

ESPN or ESPN2, on their new 58" flat-screen television (thanks to Tony's $1850 splurge at the electronics store), while attempting to stay awake as strong fingers danced through his hair, massaging his scalp, calming him down.

Tony laid there, remembering a conversation the next door neighbors (Ruth & Paul, an older couple, who have been Gibbs' neighbors, since he, Shannon & Kelly lived in the place) were having with them, when they came over for an early dinner the night before.

He remembered them asking when he & Gibbs were going to settle down and make their partnership official; what else Gibbs was going to make in the basement; what sport he was going to play next over the summer; among other things.

But, the one thing that stuck in his mind the most was the question asked out of the blue by Ruth. Jethro took Paul inside to the basement to show him his newest creation, while Tony & Ruth stayed outside on the deck, when she asked, 'So, Tony, when are you & Jethro going to have children?'

They hadn't really thought about it at that point in their relationship.

Kids were always on the back burner, but they were on the priority list. So, Tony simply stated, 'We'll have some, when we're ready.'

Ruth smiled at him and left the conversation at that, before starting up a new one about Jethro's garden. He never told Jethro what he & Ruth discussed that evening, until now.

Moving back to the present, Tony took a deep breath and stated lightly, "Jet, have you ever thought about us having kids?"

"Yeah, Tony," Gibbs answered, still engrossed in his paperwork. "I've thought about us having kids together…"

Tony always knew that Gibbs wanted children after Kelly passed away.

He tried having at least with each of his other wives, but two of his 3 exes had miscarriages and the other just didn't like small children.

Gibbs figured that Tony was like Ginger (i.e. no children – I have a career instead). Gibbs also had to consider his age; he was no spring chicken anymore.

'There's a 'but' coming,' Tony thought to himself. 'I can feel it… please don't say 'but', Jethro…please.'

"But," Gibbs started again. "I just don't think it's going to happen…"

"Jet, why not?" Tony questioned, worried what he meant by that statement. "You're a virile, very attractive, charming, respectful man, who has an equally attractive, charming, virile guy for a lover & life-partner. Why don't you think that we could have a baby?"

Gibbs knew that they could have a baby (due to Tony's newest biological discovery, thanks to one Dr. Francesca MacKenzie), but with his track record on children, he was zero for four.

When Gibbs said nothing, Tony started up again, "Let me guess, you don't want to have children with me, because you think that it'll hurt me, am I right?"

"Tony, not just anyone can have a baby…" Gibbs replied. "You're special…"

"But, not special enough to have a baby with?"


"Jethro, please…let's make a baby…"

Looking deeply into his partner's eyes, Gibbs pulled Tony closer, taking over his mouth with a soft, smooth kiss. The kiss seemed to last hours, but it was only mere minutes, before Tony pulled away, and asked with a smile, "So, is that a 'yes'?"

Gibbs gave his lover a coy grin, before pulling him in again for another kiss.

This time, it was deeper than before. Nothing else was said about having children the rest of that night and onto the next. / **Flashback ends.

"Jethro, are you ready to see what you're having?" The doctor questioned aloud, knocking Gibbs back into reality.

"Yeah, let's do this… I want to know…" He answered back, ready for anything.

Meanwhile, back at N.C.I.S. Headquarters:

Ziva could not contain herself any longer.

She raced downstairs to the lab to reveal the good & extraordinary news to her Goth friend. As she entered the room, she found that she & the scientist would not be alone.

"McGee…" she stated aloud.

"Ziva…" The young agent retorted back. "What are you doing down here?"

"Looking for Abby and for you, for that matter…where is Abby anyway?"

"Right here, Zee…" a familiar voice replied, entering from another room in the lab.
"What can I do for you today?"

"Actually it is something I need to tell both of you…"

"Okay, speak…"

"Gibbs is pregnant!"

The room went silent as shock first ran across the scientist and geek agent's faces, then they both began to smile, which lead to them laughing hysterically, still not believing what they had heard.

"Okay, wait…" McGee started to say, as he tried to catch his breath. "Are you saying that Gibbs is going to have a kid with Tony?"

"If I am lying, I am trying…"

"Its 'dying', Ziva… and, that's what we're doing now… with laughter."

"You guys, I am telling the truth here."

"Sure, Ziva. Sure… Besides," Abby quickly added. "Who told you Gibbs was pregnant?"


The laughter became louder and more out of control, when she told them that, even though she knew it was the truth. As the two lab rats continued their uproarious giggle fest, the elevator pinged and Tony exited the metal cage, swiftly moving into the lab.

"What's so funny, you two?" He wondered to them.

"Oh, Ziva just told us the most amazing joke, Tony..." McGee answered, still chuckling.

"What about, may I ask?"

"Oh, she said that Gibbs was pregnant and you're the father…" Abby sounded with a few sniggers. "Isn't that hilarious?"

He couldn't believe what he just heard.

Tony turned to his former Mossad friend, who was still in the room, and gave her an angry stare, before stating furiously, "I told you that in total confidence, Ziva!"

That outburst made both Abby & McGee stop laughing.

The realization came into both of their brains at the same time: Ziva was telling the truth, Gibbs was pregnant for real, and Tony was the father. Abby gasped loudly, before tears began to form in her eyes. She quickly moved to Tony and hugged him close.

"Oh, Tony…" she spoke softly, as she started to cry. "I'm so sorry… I shouldn't have laughed. I should have believed Ziva…"

"Its okay, Abby… it was a big shock to me too, when I found out. That's why I had to go the hospital for stitches that one day."

"Oh my God…"

"Tony, man, I'm sorry, too," McGee chimed in. "I shouldn't have been such a jerk. I should have taken what Ziva was saying to us seriously."

"Thanks, McGeek…"

"So, how's Gibbs?" Abby inquired, still holding onto her friend. "I heard he had another doctor's appointment today. I thought you'd be there with him."

"To tell you the truth, I wish I was there with him, but I wasn't asked…"

"Why do you need an invitation, Tony? You are the father…" Ziva added, wondering about her friend as well.

"That's just it, Ziva. I may be the father, but I'm not with Gibbs…"


"I left him two months ago… I'm living with my brother now."

"Wait, hold on a minute here..." McGee stated to his friend. "You aren't with Gibbs anymore 'and' you have a brother, who we know nothing about?"

"Yeah, Mc-'Welcome-Back-To-the-Conversation'… I have a half-brother named Ian. My dad had an affair with one of his maids, and that resulted in his birth. I wasn't told about him until recently; my father thought it was best that we never met, but I guess that was thrown out the window, when we finally did. Back to the present, he couldn't afford his apartment anymore, so I told him I'd help him out for a bit. I live in one room and he lives in the other… a match made in brotherly heaven, I guess..."

Out of nowhere, in the quiet of the lab, he added sadly, "You know what the sad thing is, you guys… I kinda wish I didn't have to live with my brother… I kinda wish I was still with Gibbs…"

Everyone noticed Tony's demeanor change from angry to sad instantaneously.

As a lone tear ran down his face, Abby gave him a hug, which he accepted, keeping her close.

He needed someone to back him up. He needed to let his friends know what was going on, instead of bottling everything inside of himself.

He needed this.

Back at the doctor's office…

The doctor was still busily looking around the ultrasound for the right picture of the baby to see if she could tell if it was a boy or a girl. Finding what she was looking for, she turned the monitor to show Gibbs.

"Well, Jethro, take a look at this…" She spoke up with a smile.

She had typed the sex of the baby on the monitor, and upon seeing it, Gibbs smiled.

Taking a deep breath to center himself, he looked at the screen again and saw the sex.

"I'll make a bunch of photos of the baby and the sex reveal for you, okay?" Dr. MacKenzie stated lightly, as she wiped the rest of the ultrasound goo off his belly.

"No…" he replied. "Just one… for me… with the baby's sex on it. The rest, leave blank please."

"Sure... I think this is one secret you should keep to yourself until you're ready to tell it."

Gibbs wasn't sure that he wanted anyone else to know what he was having.

He wasn't a cruel man, but this situation caused him to decide whether he'd tell the sex of the baby to Tony or not.

Later that day… back at N.C.I.S.:

Tony found his way back upstairs to the bullpen quietly, still upset by what had happened in Abby's lab. He needed to be alone; thankfully, Gibbs was still nowhere in sight.

As he walked back to his desk, he noticed a box sitting on it.

He was nervous opening it, not wanting or needing another bout of the plague, not noticing the tag that came with it. But as he lifted the top, he looked and saw lying before him facing down, was a handmade picture frame with a stand on the back.

Flipping it and studying the photo inside, he covered his mouth. Tears welled up in his eyes, but this time, he couldn't stop them like he had before.

He was too vulnerable now.

A sob began to rack his body and he didn't want it to escape, alerting everyone to his blight. He held it back with a smile and laugh, still allowing the tears to fall down his face.

He quickly found a place on his desk for the photo, knowing he'd have to look at it every day until he received a new one.

Smiling at it again, he whispered softly, "I'll always be there for you… no matter what…"

Standing up from his desk, he made his way to the bathroom to wipe off his face. He had to look like hell. That was the last thing that he needed anyone to see.

While he was gone, Ziva & McGee reappeared in the bullpen, also noticing Gibbs' absence, and now Tony's.

Ziva was first to notice the box on Tony's desk, and she alerted McGee to it as well. The two of them went over and investigated it, reading the tag that simply stated one word, "Tony…" and noting that there was nothing inside of it.

Upon seeing their friend and fellow agent returning from the bathroom, they moved back to their desks. Both became aware of the fact that he had been crying from the redness on his face and puffiness around his eyes. Ziva & McGee continued to wonder as they began to work again what Tony had received.

Neither of them were aware, however, that Tony's 'present' was in full view the whole time.

Sitting inside of the handmade picture frame was an ultrasound photo of a baby with one simple phrase printed on it:

"It's a boy!"


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