Chapter 10: Revenge and Promises

Miranda with a crazed look in her eyes jumped in her truck and went in search of Bay. At the diner the three time travelers were wondering what to do. How could they stop Miranda from killing Bay? Faith was the only one who could get close enough to talk to the psychotic woman but now she is dead. So what to do? Just then the door burst open and a thick smoke spread throughout the room causing everyone to cough and fall to the ground. Miranda came in and looked upon the unconscious group and found her target. Future Bay was on the floor and with a demonic smile Miranda dragged him outside and into her truck. Everyone awoke with a groan and Angela shaking her head asked", Is everyone okay?"

"Bay where is Bay?" Belle asked in a worried tone.

"Oh no he is gone Miranda must have him", Angela cried.

"Let's split up and search for him they couldn't have gotten far", Henry said. Everyone went in opposite directions to search for Bay and Miranda. Back in the woods in the old cabin Bay awoke with a groan. His surroundings looked odd to him and he noticed he was tied to a chair.

"Oh good you are awake so, now we can begin", Miranda said sweetly.

"Begin what? Where am I?" Bay asked in a dazed voice.

Miranda slapped him hard across the face as she barked out", Silence only I get to speak scum like you do not get to talk!" "You Bay Gold are accused of a horrible and most disturbing crime. You have killed an innocent woman in cold blood", Miranda said firmly.

"What are you talking about I haven't killed anyone!" Bay shouted. Miranda slapped him again across the face and leaving a red hand print on his face.

"I said shut up!" Miranda shouted.

"You have killed the love of my life Faith Swan-Mills and now I will be your judge, jury, and executioner", Miranda said with a demonic grin.

"I didn't kill Faith that was you! You are the one who pulled the trigger if you just left us alone to live a happy life she would still be here. But no you had to be selfish and ruin our happiness and now Faith is dead because of you!" Bay yelled as he boiled with anger.

"That is enough!" Miranda screamed. Grabbing a thick roll of duct tape she placed some over Bay's mouth to silence him once and for all. "Now then I find you guilty of the death of Faith Swan-Mills and as punishment you shall burn in hell for all eternity", Miranda hissed. Then revealing a red bottle of gasoline she began to pour it down on the floor and around Bay's feet. Bay struggled against his bonds as fear spread throughout his face. "You will pay for stealing my pretty from me", Miranda hissed. "Enjoy hell Bay I hope you have a rotten time", Miranda said sweetly. Then she locked all the windows and went outside then locked the door. Striking a match she threw it at the door. Soon a small fire spread as smoke appeared inside the room. Bay screamed under his gag as he tried to loosen the ropes but it was no use. The fire spread rapidly and in that moment he knew he was going to die. With a finally tear he just was happy that he would be with Faith again and that was the only comfort he had. He closed his eyes and prayed his death would be a quick one. Miranda sat on her truck a few feet away as she sat on the hood and watched happily as the fire spread. Bay was slowly losing consciousness when suddenly he heard a crash and someone was shaking him. He opened up his eyes and thought he was dead or dreaming for staring right at him with a scared expression was Faith.

"Hold on Bay I will get you out!" she cried. Pulling a pocket knife out of her pants pocket she began to cut through the ropes. Very carefully she peeled the duct tape off and helped Bay to his feet. Using the chair they threw it at the window causing it to shatter and they climbed out of the cabin just as the roof collapsed onto the floor. Bay breathed a sigh of relief as he looked upon Faith with confusion. Was she a ghost or his angel to protect him? He touched her face and ran his fingers through her hair and he could feel her warm skin. So, how was this possible?

"How are you here?" Bay asked in amazement.

"I woke up in the park and saw a black truck head into the woods so I followed it and by the time I got there it was on fire and I saw Miranda with an evil smirk so I figured you or your younger self was in there. So, I snuck around the back and here I am", Faith explained.

"But how can you be here when you were killed?" Bay wondered.

"Maybe since I died in the past and I am alive in the past I got regenerated; like getting a second life in a video game", Faith stated.

"I don't care I am just glad you are back", Bay replied as he kissed her lips. Faith put her legs around his waist as he held her tight.

"You lived no way!" screamed a voice. Glaring at them was Miranda holding a gun in her hands. "Pretty is that you?" Miranda said in a shocked voice.

"It is me Miranda. You must stop this crazy act of trying to kill Bay. I love him Miranda and I am never ever going to leave him. So, please I beg of you leave us alone in peace and move on", Faith pleaded as Bay shielded her from Miranda's view.

"I will never let you go! You belong to me and if I can't have you then no one will!" Miranda screamed and she pulled the trigger. But no shot or bullets came out.

"Sorry Miranda I took your bullets out while you were in the cabin", Sidney said appearing out of nowhere.

"Who the hell are you?" Miranda demanded angrily.

"I am your father and I will make sure you never turn out like this", Sidney said firmly. Just then Miranda began to disappear and with a final scream of rage she was gone. "What happened? Sidney asked in confusion.

"I guess since you vowed she wouldn't turn out this way her future self would no longer exist", Faith suggested.

"Come on darling let's go home", Bay said as they walked out of the woods together. Everyone was happy to see Faith and with a short goodbye a portal was opened and the time travelers went home.


Faith and Bay are still married in the future and had three children. Two twin girls named Hannah and Grace and a boy named Adam. When Angela turned 22 she married Henry and a year later they had a girl named Hope. Due to Sidney's promise Miranda turned out happy and married to Ruby and Graham's future daughter Isabelle and they had a boy named Sidney after Miranda's father. Henry became mayor of the town while Faith became the sheriff. Angela took over her father's shop and Bay became a writer. Miranda became a school teacher and Isabelle became Faith's deputy. And they all lived happily ever after.

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