(When in bind, ...)

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A sigh escaped the archer's attractive lips as he sat himself behind his desk, and threw his head back.

Books were neatly opened up to designated pages on his desk.

He is to study for an upcoming exam.

By upcoming, its really 3 weeks away.

"Trey weeks away~" Or so Cinque would say.

His lips slowly curved to a smile at the thought of her.

"Cinque days a week, Trey weeks away~" He said, a chuckle emanating out of his lips.

He leaned his fine chin against his knuckle and let his eyes pour over the study material.

He already studied this a while back- Trey always studies in advance.

He always studies his required study material and beyond.

His knowledge of everything is beyond encyclopedic.

His deep, sea trench eyes poured themselves over the reading.

He was focused.

And his reading abilities are quicker than other.

He flipped the page.

Even King once admitted that Trey's focusing and reading abilities were uncanny, to which he thought were a perfect pair of traits for an archer.

He flipped the page.

"Shut up!" Sice would seethe in agitation, "He's like a talking Encyclopedia!"

He flipped the page.

"I'm impressed. Go on..." Their instructor, Kurasame, would flick his hand across the blonde and urge him on.

He flipped the page.

"I can sing, Trey... But.. You're better at words, so.. Could you help me write the lyrics for..."

He flipped the page.

"Of course, Ace. You needn't even ask." He'd tell him.

He flipped the page.

"Y'know... For a blabber mouth, you sure do stutter around her~" Jack always had a habit of teasing him.

He flipped the page.

The soft pads of her fingers caressed his face, "Trey-rey tries so hard~"
The pads of her fingers stopped at his lips as he was about to utter a word, (or two...), "Cinque loves Trey just the way he is." She frowned.

He slowly flipped the page.

Then, she replaced the pads of her fingers with her soft lips.

Trey would tremble first, then he would kiss her back.

He flipped the page, stilled his hand above the reading contents, then stopped.


He sighed through his nose as another smile twisted the corners of his lips.

He began to tap his fingers against the desk.

And for once, he chose not to focus.

Instead, he wanted to think about her.


His eyes drifted towards the door.

He held back a sigh.

He...so badly wished she would knock against his room door.

As if his wish was answered, the door knocked.

And he immediately flew towards it.

His eyes widened as he quickly unlocked the door.

His throat was on the verge of crying out, "Cinque!"

But disappointment overwhelmed his face as no other than Eight stood.

The martial artist frowned, "What's with the face?"

Trey smiled sheepishly, "Uh..Eight! I wasn't expecting you!"

He regretted saying that.

Eight eyed him mischievously and nudged him in the abs, "Oh? Who were you expecting?~"

The blonde began to panic and blush.

He placed his hand at the back of his neck, "I hate to sound rude but I was studying..."

"That doesn't answer my question~"

"Eight. Its way past 12."



"Yeah! So?"

"So? I could lose whatever hours I saved myself worth of studying and would still be unable to catch some decent amount of sleep and I will suffer from insomnia! Would you honestly have me sleeping in classes and toilets like Nine? What is wrong with you? I don't think you're thinking straight, Eight. You should get some sleep."


Trey looked at Eight as if he were some sort of idiot.




Clearly he wasn't going to win this.

Letting out a tired/defeated sigh, the blonde threw his head up, "Agito lord..."
He took a step backwards and opened up the door wider, "Come in..."

Grinning in victory, the shorter male literally skipped in.

The blonde sweat-dropped and closed the door, muttering how its become a habit for his male Class Zero counterparts to show up in his room out of the blue and deprive him of his sleep.

He sighed out tiredly as he recalled the times they showed.

He even recognized their knocks.


The unnecessarily loud and impatient knocks that would sometimes have him jump.


"Yo, Shakespeare! King and I are going to grab a couple of beers. Ya wanna join in?"

Of course, even if Trey refused in utter politeness, he would still have his ass dragged out of his room.

"...why do you even ask me if you're just going to drag me?"

"Dunno. Its an excellent conversation starter!"


There was the quirky and rhythmical knocks.


"A humble evening to you, good sir. Mind you allow my arrogant ass into your quarters?"

He'd sweat-drop, "If you're trying to mock my sir mannerisms, then you've failed miserably. Come in."


The timid knocks.


"Trey! Er, sorry to disturb you at this hour... Were you asleep?"

Trey, of course, out of sheer politeness and love, would completely hide away his fatigue with a sincere smile, "Of course not. I was just reading. You...couldn't sleep?"

Ace hugged his Chocobo plush tighter and timidly shook his head.

"Ah. I see." Trey would scratch the back of his neck, then put a hand out, "Well, I just bought this book yesterday. Its about a mystic crimson Chocobo that's as red as the Suzaku flag..."

The younger teen's eyes were already wide as dinner plates, and his lips were ajar.

The archer smiled kindly, "Would you like me to read it to you as a bedtime story?"

The Cards Wielder nodded excitedly, "Ah, yes! Yes, please!"


The reluctant types of knocks. "Machina?" He escaped a yawn.

"Trey... Can you spare a moment? To tell you the truth, I think you're the sanest of the rest.. Well, except for your overwhelmingly talkative nature-"

But Trey had already closed the door against his face.

As he shambled back to his bed, the knocking reprised.

Sighing, he opened up the door- shooting the cobalt haired teen the dirtiest (yet tired) look.

He laughed sheepishly, "Uh...sorry?"

The blonde opened the door for him.


The solid, cool knocks.

"Evening, King."

"Trey." He nodded at him in greeting.

Then, the archer's eyes averted to the taller man's hand, "Chardonnay..." He breathed in disbelief.

Inn his other hand, was a book about Archery.

Trey loved the man!

King smirked lightly, "Should suit your fancy standards... Let's have a drink."

Of course Trey would let King in.


Then there's Eight, whom just started paying the older teen visits.

Like now...

He wanted it to be Cinque.

For once, at least, he wanted the girl he loved to show up in his room.

As he kept on wishing, little did he know that Cinque was outside the boys' rooms hall, pouting that Eight got to her boyfriend before she did.

She let out a cry and hugged the Moogle, suffocating it, "What should I do, Mogurin? Cinque wanted to see Trey-rey~"

But the Moogle only managed to utter out, "Kupo..po..."

Suddenly, one of the male room doors burst open.

Cinque jumped.

The unruly spiky head of Nine peaked out.

And once he spotted the Mace Wielder, he pointed his first finger at her, "AH-HA! I knew I heard a Moogle bitch!"

He was strangely more overwhelmed by the Moogle's presence than Cinque's.

It all happened too quick and casually.

Nine snatched the Moogle from Cinque's hands, threw it on the floor, and stepped on it.

The Moogle's large pink snot was pressed tightly against the floor.

Cinque could only stare at it in horror.

"Ku...po...I will file for Moogle abuse, kupo..." The Moogle cried out lowly.

Apparently, Nine was pissed off about the Moogles spreading rumors about King.

While he insisted that Jack was used to stuff like that, King was a different issue.

"That man is like my Don Vito, bitch! Ya crossed the line when you messed with him!"

"Nine? What's going on out there?" Cinque could have sworn she heard Sice's voice.

And Cinque could not mistake the tint of red that suddenly spread over the Lancer's face, "Uhm..."

Cinque tilted her head and placed a curled finger on her chin, "Cinque spies...NineXSice action...~"

Nine's jaw dropped and he began to blush hysterically.

Not just by being caught by Class Zero's princess, but by the mere sight of her.

The 17 year old was not good with words, but the younger girl absolutely looked...

"Wh-What are you doing here, Cinque?"


Her curly-esk wavy hair was let down, and ran all the way to her slim waist.

It was lustrous, and at an orange brown.

She wore a short sleeved pearly white night gown that was ankle length.

He sniffled as she blinked at him in confusion.

She formed a small 'o' with her lips.

"Kupo?" She tilted her head.


That was all it took...

Crocodile tears overflowed out of his eyes.

That was all it took for him to kick away the Moogle, clench his fist tight, and blush hysterically as he exclaimed, "SO CUTE!"

"Hm?" Cinque tilted her head.

Soon after, the platinum haired 16 year old peaked out of his room- dressed in (barely anything) lacy black bra and panties, with a gigantic red robe (presumably Nine's) hiked over her shoulders.

Her white hair was down and looked absolutely gorgeous.

"What's going on here- Hm? Cinque?" She crossed her way towards the girl, "What are you doing here?" Her voice softened as she spoke to the girl.

Then, before she received an answer, she looked at her boyfriend in an unamused manner, "What's with the face, idiot?" Rolling her eyes, she muttered out, "Baka..." And shook her head.

She looked at Cinque, "What are you doing here, Cinque? If any of those boys see you, they'll eat you up!"

"Mm." The beautiful brunette shook her head, then blinked her big sea blue eyes, "Cinque would then have to take them to the Mace show~ And that would be bad~"

The question as to how someone so cute be so frightening never seemed to leave Nine and Sice's minds.




Sice was already placing her hands on her own pink cheeks due to the cuteness.

Then, she shot her head towards Nine's, "Nine! Let's take her in."

His face fell and he blushed, "Take 'er to my room? Awwshit."

"Language!" Sice seethed- exchanging looks between him and Cinque.


"Wouldn't Cinque be interrupting Nine and Sice's-" But Cinque never got to finish as Sice clasped a hand over the brunette's mouth, blushing and laughing nervously, "Uh.. We were just playing Grand Theft Chocobo, weren't we, Nine? Its this awesome video game where you ram your Chocobo into other Chocobos... And steal other people's Chocobos and beat people up including the mages and- Yeah, that's pretty much it."

Cinque blinked innocently as Sice removed her hand, "Sounds like a game that would give Ace-kun a heart attack..." The cute girl exclaimed.

At this, Nine and Sice laughed.

"Come on in, I'll let you try it." Sice waved an idle hand as she walked back into Nine's room.

Nine, however, was still reluctant on letting Cinque into his room, "I, uh... But you're Trey's woman and he wouldn't understand!"

But Cinque said nothing- she merely looked up at the 17 year old with her big sea blue orbs.

He blushed and scratched the back of his neck, "Tch.. Don't give me that look!"

"Huh?" The blonde let out a tut and pinched his temples, "Alright, but listen... I just want you to know something; If I were Jack, or, even worse- Eight, I would probably say somethin' like.. 'Oh! Score! Two hot chics in my room!' ...or some shit like that..."

Cinque tilted her head.

"Its just that...I'm not some joke-crackin' or skirt-chasin' pervert, okay?"

From the back, Sice let out a snort, "Don't kid yourself!"

"Shut up, woman!" Nine spat out in frustration.

- 0 -

Meanwhile, in Trey's room...

The golden haired blonde placed a hand on the brunette's shoulder and walked him towards the door, "I swear... She freakin' hugs that barrel gun with her when she sleeps now, its so scary!" He went on.

The blonde sighed, blushing, "For the last time, Eight.. I cannot help you with Cater's PMS problems."

But Eight just looked at him with hope-filled eyes.

Trey let out a defeated breath, "How am I supposed to help you?"

"Well, its because you and Cater are good friends...sorta... I just wanna know what is the ultimate way to appease her at this state. You've gotta help this guy out, Trey!"

He placed a hand on his jaw in thought, "Well, you could get her Irvine Kinneas' signature, I know that would do wonders..."

Eight frowned, "...and where am I supposed to find this...Irvine character?"

Trey sweat-dropped as he twisted the doorknob, "Uh...Final Fantasy VIII."

But Eight only responded by giving him a helpless look and uttering out a, "H-Huh?.."

Shaking his head, he opened up the room, "Go with the common stereotype. Get her chocolate."

"What kind?" He wailed out in desperation.

"Orange chocolate. Its gourmet, but you'll definitely find it in the market."

Eight grinned excitedly and jumped, "Oh wow, thanks! You're obviously a better hit with the ladies than I am."

He lead the shorter teen out of his room, "I'd rather you don't see it that way..."

"No wonder that Cinque is so crazy about you~"

The archer blushed, "...! H-How'd you find out about Cinque and I?"

Eight snickered, "Oh, you know... It all ove-" But the 16 year old didn't get to finish as he stopped and stared at his left- wide eyed.

The blonde arched an eyebrow, "Hm? What's wrong?"

Suddenly, Eight carried a panicked reaction and tried to shove Trey's impossible physique back into his room, "Oh! N-Nothing! You should get some sleep! Betcha tired!~" He laughed sheepishly- arousing the blonde's suspicion.

Trey didn't even budge and he tilted his head, "What's wrong with you all of a su-"

Then, he heard Nine's voice, "I want ya to feel relaxed, mkay?"

Arching a brow, Trey pushed the brunette out of the way and walked out of his room.

Eight winced out an, "Oh shit.. Not good..."

While the archer just stood there, wide eyed, and watching the imposing Nine level down to Cinque's level as he pressed her petite shoulders, "I won't hurt you." Then, he sweat-dropped, "Trust me its the last thing I wanna do..."
"Wouldn't wanna fall victim to your mace..." He added lowly- gulping.




Trey clenched his fists. He was speechless.

"Well, come'on in." As Nine was about to lead Cinque into his room, his head averted towards the archer's direction.

He shot his eyes open, "Well,...SHIT."

Cinque twisted her head towards where Nine is looking.

She parted her lips and slightly widened her eyes.

"Uh...Trey?" Eight poked the taller teen's shoulder.

"Trey..." But now it was Cinque whom started this time.

He couldn't even look at her in the eye as he looked below his shoulder- gritting his teeth.

Nine nervously exchanged looks between Trey and Cinque (and Eight, whom Nine found to look ridiculous as he tried to lighten up the mood).


"THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE." But Nine's attempts to explain were beyond help as the archer whirled around and began to walk away quickly.




[To be continued~]

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