I let go of Keila and took a step back. There stood before me was my best friend. She looked the same but looked so different. She had longer dirty wavy blonde hair, bright seaweed green eyes, and a light shade of tan skin. Her face though has matured as well. Then I heard someone call my name and turned around. There stood before me was a boy that was be 5'11 with short gold blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and the same light shade of tan as Keila. It was Kelia older brother and my other best friend Nick.
"Nick." I said happily and walked up to him and gave him a hug.
"Now I know why Keila was yelling. Hey Willa." He said
"Ok, ok give me my best friend back Nick, we have a lot of catching up to do!" Keila said as she grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me into her house. I waved to the boys as they were laughing at us. She pulled me all the way up the stairs to her room. Her room had the same cream color paint. On the west side of her room there is window with pictures tapped on the wall from when we were little. On her north side there is another window and the wall was full of pictures of her, Nick, and other people I don't recognize. There were Christmas lights draped all around her room. A queen size bed set between the two windows with a floral print comforter with two light blue pillows. On the south side of the room the was a TV that pointed to her bed. Keila walked to her bed and sat down, when she settle her she down she patted to the spot next to her signaling me to come and sit next to her. When I sat down next to her she said
"So when did you get here?"
"Last night."
"Really?" She asked and I just nodded. "Wow I never thought that your mom was going to let you come back here." She said. I let a tear fall down my face.
"What's wrong Willa?"
"The reason why I'm back is because my mom is dead Keila." I said with another tear fall.
"Oh, I didn't know I'm sorry." She said as she leaned over a hugged me.
"It's ok. No one knows really."
"Did Cassie come with you?" she asked and I just nodded. Then I thought of Cassie and how I haven't talked to her since last night and that something is wrong.
"What time is it?" I asked
"It's 6:30, why?"
"I better go home, I need to see Cassie."
"OK." She said with a sad face. When she walked me home and I learned that we lived on the same street with Adam to. She was house number one, Adam is number three, and I'm number six. I hugged Keila bye and told her that we could hang out tomorrow. When I walked into the house I talk my grandma that I was home then I walked quickly up the steps. When I quietly opened Cassie's door the room was pitch black and I heard a soft sniffle coming from one side of her room. I walked in and closed the door behind.
"Cassie?" I said in a whisper.
"Willa?" she said as her voice crack a little.
"Yeah it's me." I said while I walked to her bed, lay down with her, and wrapped my arms around her and let her cry into my arm. I guess my feelings were right. I felt her pain that was eating at her like it was eating at me.
"I miss her so much Willa." She said in a whisper.
"I miss her to." Then I began to hum Cassie to sleep. When she fell asleep I let the tears I was holding back, go.

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