After a while I hear the door creep open and my grandma whispers

"Is she asleep?"

"Yeah." I whisper back.

"Come on out here Willa."

"Ok." then I unwrap my arms from around Cassie and tip toed to my grandma who was waiting out side the door. She motioned me to follow her, and she lead me to the kitchen. I sat down in one of the chairs across from my grandma. We sat in silence for awhile until I said "How are we going to get through this?"

"I don't know Will, but I know that we have to stick together. Get through this together." she said . I just nodded.


"Yes dear?"

"Have you ever thought that the wind could talk to you or push you somewhere?" She just looked at my with a weird expression.

"Never mind. I think that I should go to bed, its been a long day." I said, she just nodded a good night. When I got to my room I shut the door and when I turned around I saw a shadow I was about to scream when the shadow moved towards me, and put the hand agents my mouth.

A male voice said "Don't scream." I started to panic so I bite down hard on the guys hand. I knew that I bite really hard because I tasted blood, and kicked really hard on what I hope to be his private area.

"FUCK!" The guy said and dropped to the floor, I then turned the lights on and to my surprise the shadow was Adam. He was on the floor holding his hand and rubbing his shin.

"Oh my god! Adam what are you doing here?!" I said while helping him up and walking him to my bed.

"Keila said that you went home kind of upset, so I just wanted to see if you were alright." he said.

"Oh." I said then I got up grabbed a wash cloth and dampen it. I walked over and sat next to him and put the wash cloth over the bite.

"I'm sorry for attacking you but you know that you could have just came through the front door." I said, and looked up to see him looking down at me.

"I know but when we were little I used to always come through the window." said he. We just stayed quite for awhile and looked into each other eyes. It's just a weird feeling I get when I look at him. Its like could never get old, like I have known him all my life.

"How are you Willa, and don't lie to me either." Adam said breaking our silence.

I let a tear fall down and he instantly wraps his arms around me. I feel a wave of warmth wash over me, I feel calm and at home.

"I feel broken Adam." I said and buried my face deeper into his chest and let another tear fall. All of a sudden he lays us both down on my bed to where me head is resting on his chest, and both of his arms are around me, holding me tightly.

"It's going to be ok." he says while rubbing little circles into my back, soothing me, and giving me goose bumps.

"I hope so." I said. My eyes begin to close and I think Adam noticed because he said

"Goodnight Willa." and kissed my forehead. I felt a wave of electricity run through me and it brought a small smile to my face as I feel asleep in his warm and safe arms.

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